A Conversation About SEO: How Relationships and Cornerstone Content Drive Traffic to Your Website

Recently, I had the pleasure of appearing as a guest on the Nine-Five to Freedom podcast with host Nick Nalbach.

The topic of the day was driving traffic to your website. There are so many ways you can do this, from paid advertising to link building to social media…and the list goes on…and on.

During the podcast episode, the conversation focused on the power of two things in driving traffic to your site.

  1. Relationship building
  2. Cornerstone content

These two things go hand in hand, and they can really power your SEO strategy.

You can listen to the full episode here:

The power of relationships

First, let’s look at relationship building. I’ve been writing about this for some time, and it continues to play a strong role in SEO success as well as success in the business world in general.

Whether networking to boost sales or even to open up new job opportunities, relationship building is critical to your career success. It’s also critical to your success as an SEO or content marketer.

One of the best ways to gain exposure for your brand is link building. To do this, however, you need to be skilled at building relationships. This includes relationships with:

  • Blog owners
  • Journalists

Cornerstone content

Beyond relationships, the key to any marketer’s success is content. High-quality content, when produced consistently, can really help grow your brand and drive traffic to your website.

Answering questions in a way that goes beyond the answers already available online can position you to grab organic links, social shares and more to give a boost to your website.

To do this, you really need to be passionate about your subject matter. These cornerstone types of content will likely be super long (think 2000+ words) to fully cover your subject. If you really aren’t passionate you will fail. Creating this type of content takes:

  • Significant expertise
  • Deep research
  • Lots of time and persistence

If you are passionate about your subject, writing these high-quality cornerstone pieces becomes easy.

In conclusion

By applying the concepts discussed during the podcast, you can not only be successful driving traffic to your site and improving your position in search, but you can also have fun while doing it.

Focus on improving your relationship building skills, and you’ll be well-positioned to be success in your marketing career.

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