10 Tips to Help Salespeople Generate Conversations with People they Don’t Know Online

Sales is one of the most challenging professions, even on an ordinary day.

Especially when the world stands still, it can be extra complex to approach people that you do not know.

As online promotion is regular, for a salesperson, many prefer in-person or over-the-phone conversations as opposed to conversations with people online.

In remote work environments, the maximum communication with prospects and your team is over emails, calls, or chat. So, when you talk only online, it eliminates some of the nuances of the conversation, which can potentially result in a path of miscommunication. 

Let’s have a look at a few things that can help you, as a salesperson, generate new business and be more comfortable with online conversations.

Pick one thing to speak about: 

The motive of the elevator pitch is to encourage interest and increase or set up a call. When you make the initial online pitch, try to narrow down your focus to a sort of elevator pitch to drive the conversation in a particular direction.

Pick one thing that is a pain point for your target. Don’t try to go through a full pitch. Just pick the biggest highlight that you think will resonate with your target and focus there.

Change your messaging type: 

Don’t use “hard” sales pitches. Your traditional sales pitch likely won’t translate to a strictly online environment. Change your messaging type and set a tone that suits people’s beliefs and situations. 

A pleasant, somewhat informal conversation can lead to business as the target will let down their guard over time. In an online environment, if you lead with a more formal pitch, it’s so easy to ignore your advance, and your target can simply ignore your message.

Target the right sets of people: 

Making conversation with someone who doesn’t have any interest in or use for your products or services will go nowhere. Do your research up front to ensure you are targeting folks who may actually wish to work with you 

For example, if you are selling website design services, don’t try to sell to a business with a superbly designed website and a list of developers and designers included on their team page. They pay a lot for in-house talent, and they aren’t likely to need your services. 

Use chat and other tools: 

Chat is a great way to connect with your customers. This will likely involved them reaching out to you via chat forms that your company has set up. If you are the one answering the messages, have a script and be prepared to answering FAQs.  

This will allow you to generate conversations more and provide your audience with extra useful information that might aid in moving prospects into becoming clients. 

You can also use platforms like LinkedIn, which is great for making sales connections. And there are tools to help you automate the sales outreach process via platforms like LinkedIn.

Keep your past points in mind:

Before generating any conversations with a person online, continually recognize what your touch factors have looked like, making communications is simply an artwork to deliver to the proper sort of individual, and if you’ve had success in the past, try to replicate that in the present. 

If something worked, why reinvent the wheel, right?

Tap into people’s psychology:

Understanding psychology is super helpful as a salesperson.


Because you can engage with other individuals sensitively and effectively by appealing to their emotional needs and what drives them. 

Listen (or read):

It’s so important not to be the only one talking (in this instance typing). If you make it all about you, you’ll never learn what your target really needs. 

So, ask open ended questions. Pause and let the person you’re communicating with type their response before you jump back in. This can help you discover areas where you can really help and can make a difference, thus making the sale easier.

Find creative ways to communicate: 

Yes, it’s tough to get someone’s attention in person, let alone online.

A core part of being successful lies in making personal connections you build with people. Bringing the human connection and an element of informality in your conversations is hugely effective.

There are creative ways to do this. Think about including a fun video in the email that shows who you are, what you do, and where you would like this conversation to head. 

Plus, in these times, when you have much less face-to-face opportunities, videos are a top-notch way to hook up with people.

Think about a graphic or have a really thought-provoking question. These can lead to next steps and fewer instances of being ignored.

Focus on Helping: 

Whatever you do, make sure you are looking to help. Find the best way you can do that, and then let your target know how you plan to make it happen.

Show them how you’ll help, don’t just tell them. 

Have lots of proof points to show how you’ve helped others in the past, along with results. This helps your target visualize themselves having the same results.

End conservation with a question:

At the end of the conversation, drop a question. The conversation might end there, but the question will open up room for continuation.  

If you’ve lost them, a question can gain their interest back. Such as, “We have clients who struggle with gaining leads through their website. Would you like to see more leads coming through your site?

If you frame the question properly, you can grab their attention and keep the conversation moving.

Hopefully these online sales tips will help you continue to drives sales as our conversations shift more and more to the digital space.

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