9 Effective Ways Real Estate Pros Get Leads From Digital Marketing

Real Estate and the Importance of Digital Marketing

People today are too dependent upon executing various tasks, inquiring to gain knowledge on subjects of interests, discovering ideas, and making business investments with just a tap of their fingers on various social media and other apps. Real estate companies are no different, and the smart ones are taking advantage of the digital world.

One very prominent digital space for real estate companies is Facebook, which has created a whole new, worldwide environment of trades, communication, and many other things. The importance of digital marketing now is learning to fit the real estate business into the trend of today’s generation and these new tactics for promotion.

The digital world is here to stay, and realtors should study and strategize such moves and opportunities to develop a digital platform to help grow their real estate business to bigger heights.

9 Insane Ways Realtors Can Use Digital Marketing:

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

The real estate companies of today have numerous opportunities at their disposal to run digital ads and boost their content and recognition.

The first step for a real estate company is to make sure you have the best website, with an optimized user experience, that drives traffic and helps you capture and cultivate leads.

Having a quality website is a must as a real estate business. Clients looking for reliable companies form a level of trust or distrust instantly based simply on the first impression of your online presence.

Develop an Email Campaign

An Email Campaign is an effective tactic for real estate companies because it offers the ability to personalize and land your message directly in your target audience’s inbox. This provides the opportunity to form a close relationship to your prospective clients and suggest to them the best of services in the context of what you can offer.

Set up keyword searches on Twitter

By making a keyword search on the Twitter platform, clients looking for real estate property can connect to you and you can join conversations people are having around the topic of real estate. It’s a great way to build contacts without spending much on advertising.

Remember, the goal is to maximize the social media platforms by finding the platforms where you audience is most active and engaging with them there. The keyword engines will suggest your company to possible searchers if you optimize your posts and your profile with the right keywords and hashtags.

Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Old school marketing still has its place, but today, Social Media Marketing and other digital tactics are taking over. A social media marketing strategy allows you to have a focused execution to really achieved desired results.

Part of your strategy should involve understanding your goals and objectives. Your strategy should include a section that looks into social media analytics to study what strategies and work, which ones are not, and to be able to make adjustments accordingly.

Creating an email newsletter and sending it to the database

An email newsletter could broaden your business reach. It will create a wider scope in advertising your real estate business. Set up lead magnets and collection forms on your website to grab visitors’ email information. Then move them into segmented lists and sent targeted communications to move them through the journey to becoming your customer.

Take advantage of all the advertising tools like Facebook

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Among the social media platforms available, of which there are many, Facebook has the highest number of users. At our offices, we use Facebook as a venue for communication, trade, services, and interactions. It can boost the scope of your prospective clients by helping expand your reach through its powerful targeted advertising tools.

It is an effective platform to advertise your real estate and eventually drive leads. And Facebook, in our experience, is one of the lower cost advertising platforms with some solid targeting.

Create and post valuable blog content

Be relevant and valuable. Another way of promoting business through digital marketing is by creating and posting blog content. You can draw your prospects to trust your business more. Share exciting stories and write about the testimonies of those who have entrusted their real estate to you before.

You maximize the blog not only for prospects who land on your site, but it can be shared on other social media platforms, and blog content can boost your SEO to help your business get found in search. Make sure to post quality content and amazing offers. 

Create an email and text drip campaign

An email and text drip campaign is an automated platform that you can effectively design use to slowly send out email communication to your prospects bit-by-bit. Not every prospect will be ready to do business right away, so a drip campaign is an effective way to stay in touch until they are ready.


Business transactions have improved in today’s digital era. Real estate business owners and marketers need to meet the demands to generate leads. There are different marketing activities that can help make the buyer’s journey a smooth one, generate traffic, and convert visitors to leads.

It is essential to build a marketing strategy that you can use online. The strategy must not only generate traffic but also help you to obtain qualified leads for your real estate business.

Digital Marketing is truly a whole new world of launching, broadening, endorsing, and maximizing your business to succeed. It requires lots of perseverance to adapt and make the most out of it.

Technology, as well as social media, may come with many adjustments and unfamiliar innovations, but it basically made the world more connected, and you can leverage its power for your real estate business. 

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  1. Hi Matt, I think emails are a great way for agents to get in front of old clients and family and friends. They can send informative emails with the latest stats and mortgage rates. The days of sending recipes though I think are over. Thanks for the info in this one!


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