Marketing For Financial Advisors: 8 Strategies For Success

Do you want to do marketing for financial advice? An advisor is a key piece for a company. He is a professional who is constantly evaluating the company. He knows its strengths and weaknesses and studies the market to create strategies that increases the income of the organization.

This information may not be known to all CEOs of small and medium-sized businesses. What can you do as a financial advisor to add value to your profession? In this post you will learn how to develop marketing strategies that can help you position yourself not only on the internet but in the lives of each of your clients.

8 Marketing Strategies for Financial Advisors

It should be the main strategy of a financial advisor to inform Internet users about his profession and why it is so important to include him as a member of a company.

Some of the characteristics that make up the position are the following:

  • He is a professional who is constantly studying the movements of the stock market and when it is convenient or not to invest.
  • Manage the history of the company and employ strategies based on it.
  • An advisor must be very fluent in speech and have a good track record or else a CEO will not put the company in his hands.
  • You should bear in mind that one of your values as a freelancer is trust and you should focus your strategies on this insight.

After that introduction, here are some marketing strategies for financial advisors:

Surf the financial advisors market

Before becoming an analyst of the market and your competition, it is important that you make the decision to evaluate whether you want to start in the local area or in the international area.

After this get to work with investigation:

These two aspects are important in determining the course of your career as a financial advisor. Once you have studied these initial points, you will have a clear picture of the market niches that you can approach and thus develop ideal customer profiles.

Study the needs of your ideal client

When you evaluate the market, you come across several niches. Which ones fit your values as a professional? Do you really adapt to meet their needs? As a financial advisor you must internalize that in this case it is not all about you. Your tools can transform the life of a freelancer or company. It is also important that you determine if you want to sell yourself as a product or if your qualities are oriented to satisfy the needs of your client.

Develop your website

This is a strategy that I will not stop recommending when marketing for financial advisors. Imagine that you start to build a reputation on the internet and you have started with social networks, for example. Sooner or later you will have to develop a website so as not to lose any potential clients interested in financial services.

A web page allows you to:

  • Have a design adapted to the financial sector.
  • Create a newsletter to attract users who have shown interest in your service but have not yet decided.
  • Buttons and calls to action that allow you to be contacted to answer any questions the user may have.
  • Create landing pages. Suppose you are an advisor but also a consultant. Sales pages allow you to sell more than one related service.

A blog section within your website

On more than one occasion I have described that content is king, and yes it is! Without information it is almost impossible for a user to decide on your service. This is why the number one strategy is a blog section where you can inform your users what you have to offer as a financial advisor.

Digitization has led us to believe that visibility is more than enough to attract customers. This has left millions of financial advisers disappointed with false expectations. Tracing a trajectory takes time, and in that time of growth you can use it to create useful content for your readers.

Always focus on educating your future clients. As an advisor you can handle issues such as:

  • Market or financial trends.
  • What are your qualities as a consultant?
  • Your potential client needs a financial advisor!

Note: Of course, remember to adapt the contents of your blog to SEO. This way, the Google spiders will index your content faster.

Video marketing to educate the financial community

An excellent opportunity to educate a community of users who may be interested in financial services is video content. You should not only focus on freelancers or companies. If you have enough experience you can also explore the field of mentoring and teach financiers who are studying the career.

If one user watches a video on your platform at least once a day, take advantage of this opportunity and create content on this platform and upload it to your website as well.

Some suggestions when creating videos are the following:

  1. Start with short explainer videos that help you capture the attention of your potential client, so they will be more willing to watch longer videos because they like them.
  2. Phase two begins. Create videos that are like seminars. List them depending on how many there are.
  3. Don’t just stay on YouTube. Add them to your website.

Email marketing to strengthen the purchase process

If you are thinking that using an email strategy is the only thing that will guarantee a sale, you will be frustrated before you start. Email helps contribute to the sales funnel. That is, with a single email you send you will not achieve the results you expect. What is important to mention is that if each email received is better than the previous one, you will undoubtedly end up making the final decision to acquire financial advisor service.

The body of the email must include the following:

  • A text of value more than convincing.
  • Not so many paragraphs, remember that it is an email and the idea is not to overwhelm you immediately.
  • Add an image that connects with the descriptive text.
  • Add a call to action at the end. Where do you want people to go when they finish reading the email?

Webinars to promote your services as a financial advisor

Webinars are currently used by freelancers and it is no exception for financial advisers. These meetings can be free or paid, and it is up to you how you want to use them (although I recommend that the first ones be free). They have proven to be more efficient than a face-to-face or cold sale. In this transmission you are not only explaining to a single client but to all who wish to participate.

Some ideas to plan a good webinar are the following:

  • Move from the general to the specific. In a world of segmentation, it is important that this topic has something new to contribute and that it awakens the interest of the client.
  • A good day for these webinars are Thursdays and try not to host them during business hours. Otherwise your ideal clients will not be available.

Networking online and offline

Many professionals underestimate the power of a union, most likely because they were taught at the university that it can pose a threat. The truth is that if both have a similar niche, the alliance can only bring benefits. (If there is also a little loyalty).

How can you promote these unions?

Offline you can organize a coffee break. In these meetings, ideas flow in a naturalized way and subsequent events can be created together such as a talk or an online event live among others.

Online you can create common themes together. Posting it in your blog section or on social media will not only increase the reach and visibility of your brand, but will also increase the chances of a sale.

Use the social networks that suit your sector

In this section we do not want to downplay the importance of visibility on other social networks, but undoubtedly as a financial advisor there are two potentials that you should bet on: LinkedIn and Twitter.

Create a LinkedIn career

LinkedIn is the potential network to promote yourself as a financial advisor since through this social network of professionals there are large companies and corporations that recruit. Although we know that it is not easy to stand out on this social network, if you have potential characteristics you will undoubtedly stand out from the crowd of competitors.

Here are some characteristics that your profile must have to create reach and visibility of your services as an advisor on LinkedIn:

Have a professional profile photo:  A good cover photo, and an impactful financial advisor title.

Do not accept anyone who sends you a connection request: Even less add a lot of users without sense. Leave that for the other social networks. The important thing here is to connect with the ideal customer profiles and work on it.

Ask colleagues, former clients or jobs for feedback: Ratings are recommendations where other users verify the veracity of your work and this is super important. Your potential client will not have to go anywhere to verify this information.

Use LinkedIn Pulse:  This tool allows you to create articles where you can talk about your advice and get on easily. Also, if you have chosen to have a blog as a marketing strategy for financial advice, you can bring traffic to your website

Promote networking: After the publications and post strategy through Pulse you are ready to invite colleagues to an event. It can be online or offline as I mentioned earlier.

Twitter, the social network that has transformed words into actions

This social network started with a 140 character limit to issue an opinion. If a user agreed, they gave it a retweet or a like to reinforce the point. Now the application has gone further.

You can create a section that has been named as a space. The spaces are an opportunity where you can develop a topic and if it is of interest to others they will enter the room. Lately I love spaces, because they remind me that I can connect with qualified professionals like me or curious clients who want to solve their doubts by creating contributions.

If you don’t have a Twitter account, it’s time to create one and share your ideas as a financial advisor. Twitter has a professional community and if it connects with your ideas it will easily react to your content.

Final advice for financial advisers

Take care of your image: Don’t let digitization make you fall into the threshold of betting your brand values on a few likes or viral content. Creating a branding strategy takes time and recovering your reputation as well.

Do not stop trusting yourself and what you know: Principles are hard and what keeps the flame alive is trust. It doesn’t matter if at first you don’t get the amount of likes you expect or the reach and visibility you want. Bet on your financial advisory business and use these strategies step by step so time will give you a solid business in times of crisis.

Focus on having brand values: Your core values must be intuitively fixed in the mind of the client. Having this as one of your objectives will make your brand original and unrepeatable.

Don’t forget about ethics: Many consultants believe that if they apply marketing strategies they will no longer be ethical about their work. The truth is that if you know how to handle the issues, marketing can only bring benefits to your professional life.

Ram Pandit

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