Top 5 People Search Engines and How to Find Anyone

People carry out  a fast people search for several reasons: 

  1. Background checks on a person to know criminal record, possible conviction for a sex offense, business background check, and property checks. 
  2. To find lost relatives or friends. 
  3. To gather more information about a person. The info that a people search engine may reveal includes age, DOB, family members, residence history, email addresses, and current home address. 

While extensive, Google still does not offer the streamlined and special service people search engines do. So let’s explore the top 5 person search engines and how to find people. 

  1. Radaris
  2. Truthfinder
  3. Instant Checkmate
  4. US Search


Radaris is a people search engine with an extensive database of public records. With Radaris, you can find phone numbers, patent filings, property records, social media accounts, residences, and many more. Radaris’ power is its voluminous database and the simplicity with which it arranges search results. 

Radaris Key Features:

Pricing: Basic – $24.9/mo; Advanced— $49.95/mo; Individual report— 39.95/mo

You can also get personalized packages for $5 to $6. 

Background Check: Criminal record, sex offender records, misdemeanors, bankruptcies, property record, neighbors. 

Business Check: Credit score, liens, bankruptcies, business registrations, judgments, risk factors, banking history, trade history, and Uniform Commercial Code filings.  

Advanced People Search: Information revealed here includes the date of birth, age, residential address, past addresses, full name, social media accounts, email addresses, and mutual friends. 

Property Report: Information of the owner, last market sale info, tax info, site, prior sale, and property features. Other features include court cases on property.   


  • Radaris has an extensive database—perhaps, the most extensive amongst all people’s search websites and tools. 
  • Allows international searches: Radaris offers international examinations of selected countries, unlike other people search engines that operate only within the US jurisdiction. 


  • Users may not get the full feature of the company on the front page and may have to navigate through other pages to enjoy the company’s full features. 


TruthFinder offers an in-depth background search on people, including court records, social media accounts, police records, and records contained in government databases (within the public domain). In addition, TruthFinder produces a detailed report on people; however, the company works within the US and does not offer international search services. 

Pricing: Pricing starts at $28.05 per month. 


  • TruthFinder offers extensive database scans, including dark web scans and background checks. 
  • Dark web scan
  • Reverse phone lookup


  • TruthFinder does not offer international searches. offers one of the most thorough people searches you can find online. This powerful tool not only searches available public records (including past addresses, phone numbers, their age, and criminal records), but it also performs incredible internet searches. This means the results will also include matching social media and dating accounts connected to a person.


  • Provides links all their online profiles, including social media accounts and dating profiles
  • Also provides reverse phone, address, and email lookups
  • Intuitive, simple, and quick to use


  • Access to some data may not be free

Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is another reputable search engine, albeit only for US people. The people lookup engine can find criminal records and property information and run extensive background checks on individuals. Instant Checkmate is excellent for businesses and private investigators looking to run searches on people because it only offers monthly subscription services. 

Pricing: Pricing starts from $28.09 for a 3-month subscription and $35.12 per month. Background checks include criminal records, sex offense records, court judgments, and liens on properties. Private searches include 


  • The search engine offers advanced searches and helps you find people in the United States. 
  • Extensive database of public records, including property and business records. 
  • Perhaps the most accurate people finder there is. 


  • No single search is available to users. 
  • Premium service may be pricey, especially if you just want to make quick and single searches. 
  • International searches are unavailable. 
  • Slow search time

US Search

US Search has the oldest database among the top people finder in the United States. Like most other people search, US Search isn’t available to people outside the United States. Key features include quick results, detailed background checks on persons and businesses, and in-depth identity tests. 

Pricing: Basic pricing for US Search starts at $19.86/month, and single searches cost $1.99. 


  • Detailed background and people search. 
  • Pricing is incredibly affordable compared to other search engines with the same quality. 
  • Lowest pricing for single checks 


  • Not available outside the United States.

Conclusion: Pick the Best People Search Engine

Regarding database strength, Radaris is the top pick; however, if you want a people search engine that allows a single search and has convenient pricing, use US Search.

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