SEO for Plumbing + HVAC Business: How to Get New Clients & Leads

As a plumber or HVAC specialist, you have a lot to keep up with. You need to know your industry, keep up on new technologies, do continuing education, and service existing clients. On top of that, you have to market your business to draw in new clients.

One of the best ways to improve your marketing over time is search engine optimization (SEO). While it does require some work upfront, an excellent search engine ranking will pay dividends for months and even years.

When you rank highly on Google, you’ll get a lot more leads and traffic to your website. That’s something every small business needs.

The traffic you earn from search results is highly targeted and more likely to generate business as those landing on your site from search are specifically searching for terms related to what you offer.

How do you get there? Take a look at these SEO best practices.

Target the Best Keywords

As you might guess, it’s almost impossible to rank on page one for the term “plumber.” However, by extending the keyword somewhat, you can improve your chances while also targeting specific problems customers have.

For instance, you might focus on “toilet overflow plumber”, which is a logical search term for someone having trouble with their toilet. Other options include “plumber for a clogged sink,” or “HVAC duct cleaning in {town}.”

Think about the common issues you help customers with and build your pages around those keywords. If someone needs a new furnace in Winnipeg, for example, what will they enter in Google?

It’s likely they will search something along these lines:

  • HVAC specialist near me
  • Furnace installation in Winnipeg
  • Best heating and air company Winnipeg
  • Heat and air specialists near me

…or some variations of the above. That’s why it’s so important to target a specific type of keywords…local keywords.

When you sell something to people searching for a service or product that they can purchase in close proximity, you will want to be sure to target local keyword phrases.

We’ll talk about those in just a moment, but first, let’s talk about perhaps the most critical component of SEO success…content.

Use Content to Educate Your Potential Clients

There are a lot of commonly asked questions in the plumbing and HVAC industries. Sometimes a customer just needs a quick tip or wants a concern addressed. 

When you create content that answers these questions, not only will potential customers be more likely to buy from you on the spot, but they’ll build trust in your expertise. They may not need your services today, but when they do they’ll remember who they learned from.

Content can cover a lot of topics. Maybe someone will need help identifying that Goyen dust collector valve, while someone else will wonder how long a furnace lasts and how to know if they need a new one.

Google search example
Image: Google search example

As you can see in the search above, lots of local results with location-specific recommendations show up as you begin to enter your query.

For this reason, it’s critical that you optimize your content not only to appear in general searches related to what you offer, but also to localize your content so you show up in the most relevant results.

Creating new content on a regular basis helps keep your site fresh and boosts your SEO. It also gives visitors a reason to come back regularly. 

If writing blog posts or creating videos isn’t your expertise, you probably want to work with a professional marketing firm. They can take care of your SEO while you focus on your customers.

Maximize Local SEO

Image: Google search on a mobile device – Source

As we mentioned earlier, targeting keywords that have your city, province, and other local keywords is a key part of drawing in the right audience for your website. Your local area is your superpower. 

People can’t hire a plumber from just anywhere. They need one near their home, so your physical location is a vital part of your marketing. That’s why local keywords on your website is essential, but it’s not the only part of local SEO.

You should also claim your Google My Business page and fill out your profile completely. Google uses the Google profiles as part of their SEO formula. You’ll show up for relevant searches because Google will understand your business better. 

Example of a Google My Business page in search results
Image: Example of a Google My Business page in search results – Source

Google also has a Local Pack that often shows up above the top result on Google. This is a map that shows businesses that match a user’s search term. The companies’ names, reviews, and contact information are just a click away.

Search for "pizza restaurant near me"
Image: Search for “pizza restaurant near me”

Local SEO can help you stand out from the pack quickly, so make sure you take advantage of it!

Solicit Reviews From Your Customers

Reviews make a huge difference to potential customers. It can also boost your SEO by giving Google confidence in the quality of your business. 

The best thing you can do for your SEO is to direct all of your reviews to your Google profile. Getting reviews is as simple as asking for them, so make asking for reviews a normal part of your sales and customer service process.

Someone looking for compressed air systems will want to buy from a reputable dealer, so they’ll check reviews before they decide to call. Of course, you won’t have all good reviews all the time. Just be sure you respond professionally to any bad reviews and offer to resolve the issue privately.

You might not win over that customer, but you’ll show that you care about those who are upset and it will impress everyone else who sees the review.

Of course, be sure you comment and thank those who leave great reviews too!

Take Advantage of SEO to Grow Your HVAC and Plumbing Business

As a local small business, you have a lot on your plate. By building up your SEO and improving your search ranking, you can get new leads regularly without having to actively search for new customers every day. 

When you optimize your website and take advantage of Google My Business and other digital marketing strategies, your business will grow naturally!

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