Build Your Personal Brand and Your Business’ Reputation Through Content and SEO

Content Marketers and SEOs haven’t always been the best of buddies. But, in recent times, it’s become clear that without one, the other is destined to fail.

Recently, I took some time to chat with Sean Sullivan, host of the Converge Coffee podcast (you can click to play the whole conversation at the end of this article). We discussed the topic of SEO and content and how the two can work together to help you build your own personal brand as well as drive awareness and authority for your business.

Building a personal brand

Creating great content can really improve your personal brand by expanding your online presence beyond a simple resume.

When someone looks you up online, what do they find? If they find nothing – or worse, if they find a bunch of negative content – your brand will take a hit. Your career opportunities will take a hit along with it.

To ensure that you have a positive presence online to give a boost to your brand and to your career potential you need to focus on a strong presence with high-quality content, optimized to appear high in search.

A solid presence can lead to things like speaking engagements, outreach from recruiters and even the ability to monetize your blog or other website presence.

The relationship between Content and SEO

During the podcast episode, the topic of the connection between content and SEO was a consistent theme.

Without one, the other doesn’t stand a chance.

Think about link building, for example. If you build super high-quality content, you can much more easily gain organic backlinks.

Take some time to research what’s out there on a subject for which you want to rank. Find the best piece on the subject and then make something that’s ten times better. Determine what the content is missing, where there are gaps, and then fill in those gaps.

Create a piece that goes far beyond the “best” piece out there, and you stand a great chance of gaining backlinks. Do some outreach to quality sites you want a link from and reach out with a pitch to the editor. You won’t always win a link, but you stand a solid chance if you have the best content on the market.

Those links you earn will then give a boost in search rankings to your content. Thus, the two go hand in hand.

The connection goes far beyond just link building, so it’s critical that we no longer look at content and SEO as completely independent disciplines but start to instead look at them as interdependent and almost being part of one larger discipline.

The power of relationships

Building the right relationships can really help give a boost to both your content and SEO efforts. The key is to find ways to give others a boost as well.

Look at building relationships with editors at key publications. Give them great content to help them boost their publications. Then share that content to help expose their brand. This will help you to get published more often.

It will also help you to gain great links when you get that amazing content.

The key, however, is to help others as well.

To learn more about relationship building, the connect between content and SEO and the value all of this can add to your personal brand, click the play button below to listen to the full conversation.

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9 thoughts on “Build Your Personal Brand and Your Business’ Reputation Through Content and SEO”

  1. Hi Anthony,

    I love the point about getting completely organic backlinks by publishing in-depth, high quality content. I noted this recently when publishing thorough, SEO-optimized blog posts. Fellow bloggers linked to individual posts of mine but the links pointing to my main domain based on their perception of my expertise increased, too. Who EVER would have thought people would seem me some budding SEO expert, LOL? Funny and quite amusing to me.


    • For sure! As you continue to produce amazing content, people start to cite that work in their own articles. SEO becomes much easier when people do the link building for you. You’ve really positioned yourself as a respected expert, and thus your readers love to share your work. Plus, your articles pop up in search now, and writers will often grab top search results as citations for their own sites.

  2. Great points about the personal brand content and seo. This article provides us true and insightful information regarding it. This article is very helpful. Great blog indeed, will visit again future to read more!

  3. Hey Anthony, I’ve come across similar advice to reach out for quality backlinks before, but I’ve always been a little averse to it. I have no idea why! Thanks for sharing these tips, hopefully, I’ll have the courage to take up your tip for building backlinks.

    • Yes, it can definitely be a daunting task at first. And you can easily feel like you’re being intrusive and pushy, but the worst that can happen is someone ignores your email. The ones that do response and give you a link will be totally worth the effort. Site owners are used to getting these types of inquiries, so you need to be on point with your messaging to stand out while also not coming across pushy. It’s important to show the value you add and how the site owner(s) benefit in return.

  4. Great post! Having a positive online image is so important and can be developed beyond the obvious of keeping your most embarrassing Facebook moments private! I’ve suddenly had SEO kick in on my blog and search referrals doubled in a day. It’s a method that needs patience and perseverance- and great content- but worth the effort when it starts to pay off! Thank you so much for sharing- I definitely need to start working on things like guest posts as my next step!

    • It does take time (and tons of effort) tot get things rolling, but once things start happening, the traffic can pick up quickly. Guest posting is a great technique not only for SEO but to grow the reach of your brand as well.

  5. I totally agree with everything you said in this article. Personal branding and relationship are very important to achieve your content marketing goals. Thank you so much for sharing this article.

    • Personal branding is huge. Without a consistent, quality brand online, you lose a lot of credibility. Employers won’t want to hire you, and if you are looking to be a thought leader, your target audience won’t trust your authority. Relationships are also key. There are so many amazing bloggers and website owners out there. Why not build up collaborative relationships and work together to succeed? Thanks for the comment!


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