Product Review: SEO PowerSuite Offers 4 Powerful Optimization Tools

SEO PowerSuite (SPS) is SEO optimization software offering everything you need to build a consistent SEO workflow. The toolkit contains four desktop applications, each focusing on a certain aspect of SEO: keyword ranks checking, website audit, backlink checking, and email management for doing outreach.

Who is SEO PowerSuite aimed for?

The SEO software includes four tools (Rank Tracker, WebSite Auditor, SEO Spyglass, LinkAssistant) and is aimed for different types of users with different needs in SEO. It’s a great tool for individuals (bloggers, for instance) working on growing their own websites, as well as in-house SEO specialists building an SEO strategy for their company.

The suite is also hugely valuable to SEO agencies offering a broad scope of online services. SPS contains some amazing tools for a variety of activities and situations like team collaboration, data management, SEO reporting and white label efforts for agencies.

Let’s take a look at each of the four tools within SEO PowerSuite and why they’re so valuable to users.

Rank Tracker: increase organic search with keyword tracking

Rank Tracker is keyword checker software that allows tracking ranks across all possible search engines and geo locations. The tool offers a powerful Keyword Research module with over a dozen keyword research methods, and the Keyword Mapping module allows for managing and tracking all keywords conveniently in one dashboard.

SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker

The tool has integrations with Google Analytics and Keyword Planner, and it provides insightful estimates for Keyword Difficulty,  a Keyword Effectiveness Index, as well as expected visits forecast and much more.

You can monitor SERPs, check top 10, top 30, and other options, and you can record SERP history to see how your site ranks over time (or get alerted if your site takes a hit). The Progress Graph gives insights about SERP fluctuations, allowing you to take notice when major shake-ups happen, observe how rankings are affected by algorithmic updates or look at the impact of your own on-site overhaul.

WebSite Auditor: keep your site technically correct and SEO optimized

Website Auditor is a website crawler that checks your site for on-site errors and highlights advice for on-site and on-page optimization. The tool quickly shows the most common errors like sneaky redirects, broken pages, missing keywords in titles and tags, and broken structured data.

SEO PowerSuite Website Auditor

The website SEO spider includes a bunch of helpful webmaster tools like creating an XML sitemap, managing hreflang tags for localization, and a website structure visualization tool.

You can use the tool to to do page by page SEO optimization for each URL. The Content Editor module scans top-ranking SERP results and gives tips on how you can better optimize your pages.

SEO Spyglass: observe your backlink profile for higher rankings

SEO SpyGlass is a powerful backlink checker tool aimed for webmasters and SEO link-builders. The backlink checker tool scans backlink profiles, allows for comparing your backlinks to your competitors’, and helps in finding backlink gaps and opportunities. The tool provides important ranking factors, like Domain InLink Rank, Alexa Rank, domain age and IP, and more.

SEO PowerSuite SEO Spyglass

You’ll be able to estimate how valuable your backlinks are by a number of factors: dofollow or nofollow, PageRank, InLink Rank, how the link juice is distributed, and link Penalty Index. For webmasters treating SEO spam attacks, there is also a simple-to-use Disavow Tool.

LinkAssistant: email outreach for marketing collaboration

LinkAssistant is an outreach software combining a scraper tool, email client and link checking. First and foremost, you can quickly scrape email addresses from the list of URLs you already have.

SEO PowerSuite Link Assistant

Currently undergoing a recent overhaul, the tool now boasts a powerful backlink checker for finding backlink and marketing prospects. Plus you can find more prospects for your marketing ideas such as guest posting, reviews, placements in business directories, commenting on forums; or simply looking for your leads by doing custom search queries.

The built in email client integrates with virtually any other email service you prefer. The email templates are mainly aimed for link-builders (like requesting reciprocal links, taking down or adding links), but they are customizable and therefore can be used for any SEO campaigns you invent.

Flexible pricing

SEO PowerSuite comes in three pricing versions: free use, Professional license, and Enterprise license. Professional and Enterprise licenses offer more possibilities for the number of keywords/backlinks/projects checked and supported.

There is a convenient scheduling tool to run automatic tasks and alerts. Using these alerts, you can check rankings, verify backlinks, update domain strength on autopilot, and be alerted in case some SEO attack happens, or your site drops out of top 10, for instance.

Advanced versions give wider possibilities to store data (for example, in the cloud for team work) and download data and reports in various formats. There are customizable templates to create white-label reports, upload and share them with your customers.

All four tools share some common features that make the tools highly adaptable to individual user needs. Depending on your goals, you may use only one tool or all four of them, create workspaces, do filtering, integrate and share data. Though, the real value stands behind vast databases, powering accurate and reliable data.

If you’re in doubt, you can always try a 7-day free trial to enjoy the full functionality of the tools and check it yourself.

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