Optimize your Mac Startup Times to Experience Unbeatable Speeds

Does your Mac still boot up as quickly as the day you purchased it?

Computers have a natural tendency to become slow with time. They clog up with diverse applications, which ultimately install numerous startup processes using the disk space to a greater and greater extent.

This deteriorates the system performance, causing a significant amount of inconvenience.

If you’ve experienced your Mac performing lethargically, you’ll want to perform a few simple checks.

While booting the Mac may seem like a fast and painless process, you still need to take a few additional steps. The Mac OS performs the disk defragmentation task independently, and users no longer have to rely on the bothersome of performing this manually. Your computer needs the system software loading when you turn it on. The process it undertakes is Booting.

Having accumulation of more software and hardware can slow down your system boot time considerably. If the high boot time is taking a toll on you and hindering your productivity.

I spoke to a number of technology pros to compile the following advice to help you optimize the startup times of your Mac and improve your productivity.

  • Recover Hard Disk Space:

The HD of your Mac, if full, can slow down things significantly. Thus, deleting older files and unnecessary items can pave a path towards a faster mac and help you reclaim the disk space.

One action that you can consider performing is getting rid of unused language packs. Doing so will enhance your speed and performance and will also boot the system more quickly. You can also check your hard disk capacity by using different file types available in the Storage Tab. Visit that tab and click in the About this Mac section and go to More Info.

  • Clean up your Desktop:

Some people claim a messy desktop as a sign of a creative mind. But, do you know that your computer has to load the icon for all of your desktop files when it boots up.

The system has to fetch all the icons, and accumulating all those icons takes a lot of boot time. Thus, getting rid of them or moving them somewhere else works wonders for you and your system.

Messy Mac desktop
Image: Messy Mac desktop – Source
  • Use Sleep Mode:

Shutting down the computer and using it in sleep mode isn’t the same. The shutdown process closes the running processes, which includes the operating system. Doing so cuts down the machines’ power, and starting it again loads everything into the RAM.

Know that the macOS also takes time to boot. The software on the machine has to restart as well. Sleep, on the other hand, is a much faster process. The RAM is left powered on desktops like iMac or Mac Pro, while the other components turn off for saving energy. You can quickly resume your session by waking up the machine fast. You’ll be surprised to see that everything you left in the memory is still present out there.

The Bottom Line

Technology can be confusing, and while it can seriously improve your productivity, it can also create headaches if your tech isn’t working properly.

The above fixes will hopefully help you to troubleshoot the slow boot issues persisting in your Mac. Switching to SSD, reinstalling macOS, removing login items, and unnecessary startup are some more tips to consider if you need to dig a bit deeper – when the problem persists.

Start with the tips in this article, and you should be in good shape. The speed of your Mac will increase, and your productivity levels will increase with it.

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