How Multi-Language Websites Can Improve Traffic Building Strategies and SEO

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There are so many ways to attract traffic to your website, and new ways are being discovered it sometimes seems on a daily basis. Purchasing ads, social media publishing, or creating engaging content are just a few popular methods of getting eyes on your website.

However, there is one way to boost traffic and search engine optimization that you may not have considered – adding more languages to your website.

Adding more languages requires a lot of work. Translating the content on a website is time-consuming and requires a certain level of expertise, but if you work with professionals skilled at developing localized content, optimized for SEO for multiple languages, you will be amazed at the extra traffic it will get for you.

Let’s see just how multi-language websites can fetch you more traffic and give your site a boost in the SEO department.

Customer appreciation

Customers are more likely to do business with a brand that values who they are and understands their needs That extra step you are taking to give your customers maximum satisfaction stays with them until the day you mess things up (hopefully that day never comes).

Keeping your customers happy goes beyond simply having great products. The communication and content your share with them, along with the experience they get on your website, go a long way in keeping your customers around.

Tailoring your attractive website, products, and services to meet your customers’ needs is something they will appreciate very much. So, if you make your website multi-language, the effort would mean that you care about their full understanding of what you are selling, and you want to ensure the best experience, no matter what language they speak.

Pictures and colors are appealing, yes, but the message should be clear also, and that is where a website translation comes in. When some customers have started believing that you are customizing your online marketing to service their needs, they will be more likely to stick with you. They will leave positive reviews and share your content, and this would get you more traffic and a higher ranking in SEO.

An advantage over your competitors

Sometimes, all it takes to increase your company’s global presence and leapfrog your competition is translating your website into multiple languages. This is because you are able to attract a larger audience online, which in turn increases your chances of marketing success.

Also, a lot of good content on many competitor websites is written in English. So, what happens to about half a billion Spanish-speaking online users who are looking for what you have to offer?

No matter what the language, you are missing out on a large audience if you focus your site only on one language. Some of the biggest social media platforms and e-commerce sites hardly use the English language; and if you want to appear on these sites, you should be thinking of translating your content into the languages the users of these platforms prefer.

If you want your company to be global successfully and grab an advantage over your competitors, you should be thinking of exploring other languages apart from the English language.

You don’t know how to go about the translation? Fortunately, there are so many companies out there offering translation services to clients all over the world. You can engage one of them. You don’t have to download the Babble app and start learning a new language.

Making your website stand out

When you have a unique identity and brand, it helps you build traffic more. To achieve this, you need to create a website that really stands out. This could, in turn, benefit greatly from translating the content on your site into different languages.

The benefits of making your website multilingual reach farther than just getting customers of other languages to understand your services. It increases the global perception of your brand.

Your potential audience will increase in size, and you will create customer loyalty and trust by showing your target audience that you truly value them. Make it easy for your site’s visitors to change the language on the site, and create a website that’s amazing no matter what language it’s being viewed in.

Image: website in Brazil

Better publicity

Making your website multi-language will bring you a whole new audience and make it a cost-effective marketing tool. Website translation can lead to an increase in financial opportunities.

There will be higher conversion rates and increased return on investments. You get more global awareness when your website is more open to an international audience.

First-time customers are not only potential returning customers but can also help you do the needed publicity to invite more traffic. Returning customers would spend more on your products when they have a reason to return.

Translating your website can help you boost these areas, as more people can visit from more locations, and they’re more likely to stick around because you’re speaking (or writing) their language.

Increase in international SEO

When you add more languages to your website, it increases the chances of being picked up by different search engines. Even while working within the confines of your own domain, multi-language websites can help you go higher in ranking internationally.

To really help your business rank higher internationally all you need to do is just add different languages to your website. In so doing, you optimize your site’s chances of getting picked up by search engines.

Final word on multi-language websites

The business world is evolving every day and as a business owner, you have to run along unless you want to close down. Improving traffic building strategies and SEO is very important if you must remain relevant in your chosen niche.

mbracing the use of a multi-language website is a guaranteed way to make you more successful in your business because you would get more exposure and attract more traffic. More traffic means more business.

Lars Brown

7 thoughts on “How Multi-Language Websites Can Improve Traffic Building Strategies and SEO”

  1. Hi Anthony! Thanks for the insightful article. Addressing customers in their preferred languages can boost customer satisfaction. This approach often results in positive reviews and increased site traffic. If there’s a demand, offering a website in multiple languages can be an effective way to draw more visitors.

  2. That’s a great article, Lars! It’s quite useful. I agree that adding multiple languages definitely bring you more traffic and new audience. And I appreciate this customer-oriented approach you have suggested to make your site attractive for customers.

    • Thanks, Cassie. Have a website is one language is fine if your audience only speaks that language. That said, if you target readers speaking different languages or living in different countries, you need a multi-lingual strategy.

  3. I completely agree with you, Lars, Anthony, on this point. In fact, I am based in a cross-border region between Germany, Netherlands, and Belgium. So most of the time when I create/ optimize brand websites for small businesses, I have to do it in all 3 languages: German, Dutch, and French. Plus English. It is a lot of work, but it has to be done.
    Because if you have a German speaker landing on a site that only has Dutch and English, he/ she may feel ‘it’s not for me’ and just hit the back button. Even if a website gets 100 visits a day, you can’t ignore a language that is used by a big part of your audience.

    • Very true. That can certainly make the work a bit challenging, but as an agency owner, it can be quite lucrative if you are able to creation content in multiple languages and offer localization as a service.

  4. Good job Lars. This is smart because using multiple languages literally adds whole new markets to your audience. Most of my readers are English-speaking – all over the globe – but I have had folks ask if I could translate my blog to Thai and Spanish. Food for thought.


    • That would be a good idea, Ryan. I think if you’re seeing traffic from other parts of the globe, it doesn’t hurt to have content available to ensure you connect with readers in their language. We did a lot of this at an agency for which I led the marketing department. They did a lot of work in the hospitality space in the US, Europe, and in the Middle East, so it was critical to localize the content for those clients.


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