Best SEO Trends For Small Businesses

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key element in the success of any business website. It is one of the most effective and efficient ways to increase organic traffic and seriously boost the visibility of your site.

Any business, regardless of its size, niche or operational strategies, needs to focus on SEO to attract potential customers and enhance their reach to the target audience.

Site visitors coming to your site through search are highly targeted and often far along in their decision making process. They know what they want, but if you appear high in search results offering a solution, there’s a solid chance they’ll select your business over the competition.

The Importance of SEO for Small Businesses Today

Even before the pandemic sent the world into shock, more and more small businesses began constantly entering the digital marketplace. The numbers doing so continue to increase day by day.

With an increased number of Internet users and greater usage of and access to the Internet across the globe, most businesses are scrambling to leverage digital platforms for growth and success. This has made the digital space extremely competitive, thus forcing every business to level up their digital marketing and SEO strategies.

Today, any business that wants to make the most of their online marketing campaigns needs to focus a ton of attention on SEO. From leveling up your entire campaign strategies to implementing the best practices, your business has to stay up-to-date with latest SEO trends to ensure you achieve the highest ROI and biggest revenue boost.

To help you get started taking advantage of the value of SEO, below you will find the most important and effective SEO trends that every small business needs to follow in 2021 (any beyond).

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The Most Effective SEO Trends For Small Businesses in 2021

Statistics suggest that 93% of online experiences start with a search engine. That statistic speaks volumes about the importance of SEO and why you need to pay attention to following trends and effectively implement them for the success of your business.

Video Content  

Creating quality video content can be really effective for the SEO of your business website. Video is considered to be one of the most popular content formats in recent times, and creating interesting, informative and optimized videos can be crucial for your website. YouTube is famously known as the second largest search engine online, second only to the almighty Google.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for SEO

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are two technologies taking over the digital world. More and more SEO is being transformed by AI and ML.  For instance, the Google BERT algorithm which is considered to be the next thing in SEO makes use of machine learning and natural language processing.

This is used by Google to better analyze user searches and serve up more targeted results.

Optimizing your content according to this latest algorithm is critical if you want to have your content show up higher in SERPS.

UI and Page Speed Continue To Be Essential 

User experience (UI) and Page Speed are two things that are and will continue to be crucial for the SEO of any website. Every business looking to assert dominance in the market needs to improve the user experience through an optimized UI.

While developers have to look into the page speed for maximum visual stability and interactivity, they must also optimize the mobile experience of the site.

The recent Google Mobilegeddon update has made mobile optimization of websites compulsory. This means that optimizing a website for users on mobile devices is crucial. Failing to do so can lead to a drop in search results from Google.

Voice Search

Businesses must optimize their SEO strategies to consider the importance of voice search. Recommended by an expert from Forbes Agency Council, voice search is transforming user interactions with search engines.

As more and more searches are conducted via mobile devices and personal AI assistants, it becomes critical for your business to focus on optimizing for voice. Conversation sampling and AI is changing the field of SEO, and every business must take the right steps to adapt to these changes.

SEO for Success!

Without a doubt, SEO is key to the success of any business website. Any small business trying to win in the digital realm must keep in mind all of the above SEO trends and adapt their marketing strategies accordingly.

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2 thoughts on “Best SEO Trends For Small Businesses”

  1. Hi Anthony, SEO is so important today with all the competition out there! Between blogs, websites, and social media sites, there are many places to be and have a presence but being found organically on Google or any search engine is golden today! One has to really stay on top of SEO as it changes so fast too. One day one thing works and the next it is something else!

    • You’re so right, Lisa. Being founded through search provides the most target, often the most ready-to-buy site visitors. They found you because your site served them up the right results at the right time. And hopefully, once they land on your page, the content they land on actually helps solve their problems. That can build a lasting relationship that continues for years.


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