What to Look for in a Printing Company for your Marketing

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Direct mail and leaflets are considered traditional forms of marketing, however they are incredibly still effective even in this fast-paced digital world. When you think about how to approach your physical marketing materials, high-quality printing is key to ensure your materials are consistent branding-wise and quality-wise with your digital presence.

As such, you need to make sure that you are doing the appropriate research when choosing the printing company for you, particularly if there are deadlines – or large volumes involved.  Here, we have some tips as to how to choose the right printing company for your business.

Environmentally Friendly as Possible

We are all more environmentally conscious these days – and it’s important that printing companies take this into account.  You should always be on the lookout for a printer who is making an effort to limit any wastage when it comes to the amount that is being printed, or are being innovative in the materials that they are using for some of their products.  The environment should always be at the forefront of their strategy. One example of a company doing this right is The Print Authority. This Nashville print fulfilment company have a green printing service which includes only environmentally friendly materials (like soy ink).

A Fully Rounded Service

It may be that you don’t have an in-house designer or a large marketing team.  As such, you should look for a printing fulfillment company that offers an all-round service so there is no element you need to outsource.  When you start to outsource elements to graphic designers, and then pay to get them printed – the costs associated with the project mounts up.  Some of the larger printers can include the design as part of the service as a one-stop-shop and reduce costs.

A Smooth Ordering Process

The last thing you want to have to do is spend ages ordering what you need.  Have a look at what the ordering process looks like for the printing companies you are considering and how long it takes you to navigate through.  The best printers will have online options that are flexible and scalable for the user so you can get your order more quickly.  You should easily be able to select quantities, addresses, materials and any other relevant information.

A Fast Turnaround can be Provided

If you have tight deadlines to meet, or there could be the possibility that you are looking for ad-hoc printing requirements where you may need things pushed out quickly, turnaround times can be a major factor.   Particularly if you are relying on the company for graphic design, you don’t want long delays.  They should have average turnaround times displayed on their website, but if not – make sure you submit a query.

Different Shipping Options

It could be that you need to ship certain quantities to multiple addresses.  The last thing you want is for everything to be sent to you, and then for you to have to get it re-delivered. It’s inconvenient and an extra cost you don’t need.  Look out for the option to send to different locations and the costs associated with that.

If you are on the hunt for printing companies for your fulfillment requirements, make sure you consider the advice provided above – particularly if it’s for a large-scale project where you are investing a lot of money into it.

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