Best Way To Use Mobile Camera as a Webcam [ Step by Step Guide ]

Today in this article I will show you how you can convert your mobile camera to be used as a webcam.

Many of you will be using a PC or desktop Computer. And in a lot of your PC or desktop computers, there isn’t a camera, or the quality of your camera isn’t good.

In these situations you might not be able to do following things:

  1. You can’t talk to your relatives, colleagues and friends (or anyone really) clearly in video calls in Google Hangouts or other platforms.

  2. You can’t show your face while attending meetings or hosting important webinars in apps like Zoom or GoToWebinar.

  3. If you are a YouTuber or blogger, and want to attend any webinars to learn blogging, YouTubing, etc., you must show your face there for branding. If the camera isn’t good, your face won’t show well to others. Here, Droidcam helps you.

So guys, let’s take a look at 2 methods of using a mobile camera as a webcam. These methods will be so easy to understand. Alright, let’s dive to the following two methods:

  1. How to connect a mobile camera to a PC or desktop computer’s webcam via Wi-fi.

  2. How to connect a mobile camera to a PC or desktop computer’s webcam via USB.

I think you’ll find these tricks to be super useful. So, without wasting your valuable time, let’s get started.

Introduction to DroidCam Software

So DroidCam is a free software that turns your mobile device into a webcam for your PC or desktop Computer.

You can use this software with chat programs like Skype, Zoom, Teams, or with live streaming programs like OBS.

Let’s take a look at the app’s main features:

– You can chat using “DroidCam Webcam” on your computer, including sound and picture.

– You can your mobile device’s camera with your PC’s camera over WiFi or USB cable.

– Unlimited free usage, with no time limits or watermarks.

– You can keep using your phone while DroidCam is in the background (Android).

–This software is simple, safe, efficient, and trusted by millions of people worldwide.

How to Connect a Mobile Camera to PC or Desktop Computer’s Webcam Via Wi-fi.

Before I tell you the way of connecting a mobile camera as a webcam via Wi-Fi, remember that for connecting via Wi-Fi, your PC and mobile device should be connected to a same Wi-Fi Connection.

For connecting a mobile camera to PC or desktop computer’s webcam via Wi-Fi, you need to install a software in your computer or PC. The name of this software is Droidcam. There are a few quick steps you’ll need to follow for installing this software:

Installing on a PC of desktop



STEP 1 :- Click Here  to go to download page.

STEP 2 :- Click on the windows icon.

STEP 3 :- Now your download has been started, so just follow any finishing steps.

Here are some screenshots of steps 4-6 so you can visualize the process.



STEP 4:-  Now simply go to the folder where your file is downloaded.

STEP 5: – Now open that downloaded file and click on ‘yes’.

STEP 6: – Then click on next.




STEP 7:- Now click on “I agree”.

STEP 8:- Now you have to select which Location you want to install this software.

STEP 9:- After that, click on “Install”.

Installing on a mobile device

Now that you have the software installed on your PC or desktop, you have to download the app on your mobile device.

So…let’s do the process again. It’s very similar, but obviously a bit different since this is on your mobile device. Thus, I want to walk you through these next steps, just so you have all the notes you need to walk through both the PC/desktop install and the mobile install.

STEP 1: Click Here to download the app

STEP 2: Open the app after installation

STEP 3: Give the app access to photos, media and voice recording.


STEP 4: Now in your mobile device, you will see some information on connecting your mobile camera to your webcam.

STEP 5: Now you have to input your WiFi IP number as shown in your mobile in the device IP in PC.

STEP 6: You have to input your DroidCam port number as shown in your mobile in the Droidcam port in your PC.

STEP 7: Now you have to select what you want to record – only audio or only video or both. If both, then click on both, and if you only want to select one of the options, then click on the respective option.

STEP 8: Click on start.

Now your mobile’s camera is working as your PC or desktop’s webcam. So, in this way you can easily connect your mobile’s camera as a webcam.

So, now let’s dive into the second option, how to connect your mobile device’s camera to your PC or desktop’s webcam via USB.

How to Connect Mobile Camera to PC or Desktop Computer’s Webcam Via USB.

So, you may not always have a Wi-Fi connection. In this situation, you can also connect your mobile’s camera to your webcam via a USB cable.

For connecting your mobile’s camera to your desktop or PC’s camera via USB, you have to follow these steps:

STEP 1: Connect your phone to your PC or desktop computer with a USB cable and open the downloaded file

STEP 2: Click on USB icon.

STEP 3: Now click on the down arrow and select the device in which you have downloaded the Droidcam app.

STEP 4: Now select what you want to record – video or audio or both.

STEP 5: Now click on start.

After Following above steps, your mobile’s camera will be connected to your PC or desktop computer’s camera.

So guy, now I am going to tell you How can You Connect your DroidCam Camera (which will be connected to your mobile’s camera) on different applications like Facebook, Zoom, and Google Hangouts on your PC.


How to Connect DroidCam to Google Hangout for Calling Anyone

So, below are the quick steps for connecting Droidcam to Google Hangout For Calling Anyone:

STEP 1: Open Google Hangouts

STEP 2: Click on video call.

STEP 3: Now enter the email address of the person you want to call.

STEP 4: Click on the setting icon.

STEP 5: Go to the general section.

STEP 6: There you will see an option for video, and exactly in the right side of video, you will see a down arrow – click on that.

STEP 7: From there, select Droidcam source.

That’s all. Super easy, right?

Now, let’s move on to Facebook Live.

How to Make DroidCam Ready for Going Live on Facebook

Do you want to go live on Facebook with your PC ?

If you answered, ‘Yes’, then you definitely need a good camera on your PC. So, if there isn’t a camera or the quality of your camera isn’t good, then your live video will be poor quality and send viewers away.

I have already told you guys how you can connect your mobile’s camera to your PC’s camera. But, I haven’t told how to connect it while going live on Facebook, and there are some additional things you need to know.

So, Here are the quick steps for making DroidCam ready for going live on Facebook:

Step 1: Go to your Facebook account and login.

Step 2: Now open the Page, Group or your Profile from which you want to go live.

Step 3: Click on Live Video.

Step 4: Scroll down that page.

Step 5: There you will see a section called SetUp.

Step 6: In that section, there will be an option of selecting your camera for going live.

Step 7: Click the down Arrow which is on the right side of selecting camera.

Step 8: Now, from the options available select DroidCam as the source.

How to Connect DroidCam With Zoom App For Attending or Hosting a Meeting

So guys, as we all know, nowadays Zoom’s usage is increasing each day because many workers suddenly were required to work from home due to the pandemic. Zoom has been a favorite for online communication for remote teams and even families and friends who’ve been apart. You can host or join meetings set up by others.

But, if you want to be a part of a Zoom video meeting,  you obviously need to have a quality camera so you can participate effectively. You can also join meetings without showing your face, but many employers required you to show your face, plus it’s a much better quality meeting if you do.

For joining a Zoom Meeting on camera, you must have a camera on your PC or desktop camera. If Your PC or desktop computer has no camera or the quality of camera is not good, then your meeting will suffer.

So, in this situation you can also connect DroidCam to the Zoom app. To make it happen, these are the quick steps you’ll need to follow:

Step 1: Open Zoom on your PC or desktop computer.

Step 2: Then connect your mobile’s camera to the DroidCam software.

Step 3: Go to your setting in Zoom on your PC.

Step 4: Now, on the left side of the new window you will see many options, Among them, there will be an option fo Video, click  on Video

Step 5: Click on the down arrow which is near the camera option in the video section.

Step 6: Now, select DroidCam as the source.

With this knowledge, you can Attend your next webinar, and you can also show your face clearly, making it a more productive meeting.

Final Words

So, I hope you have enjoyed today’s article. We invite you to leave any additional thoughts or questions in the comment section.

It’s not super technical to do this, but it can be confusing, so hopefully this guide helps you get all set up for your next meeting, Facebook Live, or other live video session online!

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