SEO Lead Generation Secrets: Top 5+ Ways to Boost Relevant Search to Create Leads

Many useful elements help accomplish successful digital marketing planning in this era. Two of the primary essential strategies to begin – SEO and lead generation.

What is lead generation?

Lead generation is the part of the creative process and engaging in your business to build a good list of potential clients, e.g., “leads. It’s also known as the B2C & B2B lead generation process. Every business owner needs stability and consistent marketing efforts for leads to grow.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a convenient thing that’s defined by creating content that drive organic search traffic to your website. Web pages send the signal to search engines that they offer quality content which improves the website’s ranking on search engine results. The goal here is clear – to rank on  Google (and other search engines).

When a user types a relevant question on the search bar that returns the query’s link, the main factor is if your level is in the top position for google results, you will receive a large number of clicks. It does not build only your website authority but also organic traffic, the company’s online presence visibility.

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You might be wondering what’s the primary connection between these two strategies. Let us clear this up quickly: Search engine optimization (SEO) and lead generation are not the same processes.

Search engine optimization is a clear focus on web traffic. Lead Generation is focused on business to increase the number of clients, which is more about converting through calls-to-action and other activities once you get the traffic. SEO is the best way to generate awareness about your company. Then once the visitors are on your site, you move them into the pipeline with the lead generation tactics and optimized content you’ve got waiting for them.

In this guide, we’ll cover, how you can effectively improve your search engine ranking and boost your lead generation.

Let’s deive into the guide.

Start by Auditing Your Website

Start Auditing Your Website - seo lead generation

As you care about your offline business as much as you have to care about your website, it’s necessary. When you start auditing your website, you will know which pages need improvement and which pages are performing well.

That’s the main reason why we recommend the first step toward crawling your site. Surprisingly, there are many tools available to help you find the website’s health and performance.

For quick audit, ahrefs webmaster tool, Screaming frog and SEMrush are all great options for conducting a quick (or more thorough) audit of your web content. 

All of these tools add tremendous value according to our experience with each of them. The tools can find the do-follow and no-follow links, 301 redirects, site health score, and more. So, after knowing the issues, you can easily fix the problems present on your website.

Website Speed Performance

Website speed is important

At the end of users, fast loading website pages can give your site visitors the best experience, as users land on the moon with their rocket. A slow-loading website can hurt the site and also has a negative impact on search engine rankings.

If you have issues with speed (or lack thereof) on your site, make sure to try the Google Page Speed test and Gtmetrix to analyze particular pages on your site, and you can also check the entire website speed performance. Both are free tools to explore, and you can find out where the issues are and correct them.

Better Keyword Researching

Keywords research is the best marketing part

Search engine optimization is focused based on content, relevant keywords, and other factors. Keyword research is super important as a starting point to understand what your content should be targeting. It helps in comprehending topics of interest for your target audience.

Never create content without a target audience and and understanding of their search habits; accomplish the proper keyword search to know what kind of information people are looking for on your site. If you don’t mention the information that people are searching for on Google search results, then you will never rank in the top 10 positions in SERP.

Want to know the tools that can help you to find the relevant keywords & analysis? Here are a few tools recommended by us, Uber suggest, mangools, SEMrush.

Don’t forget to add the keywords in your meta description, title, and throughout the main body content
(without stuffing it or seeming unnatural).

Updating Your Old Published Blog Posts & Improving On-Page Optimization

update old blog post to stand on search results

Users need useful content that engaging and easy to understand. Search engine optimization drives traffic to your blog; the high-quality content benefit is people like to spend more time on your blog to consume your content. As your stats for time on page rise, this sends a positive signal to Google.

Your content should behave clean and straightforward to call to action. If you target readers across the globe, it would benefit you to make the content available in different languages through localization

Take a look back at your old posts and dig through them to see if you are missing any valuable content types that could enhance them and help them appear higher in search.

Review your old posts and add things like:

  • bullet points
  • numbered lists
  • bold letters
  • high-quality images with Alt text
  • relevant descriptions

This will help search engine bots crawl your posts. And it can lead to improvements in the rankings of your older posts. 

If you want to check which of your articles are performing ok but could use a boost, check out one of our favorite tools, Google Analytics. It’s free and offered by Google and is an essential website tool for business owners.

Google Analytics gives you a full overview of your site’s performance and can really help you in uncovering updates you can make to improve search results. Editing your blog post sends the signal to Google to recrawl this page. That’s the good stuff in the eyes of search engine ranking.

Benchmark Your Competitor’s Performance

competitors performance

Keep your eyes on your competitors’ performance to enhance your lead generation. Cover all the expectations that are covered by your competitors and what people are searching for on the web. If you capture some of the traffic that’s going to your competitors’ websites, you can turn your competitors leads into your leads. 

If your competitor is performing well on search, start analyzing your competitor’s website and looks at their calls-to-action. When you find sites that are ranking highly for searches you’d like to rank for, visit their pages and see what they’re doing. Look at the language on the page and think about how they are leading their visitors into the funnel through downloads, landing pages, forms, etc. 

Building a High-Quality Backlink

High-quality backlinks can help you to rank on search engine

Backlinks are when another website adds links to your website within their own content. Backlinks are to SEO as water and food are to sustaining life. Gaining links back to your content from high-authority websites sends very positive signals to Google that your content is worthy, and thus it will help a lot of boosting your rankings.

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Internal links also play an essential role in the rankings of your content; Context should link to other posts that elaborate on or add to the blog’s relevant topic. Backlinks can help you achieve high domain authority, and internal links also help in showing Google the relevancy of your posts.

High authority backlinks send the signal of a positive impact on your website. How the tag looks like do-follow links, or we can say in simple language backlinks ‘ref=follow.’ Google will crawl the do-follow links; they don’t crawl the no-follow links like ‘ref=nofollow.’ Although there are signs shown by Google that nofollow links could be relevant in the future.

Guest posts are a great way to gain backlinks from high-authority websites. When you are requesting a guest blog post, make sure you are targeting blogs relevant to your niche. Google has high-powered AI to know your links’ statuses in context, and if they see links from non-relevant sites, that can be a negative hit for your site.

Note: We are not recommending purchasing backlinks from another website. If Google caught you purchasing the backlinks, then Google can potential hurt your search engine ranking position.

In addition to guest blogging, look at requests to replace broken links. This is one of the most effective ways to grab quality backlinks to improve you ranking positions. When you find a broken link on a relevant website, reach out to the site owner and let them know. Then politely suggest that they update the link to something from your own blog. 


When it comes to search engine optimization, you must focus on writing high-quality content. Google is looking for more frequently updated content, as well as high-quality content that thoroughly answers users queries.

If you want to generate high conversion rates to turn your site visitors into leads, then make sure to offer your audience a free checklist e.g. ebooks, Courses, and more, and a clear call to action. When people land on your website, give them ample opportunity to provide you with their contact info, join your mailing list or reach out about your services.

This can give a serious boost to your lead generation through SEO. SEO-related visits are so powerful because these are visits from people who are specifically searching for what you have to offer. So be sure to enhance your site using the above tips to capture leads from super relevant visitors.

We hope this guide will help you a lot with the SEO lead generation process. If you like this particular blog post then share it with your friends and colleagues. And leave us a comment below if you have something to add or if you have a question! 

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4 thoughts on “SEO Lead Generation Secrets: Top 5+ Ways to Boost Relevant Search to Create Leads”

  1. Good job Rohit. High quality backlinks can be pure gold when you build both skills and a large, loyal friend network. Bloggers need to know high quality backlinks are earned, not given out like candy to babies.


    • Thanks for the comment, Ryan. It would be nice if backlinks were given out like candy to babies, but unfortunately, it’s super challenging to build them. Have a powerful network of blogging friends can go a long way in helping one another grow them and give a serious boost to your blog!


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