Pinning Your Way to Good Health and Good Business

Healthcare professionals and healthy-living companies are quickly realizing the value of Pinterest and are making their way to the social media channel that serves as a virtual bulletin board.

Top health experts and companies are changing the way health and wellness information is communicated from business-to-consumer. From recipes, fitness motivation and customized workouts to home remedies, health awareness events, fundraisers and other health topics, Pinterest is the new wave of health communication.

Here are some ideas to help you join the health revolution and pin your way to a healthy life and a healthy business.

Organizing the Facts

One of the benefits to Pinterest is being able to organize posts into boards. This helps make the site user-friendly and eliminates stress by keeping pins in categories that are easy to find.

If a user is interested in a post, Pinterest makes it easy to access more details on that topic. Each post links users to descriptions and websites on each pin. If you see a pin of a delicious smoothie that you’re interested in making, that pin will likely (if used to full potential) have the recipe and the website that it came from so you can make the smoothie yourself plus find more recipes to your interest. A pin can also link to the original pinner and users who post similar content that may be worth following!

Companies are taking advantage of this and organizing their ideas based on goals and missions. Each board targets a specific theme such as campaign funding, event attendance, product promotion, etc.

Pinterest boards show different aspects of your company or organization. They allow followers to gain a full understanding of what you are about, your beliefs, how you expect customers to utilize your company’s products and missions.

This distinctive feature of Pinterest plays a major role in its success on social media.

Selling the Product as a Lifestyle

Pinterest’s capabilities go beyond simply selling a business; the channel shows users why they NEED the business.

Whole Foods is on top of the Pinterest marketing food chain. The company uses Pinterest to share
different recipes based off different diets, seasons and lifestyles. They aren’t selling a specific product; they’re selling the usefulness of their products. Tallying in at 287.4Health Food PinterestK followers, Whole Food’s Pinterest page is one of the top pages on the social media channel.

With a healthy 4.3K followers on their Pinterest page, Planet Fitness is benefiting from the platform as well. Some of their boards have themes such as motivation, workouts and success stories. These boards help promote their business by showing resu
lts and advice to working out, which triggers followers to consider purchasing a membership.

Quest Nutrition is another successful health organization on Pinterest, having 15K followers on their page. Similar to both Whole Foods and Planet Fitness, they have boards related to recipes, motivation and success stories. Quest Nutrition also grabs the attention of followers by dedicating a board with adorable animals holding their product. We’re all suckers for a cute animal, right?

Getting the Millennials Involved

Ages 18-29 make up the largest age demographic scrolling through Pinterest. Health-focused companies are realizing the potential of reaching Millennials, as they command more and more respect in the marketplace.

Pinterest has multiple pages that focus on teaching nutrition to children. Mom’s are 3x more likely to share content seen on Pinterest. If they see ideas that can keep their kids growing healthy, they will be more than likely to share your content!

The demographics of Pinterest put businesses targeting a younger audience at an advantage. Between mom’s looking out for their kids and young adults being overexposed to this content, your health company’s content is going to be golden when exposed to Pinterest.

Powerful Images for Powerful Results

Different companies have different brand strategies, all targeting their main audience (as well as sub-audiences as deemed necessary). One type of content that can help amplify these strategies is the use of images.

Images on Pinterest are the first things users see before engaging in the post or the page. Pictures posted on Pinterest need to stand out from all other images. When a user is scrolling down their feed they aren’t going to pause at every image, only the ones that grab their eye.

When companies include images in their posts and visual content as a tactic, the result is often more clicks on the descriptions that contains links, blogs, or their websites and eventually leads to more shares and followers.

If images are well formatted, original and give a good representation of the company’s message, it will lead to results.

Fundraising and Campaigns

Pinterest is the perfect spot to launch fundraisers or campaigns. Since 34% of Pinterest users have an income of $75K or more a year, it’s the perfect target for finding donors.

Promoting a campaign on Pinterest helps get the users involved and spreads fast with shares, followers and links to your promotions.  There have been many successful fundraisers and campaigns that have come out of Pinterest.

One of Pinterest’s most popular and well known campaigns was Dove’s Love Yourself self-esteem campaign. Dove is used Pinterest to promote self-esteem in women and girls.

Since more than half of Pinterest users are female, this was a perfect site to launch this campaign. This successful campaign that was launched on Pinterest has made a huge impact on celebrating women’s health and beauty.

The Sendoff Pin…

Pinterest and businesses is the best duo on social media.  Pinterest pages for businesses can really help spread a company’s mission, ideas, products and goals in an easy and organized fashion that users of social media will understand and be likely to use.

Whether a company is launching their first social media page, a fundraiser or campaign, or a marketing plan on Pinterest, this site is the perfect place.

Now that the facts on how business is booming on Pinterest are out there, it’s time to get out those tacks and start pinning your company’s mission and ideas.

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2 thoughts on “Pinning Your Way to Good Health and Good Business”

  1. I’d like to add one more thought, make sure you are very consistent with your Pinning. This does not meal you have to involve Tailwind to pin every hour of the day. But being consistent with the platform. Hop on 3-5 times a week, search the platform, repin items and add new content from your website as well. This will also lead to a good healthy Pinterest account.

    • This is great advice, Charisse. It’s very important to be consistent with any social media channel you choose to pursue. It’s amazing the difference in results if you are truly engaged vs. if you are just a passive user. Pinterest is a hugely valuable tool for businesses. Thanks for the comment!


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