Reasons Why Your App Needs a Privacy Policy?

Data privacy is now increasingly crucial to a lot of consumers.

There are a lot of factors you need to keep in mind if you’re planning on developing a mobile app for your business or ventures and releasing it in the Apple Store or the Google Play Store.

One of these factors is that having a privacy policy should be the first on that list. You can utilize an efficient privacy policy generator for apps that are around the web to help you with it.

With an increasing number of sceptics because of the stunts Facebook and some other applications pulled off with their privacy policies, having a solid privacy policy is a must. Ever since the scandals, app users have been increasingly concerned about their data privacy, more so than they were in the past.

What kind of information does the app collect? Is that data shared? If it is, who do they share it with? Why do they even share the data?

These are common questions that have popped up more often, and you need to have answers to these questions. In this article, we’ll list down three reasons as to why your app needs a privacy policy and how you can create one.

Privacy Protection Laws

The first and probably most important reason why developing an app, especially if you plan on releasing it, be it iOS, Android, or even Windows, is because many governments will be requiring it.

The United States doesn’t have a federal law requiring companies to have a privacy policy for their apps – yet.

Still, various federal and state laws have a provision on data privacy, including The Americans With Disability Act, The Cable Communications Policy Act of 1984, and many more others.

Some countries like Australia, Canada, and even the European Union all have laws that standardize data protection. Hence if you plan on releasing your app overseas, you need a privacy policy.

Trust Issues

Because of the recent problems that arose concerning data privacy, you need to ensure that your consumers trust your application. This means that you will need a privacy policy to appease their distrust. 

Having a privacy policy will ensure that your consumers fully trust you, and they properly give you the correct data instead of being secretive about it. Especially if your app is designed to supplement your business where you need the right information coming from your audience. 

Third-Party Distributors

Third-Party distributors now require an app privacy policy. Facebook showed the world how a third-party platform could take advantage of the data of the consumers. As such, other third-party app platforms and distributors have begun taking their steps to protect themselves and to secure the trust of their partners.

Both Google and Apple now require app developers to display a privacy policy even if the developer isn’t planning on collecting personal or sensitive data. This means that if you’re planning on releasing your app to their markets, you will need one.

Their privacy policies are required to protect the tech giants from any lawsuits that could potentially arise. If for instance, an iOS app developer shares the data collected by their app, they will be held accountable by the terms of their privacy policy.

Overall, to ensure that your app has a steady consumer base, the trust of the said consumer base, and the legibility to be published and available for markets like the Google Store and Apple Play Store, you will need a privacy policy.

You won’t be needing to write the entirety of the privacy policy if you don’t want to because there are helpful privacy policy generators for apps that are readily available at your disposal. Use them wisely, and be specific with what you include to avoid issues.

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