9 Amazing Online Marketing Tactics for Home Service Companies

Coming up with a list of Internet marketing strategies to succeed in your home service business is easy. You create a website, invest in SEO, and then update customers through email. Sales should go smoothly, right? However, we all know that just doesn’t happen.

You need to flex more of your marketing muscles to put your business in a position where it beats the competition. You need specific marketing tactics that make your online marketing strategies work at their best to drive the highest level of growth for your business.

That’s why in this article, we’ll cover the online marketing tactics that your home service company needs to level up your business and keep your sales coming.

1. Improve the Web Design 

Let’s start with your vehicle to success — your website. Your website has to have a web design that calls for conversions. If it looks and functions like it was created 10 years ago, you’re going to struggle with your conversions. 

When improving your web design, make sure that it’s easy to navigate and looks professional. Go for a modern design, display testimonials and reviews, place contact information where it’s easily visible, plus show your partnered companies and your followers. 

The first thing you want your customers to do is to trust you, and you can make that happen by improving your web design. 


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2. Tighten Your SEO 

SEO can be too technical and complicated, but it does wonders for your business. Things you need to focus on in your SEO are its core concepts like keyword research, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, and technical SEO. 

  • Keyword research: you need to look for the right keywords that people use to search for your service. 
  • On-page SEO: you need to make sure your content gets the best rank on search engines. 
  • Off-page SEO: you need to build links to boost optimization and promote your site to other platforms. 
  • Technical SEO: techniques to be implemented to ensure search engines can easily scan and rank your website. 

3. Local SEO 

Local SEO allows you to get found by local searchers with queries – the best thing your home service company needs. To make sure you show up on local searches, you need to optimize and connect your business on the Google My Business (GMB) page.

You also need to make sure you have a consistent and updated NAP (name, address, and phone number) across all online listings and directories. 

4. Google My Business Page 

As for your GMB, you need to polish and claim it. Make sure it displays your location, your contact information, business hours, reviews, booking button, images of your services, even posts and offers. 

Aside from your GMB, apply it also to all your local search listings. Make sure you update them immediately when there are changes. 

5. Invest in Pay-Per-Click Advertisement

If you haven’t tried investing in PPC ads, you should give it a shot. It’s cost-effective while it helps your website gain relevant traffic to your website. Apart from that, PPC ads can be turned on and off, they’re highly scalable, very timely, highly targeted, and generate visits from browsers who highly need your home service. 

6. Commit to Content Marketing 

Whenever you look online, everything is about web content. And without content, all the other strategies and tactics may never exist.

Therefore, your home service company should commit to effective content marketing strategies to educate potential customers and be able to gain the lead in your industry. However, it’s essential to remember these tips in content marketing: 

  • Blogging: Use SEO tools like Ahrefs to inform and communicate with your existing customers. 
  • Backlinks: Attract inbound links to increase traffic to your site and improve rankings. 
  • Guest Posting: Publish content on another site to drive referral traffic, build a relationship, and increase the exposure of your home service company. 


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7. Use Images and Videos 

The use of images and videos to promote and market your home service online is powerful. Don’t forget to shoot plenty of videos to give people ideas on how your home service is done.

This can be about a topic like what kills bed bugs instantly if you offer pest control services, or tips to have a healthier HVAC system if your company services HVACs. Videos will increase your website up to 27% of higher click-through rates and 34% of web conversion rates. 

8. Revamp Social Media

The most common misconception about marketing a company is that simply creating an account on social media is enough to become visible and to communicate with your audience. However, you also need to get people to share your website on social media. This becomes possible when you regularly post high-quality content! 

It’s necessary to understand that not all social media platforms are appropriate for your home service. So, when relying on social media, choose the right channel or platform. 

Additionally, use social media to listen to how people react to your service. This tactic will help you manage and maintain your reputation. 

9. Generate Reviews 

Whether it’s for your GMB, website, or social media page, reviews are necessary social proof that can help you increase conversion rates. Reviews are trust signals. If your home service company doesn’t have one displayed on your pages or site, visitors might not bother clicking. 

Let me get this straight. If you’re not marketing your home service business online, you’re leaving money on the table. Whether you claim to be the best pest exterminator or a trusted engineered flooring service in Toronto, if you fail to improve the internet marketing strategies you’re using today, you’ll most likely end up at the bottom of search rankings.

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