Maximize Sales for Your Business by Introducing a Packaging Campaign That Hits on the 4 Ps

If you run a business, your main goal is to generate more revenue and growth. But how can you do so?

In order to make your sales rise in your market, you have to ensure that you can provide your potential buyers with something eye-appealing!

And what is a better way to do that than by supplying eye-catching packaging?

With the help of professional packaging printers, you can ensure that your small business can run for a longer time or can become the next trend in the market! This frees you up to focus on the bigger picture. 

In marketing, when it comes to making your brand more prominent, it is not just about promotion. As the father of marketing Philip Kotler states, there are 4 p’s of marketing that can exquisitely uplift your brand. Let’s take a look. 

What are the 4p’s of marketing, and how does it affect your small business? 

According to Kotler’s 17th edition of marketing principles and management, there are 4 p’s of marketing that can make your brand more prominent in the market. And those p’s are stated below: 

  1. Product 
  2. Placement 
  3. Pricing 
  4. Packaging 

Here is a little glimpse of 4 p’s of marketing 


What a company sells is called a product. It might be clothing items, soft drinks, video games, or anything under the sun.

Furthermore, it may be a software Uber suggests, a therapy session, or paid speaking. In short, a product is everything a customer can buy (we include services in the scope of this conversation).

In the 4p’s strategy, the product is something that helps stand out in the market compared to your competitors if you approach it the right way.

But how can you stand out with your product? Your product must have superior features than others to stand in the marketplace and offer greater value or other benefits. 

What is the thing that can make your product stand out much more than all the other competitive products on the market?

The prime purpose of every brand or company is to relieve customers’ problems with their products. Therefore, you must ensure your products solve a problem or make your customers’ lives easier.

But it doesn’t stop there. Once you have the product, you need to realize it doesn’t sell itself. So, you need to determine a way to make your product appealing and stand out from the crowd.

To make this happen, you can work with the packaging printers to create an appealing, high-quality opinion of your brand through impressive packaging. These companies will help you to make your goods more attractive to prospective customers.


Placement is another name for a location or position in the market. In marketing, the thing that matters is the location or the space in which your product is shown.

You can generate product sales by choosing the right spot to promote your product. If your company is in the right location, you can extend your brand awareness among the people and raise your brand campaign.

Once you have that prominent placement, boxed packaged goods help catch customers’ attention and develop your business as a leader in the market. 

The proper location is not enough, you must have the right product with great packaging to enhance the worth of your brand.

Additionally, quality packaging will help people form a connection with your brand, they will be enticed to make a purchase, which will enhance your sales, and you will profit from your business.  


The price of your product is an essential factor in determining the willingness of consumers to buy it as well as their perception of your product in the market.

Your items must have prices according to their worth. Sometimes, entrepreneurs raise the cost of products to make them more luxurious and appealing in the public’s eye.

The fact is, however, that people are often attracted to goods that offer the best value. If your prospective buyers are seeking low cost and affordability, you need to price your products accordingly.

If your buyers are looking to buy something that gives them status and helps them stand out, then pricing your products at a premium can help create the impression that your products are the top in the market.

A discount on products can draw more clients to your products, which is good for you and your business.  But a higher price, while it may eliminate some buyers, can also lead to more revenue and a product that’s more sought after.

To advertise your brand, you must have products with high-quality material at a cost that fits buyers’ expectations.

This strategy will extend the shelf life of your products and make you an individual among your challengers.

Packaging can play a major role in your ability to charge higher or lower pricing. If you go low, you need to save on packaging, but if you go high, you need to use packaging that says “high-quality.”

To help you get started, you can get small business packaging ideas from professionals that will increase your brand integrity.


The last and most important marketing principle (at least in our minds) is packaging.

You can make or break a business with the packaging. Good packaging gives your product a luxurious touch and makes it more elegant in front of consumers.

It is the first thing that customers notice before purchasing anything. Great packaging positively influences the products and your prospective customers’ opinions of them.

Your packaging must have everything the customer needs, which means it must have sturdy and durable material to protect the product from any damage.  

Moreover, you can design your packaging in distinctive ways, such as embellishing them with sparking shades and combining different prints to attract consumers.

Plus, you can print your brand initials, such as the logo and labels on your packaging, to make people aware of your brand or products.

The logo distinguishes your items from the rest, and labels tell the potential clients what they buy.

Whether you want to raise your business or to extend your sales, you can interact with professionals as they will not only help boost your company but also make it captivating for the clients!  

Here is what it comes down to 

A packaging manufacturer can help you increase sales and give your product a luxurious touch if you are an entrepreneur.

Moreover, you have to follow the 4 p’s of marketing to get your business off the ground.

The 4 p’s of marketing are the product, place, price, and packaging.

You will surely succeed in your business if you follow these p’s when making a strategy and leverage the power of impressive packaging to help your products stand out.

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