Boost Your Career With Microlearning

If you’re looking to propel your career then you may be considering a few routes, like online certifications or attending a virtual conference.

For decades, networking, conferences, and mentors were the best ways to stay in the know with career and industry trends. While these resources certainly aren’t going away anytime soon, you can take better control of your advancement with microlearning

What is microlearning?

Microlearning is the idea that concise and focused lessons are the best way to advance your skills and increase knowledge retention. It’s a way of learning something new, filling existing knowledge gaps, or refreshing your skills and expertise through repeated learnings. In these ways, it’s probably not entirely new to you.

If you’ve ever done a quick YouTube search like “how to change a tire,” then you understand that having specific videos like this are much more beneficial than something like “car maintenance 101” would be.

Not only do you get the exact information you’re looking for, but you probably recall the specific tire changing information better than you do general car maintenance. 

So, how do you apply microlearning to your career?

The first step is to decide what you want to study. Whether you want the latest industry news or you want to expand your leadership skills, the next steps is to seek out this information and set a schedule for yourself to study up.

Choose the format that works best for you, like podcasts, video lessons, or articles. Then you’ll want to find the sources you trust. Other professionals will likely have recommendations, but it’s always a good idea to explore a variety of expert and industry-trusted resources

Getting in a microlearning routine

Now that the hard part is out of the way, you can set your schedule to continue to learn and level up your targeted skills.

Listen to your preferred podcasts twice a week on the drive home, or watch your favorite video series over lunch. Several of these resources will be produced in a particular order, but you may also have to build your own playlists to cover the knowledge you want to learn. 

Refresh your goals and lessons every couple of months, and you’ll find regular lessons allow you to learn more and apply these skills gradually to really see what works best for you and your career.

Learn more about how to get started and resources for common topics with this infographic from Mint.


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