The Importance of Having Professional Photos for your Personal Brand

“One picture is worth a thousand words.”

(F. Barnard)

I truly think professional pictures are worth even more when it comes to a personal brand.

The need for professional images has become  evident if you want to be ahead of the curve and stand out from the crowd in an increasingly visual market.

The benefits that come from having professional photos connected to your personal brand are many.

So, what are the clear advantages of having your own professional shots taken?

(No, just a logo won’t do the trick.)

1 – It’s your ideal chance to transmit your personality

We all certainly have different styles and energies. In life and in business.

But there’s surely one thing we all have in common: If you want your professional brand to thrive, you must be authentic.

For instance, if you’re a bit of an introvert, posing for your brand pics won’t be the easiest thing in the world. But don’t force it. Instead, embrace the challenge and try to enjoy it.

Depending on what vibe you need to transmit, you’ll want to pay close attention to your body language and the psychology of color. Maybe you want to wear the primary color of your brand palette or you feel it’s a sharp contrast that defines you.

Another major aspect of professional photographs (apart from the photographer!) is definitely location.

Maybe you love nature because it relaxes you, you’ll like to showcase your desk to give credibility, or maybe you want to find the most disruptive spot to attract all the attention.

No matter your choice, keep in mind that the pictures will have to reflect your brand personality.

Remember that you’ll be intending to create a specific image in the minds of your clients. (That’s marketing in a nutshell, after all!)

So, if you’re still not super clear about all your branding elements, wait until you define them. And then (and only then) take action.

Need some help with that?

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2 – It’ll be easier to standardize your social media content

Once you have your beautiful shots taken (and edited!) it’s time for the graphic designer to work their magic.

You should totally standardize different flyers with your pictures for distribution in all of your social media channels.

But you won’t have to be on all of them. Just stick to the ones your audience finds relevant for what you specifically have to offer.

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3 – You’ll give a dazzling first online impression

How did you feel the last time you came across awesome text with poor images?

(Me too.)


Although it’s much simpler to take a quick selfie in an often poorly lit space, your image will come across far more professional and authoritative if you go the professional route.

Through your professional images, you’ll be showing the world you’re taking branding (and your own business!) as it should be: seriously.

It’s a bit hard to believe when I come across websites with poor quality images. It makes me cringe a bit to be honest. Take what you’ve just read into account as you build or update your website to ensure you don’t fall into this category.

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