How To Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic & Generate Leads

Why Use Pinterest for Your Business?

There is a very good chance that your target audience is on Pinterest.

Pinterest is officially the 3rd largest ‘social media’ site in the US and it looks like it will stay that way according to eMarketer.

There are 300 Million Global Monthly Active Users on Pinterest who have saved more than 200 Billion pins in total.

How does this highly engaged audience impact your business growth?

According to Sprout Social

  • 77% of weekly Pinners have discovered a new brand or product on the platform
  • 98% report trying new things they find on Pinterest
  • 83% of weekly Pinners have made a purchase based on content they saw from brands on Pinterest
  • The Pinterest platform sees a 30% year over year increase in monthly active users

This means there is a huge opportunity for you to grow your business on Pinterest. Pinterest is the ideal platform to drive traffic to your content and products, increase your email list and capture leads.

chart showing Pinterest revenues statistics
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How Pinterest is Different Than Other Social Media Platforms?

Pinterest is actually not a social media platform, but a search engine.

People on Pinterest are performing 2 Billion searches every month so they can gather ideas, get inspiration and find solutions.

Pinterest users are finding content via search. So, it is therefore imperative to treat Pinterest like a search engine in order to be successful.

What Kind of Businesses Perform Well With Pinterest?

Anyone with a Content Marketing Strategy

If you are focused on content marketing, Pinterest is the ideal place to drive traffic to this content.

Pinterest is a bigger traffic driver than platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as the user intent is different than other places.

People go to Pinterest to search for content (tips, tutorials, solutions, advice, etc) – and if you’re thinking Pinterest is only about recipes and crafts you are very wrong! The content on Pinterest actually goes across every single imaginable topic.

This is how the platform was built and why it is so powerful when it comes to driving relevant traffic to your content.

Online Products and Services

Also, if you sell products and services online, Pinterest is fantastic to increase awareness and drive people into your sales funnel.

As I said at the beginning of the article, you can use Pinterest to capture leads and increase your email list subscribers. By creating Pinterest friendly images and linking these to your opt-in pages, promotional pages and sales pages you can dramatically increase your potential customer base. 

How To Use Pinterest: What You Need for Success

  1. Business Account
  2. Pinnable Images
  3. Integration of relevant keywords
  4. Consistency

Let’s go into further details on what this entails…

Setting Up a Pinterest Business Account

Having a business account gives you 2 big benefits…

  1. You will have access to Pinterest Analytics which shows you how your pins are performing. More specifically, you’ll be able to see:
  • How many link clicks you’re getting to your website
  • Which pins are driving the most traffic
  • Which Pinterest boards perform best
  • Key audience insights
  • Your pins click thru rates

This is extremely valuable information that you can even use to run campaigns outside of Pinterest. For example, if a specific creative on Pinterest has a high CTR, why not test this design, copy and call-to-action on another social media network or ad network.

  1. You can run a Promoted Pins campaign to increase your reach. To get started with this, set up your business account and then set up Pinterest Tags on your website or online shop.

Pinterest Friendly ‘Pinnable Images’

There are a few design specifics you need to be mindful of to be successful on Pinterest.

  1. Make sure the images are vertical. 2×3 dimensions work best. Pinterest recommends 600×900 or 1000×1500
  2. Make sure the text on your pin stands out and is easy for people to read on their mobile devices
  3. Use copy on your pin that helps solve a problem
  4. Use Pinterest keywords in your pin, as Pinterest can actually read the text in your design (pretty cool)

For more tips on creating pins, check out: How To Design High Performing Pinterest Pins

high-quality pins for Pinterest
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Integration of Relevant Keywords

Keywords should be included in the following areas of Pinterest:

  • Pin titles
  • Pin descriptions
  • Board names
  • Profile name
  • Profile description

Tip: When writing for your pin descriptions include relevant keywords, but make sure you are still writing for the reader, as this is your opportunity to encourage them to click through.

Consistency is King

Pinterest rewards it’s users who are actively engaged on Pinterest. It is therefore better to spend a little time on Pinterest, pinning yours and others content multiple days a week – not pinning a ton on one day and then coming back a week later and pinning a ton more.

When I reference ‘reward’, I am referring to the best way you can increase your monthly viewers and impressions on your pins. These increased metrics translates to more link clicks to your website. To learn more about the Pinterest platform and how to be successful, read more Pinterest tips here.

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