My Favorite LinkedIn Posts From 2022

I made it a point to post regularly on LinkedIn this year. Not just post links to random pieces of content, but actually add substance with long-form posts.

The posts asked questions, hit on current and relevant topics, and offered observations into trends I noticed going on.

As a result, I saw my LinkedIn following nearly double, a nice increase in leads for Gaenzle Marketing came through my messages, and engagement rose significantly.

The LinkedIn experiment was a success, so I wanted to share a few of my favorite posts from 2022, so you can hopefully get inspired to harness the power of LinkedIn as well.

Below, I’ll share summaries of five of my favorites, and if you feel so inclined, I’d be honored if you’d drop by a post or two and leave your thoughts!

Lessons Learned From the Year in Review

I was thinking about the year that just passed, and I jotted down a stream-of-consciousness sort of post with my thoughts. It’s sort of something I can look back at historically, but the post also shares a few lessons I learned along the way to help others in my shoes, hopefully.

We all run into walls. We all face challenges. We all also achieve wins and experience success. It’s essential to embrace the wins and successes while learning from the bad things and learning how to shift your mindset. That’s what this post focuses on.

Read the post: Lessons learned in 2022

Tips for Using LinkedIn to Grow Professionally

Over the years, my approach to LinkedIn has changed quite a bit. I follow trends, test new things, make mistakes, make adjustments, and keep on rolling.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for professional growth, but you need to leverage the channel properly. In this post, I put together my thoughts on what’s been working for me and what I see working for others, and I shared them in hopes that they benefit you in your professional pursuits.

Read the Post: Growing on LinkedIn

Be Authentic in Your Marketing

Lots of companies fail to connect with their marketing. Why? Because their tactics lack authenticity.

They focus on boasting about product specifications or bragging about awards. They walk the fine line between truth and falsehood in advertising. Or, they treat customers poorly and fail to live up to their customers’ expectations of quality customer service.

Be honest with your marketing. Tell the truth. Treat your most important resource (your customers) with kindness and respect. This is the way to succeed in marketing and business.

Read the Post: Be Authentic

The Power of Trusting Your Team as a Leader

When you hire your team members, you put faith in them to do the work you hire them to do. This means you need to trust them.

Too many leaders hire people and then micro-manage every move they make. This breeds contempt within your team, kills their creativity, and sends your top talented running for the door.

In this post, I talk about why it’s so important to empower your team and trust in them to be amazing.

Read the Post: Trust and Empowerment in Leadership

Be Kind. It’s That Simple.

This one should be easy to grasp, but too many business owners miss the point. Simply be kind.

We need to work together to lift one another up, not break one another down. It’s amazing how much we can achieve when we’re simply kind to one another and strive to help each other.

Read about the importance of being kind in business and beyond.

Read the Post: Be Kind

Summing it Up

LinkedIn is a powerful place to grow professionally. I encourage you to stay active. Try to post at least two times per week (more if possible).

Make sure to engage with other users’ content as well. It’s a two-way street. LinkedIn success isn’t just about posting. It’s about starting and engaging in conversation and meeting new people.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the posts above. If you have posts you created this year that YOU love, please share the links in the comments so others can read them and connect with you.

May you all prosper in life and business in 2023!

Anthony Gaenzle
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