Need a New Website for 2021? Use a Digital Marketing Agency

Millions of businesses across the globe have shifted the a significant portion of their marketing efforts to social media in the past few years.

But there are still many reasons for having a great looking website to represent your brand online. For one thing, it’s the best place for customers to find out everything there is to know about your products and/or services. And on top of that, you own the space on your website, whereas you are essentially renting space on social media.

In other words, your website should be a one-stop-shop to not only provide pertinent info about your products and services but also offer value to your visitors through articles, downloadable content, videos, tools and more.

Going into 2021 without a website means you’re going to fall behind your competitors. Not all companies, however, have experience web designers in house. If this is the boat your company is in, I highly suggest working with an experienced agency who offers web development as part of their digital marketing services.

You may be asking yourself the question ” but setting up a website is easy, isn’t it?”

Technically, yes, setting up a super basic and ineffective website is VERY easy. But, if you want a professional-looking, mobile responsive and SEO friendly website that drives results, then the answer is a resounding ‘no’.

If you want to present your brand identity to your customers in a way that excites them and inspires them to work with you, it makes sense to using a digital marketing agency.

Let’s take a look at why you should consider a digital marketing agency to develop your brand’s website.

Learning Web Development Isn’t Easy

Developing a website is easy if you know what you’re doing and is a job that is never-ending. The first iteration of your website is not what your website will (or at least not what it should) look like a year or two down the road. A website is a living creation, and it needs consistent attention to thrive and really drive business growth.

While it might seem like all there is to do is to write a few pieces of text and include a few images, web development is far more in-depth than that. It’s all about writing complex code from scratch, testing features and analyzing clickthrough and conversion rates.

The work of a web developer is never simply done.

Learning web development takes years if you want to develop a website that’s going to stand out in the sea of online competition.

Learning all of the intricate web languages has never been easier, but do you really want to? It completely makes sense to employ a team of experts to create your website instead. This can save you time, and you won’t have to incur the cost of hiring a full-time team member.

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Web Development Takes A lot of Time

Web development is extremely time-consuming, unless you’ve spent years learning it. Hiring a professional website design agency can help you skip the steps of having to learn web development, as they will bring experts to your project who know what they are doing and offer strategic direction from experience.

As we’ve previously mentioned, being a web developer is a profession that’s always on-going and ever-changing. If you aren’t on top of the latest trends, you are destined to fail, or at best, mediocrity.

Thanks to Google’s (and other search engines’) frequent algorithm updates, new SEO tactics and trends, a strong focus on amazing content, and changes in consumer behavior, there’s never going to be an end-point.

If you factor in how much you’ll need to learn, you probably won’t have the time to successfully run your business if you want to learn web development, too.

Hiring a digital marketing agency will take all of this off of your plate so you can focus on running your business.

They’ll be able to work their magic and develop a website that truly represents you online and is set up to drive new business.

It’s All About Staying Ahead of The Game

Hiring a digital marketing agency means you have a good footing when it comes to getting ahead and beating the competition.

Your rivals may already have sleek websites, but what if you could go “one up” on them and take their business?

In the battle to gain consumers’ attention, it completely makes sense to use all of the resources available to you. By using an inferior set of tools like a website template builder such as Wix, you’re never going to be successful online.

A website developer can customize a websites, whether from scratch or by customizing your site from on a platform like WordPress.

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You’ll Better Understand Your Target Market

It’s very to easy assume that you know exactly what your target market wants, but that is rarely ever the case. You may have some things right, but you’ll never get the full picture without digging a bit more or hiring someone who has done the digging or will do the digging for you.

This is actually a struggle that most businesses have had to deal with in the past or are currently dealing with. You may be one of the businesses struggling with this, even if you don’t realize it.

However, with the help of a digital marketing agency, you’ll be able to gain a much better understanding of what drives your current and prospective customers.

Beyond the actual website design, most digital marketing agencies worth their weight are good at digging in and understanding the audience of their clients so they can create a website or digital marketing campaigns that end up with the desired results.

Thanks to analytics tools and marketing software, the agency you employ will be able to look at user behavior and advise you on how to increase traffic and conversions. They can make updates to your website to enhance the results you see and really help you drive business.

Lastly, It’s a Professional Standard These Days

No matter what business you are in or which industry you operate within, having a professional website is the standard these days.

A well-designed website which is easy to use will certainly appeal to everyone who comes across your digital profile on Google and other search engines, through social media or via other channels.

Online consumers are very savvy about the businesses that they shop with, so you shouldn’t risk forming a bad impression of your bad in their minds with a cheaply made website or a poorly crafted digital presence.

An experienced digital marketing agency will create and maintain your professional appearance for many years to come. It’s something you need to uphold if you want to stay ahead of your competitors.

Wrapping it Up

Your online presence is so important. It’s too important to leave it up to amateurs. While you may be amazing at crunching numbers and making operational decisions, you can’t do those things and be a top notch developer as well (unless you’re a business superhero).

So, you should strongly consider setting aside a chunk of your budget for the purposes of website development to ensure you end up with a website that not only impresses but results in business.

For more insight into building an amazing website, check out our archives of articles offering website design tips from the pros.

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