14 Top SEO Strategies for Selling Online

What are the most common difficulties you encounter when selling online? For many business owners, it is low visitor traffic and insufficient sales conversions. Fortunately, SEO can help you overcome these obstacles.

Here are some SEO tips that can increase your online conversions and sales.

1.   Search for suitable keywords you can use

If you want your products and services to appear frequently on the search results pages, you must use specific keywords. For example, when looking for products they are interested in, potential customers will often use particular words and phrases in their searches.

If you know what these words are, you can incorporate them on your website and this will increase the chances of your website appearing at the top of the search results.

You can find the most suitable keywords or search terms using tools such as:

  • Google’s Keyword Planner
  • Bing Keyword Research Tool
  • SEMrush
  • Moz

It is also crucial that you have an understanding of which keywords are being used by your leading competitors. Once you have an idea of the popularity and competitiveness of these keywords, it will be easier for you to select the ones which are most appropriate for your site.

2.   Focus on writing trustworthy content

Content is critical in not only driving potential customers to your website but also in developing lasting relationships with them to keep them coming back for me.

To ensure that you are optimizing your website content to create more business, the content you create should be:

  • Effective – high quality and in line helpful to your audience
  • Original – content that doesn’t exist on other sites or adds more value than other options
  • Strong – completely covers a subject, is well-written and brings a ton of value to your visitors

Avoid making overstatements that may mislead potential customers. For example, if you create an expectation that your product or service cannot actually fulfill, you will lose your customers’ trust.

3.   Incorporate social media

It is now commonplace for businesses to take full advantage of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to engage potential customers and build relationships of trust. As an added bonus, if people visit your website and then share it on their social media channels, they will be providing you with free publicity.

Use your social media to boost the reach of your content so you can connect with potential customers who may not be familiar with your brand. Social media can be a serious amplifier of your content and can really help you drive business if used within the context of your overall strategy.

4.   Explore the possibility of expanding globally

Traditionally, businesses that wanted to expand beyond their local geographical area had to make significant investments in marketing and promotion. This is a risky strategy because of the large amount of money and capital involved.

Fortunately, there is a way to “test the waters” before making a huge commitment. You can use e-commerce platforms such as Amazon to sell your goods internationally. You would simply pay a fee, and Amazon would do most of the marketing for you.

Selling your products on Amazon
Image: Selling your products on Amazon – Source

Once you have listed your products and services, you can gauge whether there is a significant international demand for them. This approach will also help you discover your target market. If you see that a particular region of the globe is really buying up your offerings, you can then develop a strategy to target that area more specifically and expand from there.

5.   Write unique and helpful product descriptions

Exclusive and relevant content will always attract the attention of search engines. However, you should never copy and paste product descriptions from other manufacturers and suppliers.

If your descriptions are identical to ones used by other websites, search engines may filter your pages for plagiarism. Instead, you should:

  • Write product descriptions that provide a more balanced view and include all the critical attributes that will be important to customers.
  • Encourage customers to write and post reviews of your products and services. You can add plugins on your site to make this an option, or you can ask for reviews on sites like Yelp or Google My Business.


site reviews wordpress plugin
Image: Site Reviews WordPress plugin – Source

A well-crafted product description can convince a potential buyer to become an actual buyer. Be sure to place the proper focus and attention on crafting product descriptions that jump off the page.

6.   Make your URLs readable

A keyword-friendly URL can help people understand what your website is all about. In fact, a well-crafted URL will let them know what products and services you are selling. It is vital that you include the most appropriate keywords in the URL for search engine ranking purposes.

When you create a page, pay attention to the URL. For example, if you have a page selling a portable coffee maker, be sure to work those keywords into the URL.

Here’s an example:


And be careful not to jam in too many words into your URL. The URL example above is great, but sometimes we see things like the following:


This example is far too long and the keywords get lost. So, think small and focused when you craft URLs.

7.   Optimize your product images

Product images are crucial in SEO as they can convince your website visitors to make a purchase. However, low-quality pictures may deter potential customers, so you should only use high-resolution images with, if possible, zoom options. This will enable people to get a “feel” of your products and examine them in detail. Also, the ALT tag is an excellent place to put relevant keywords.

High-quality product images with view options
Image: High-quality product images with view options – Source

In the above example, there are multiple angles available for the potential buyer to click on. Target also includes a video to allow the viewer to see the product in action. And if you click on the actual page, you’ll see that you can hover over the image to zoom in on various aspects of the product.

8.   Incorporate customer reviews and show related products

People will often leave a website if they have not been able to see what they were looking for or they cannot come to a decision. Positive customer reviews will help you gain their trust and persuade them to make a purchase.

Meanwhile, displaying exciting and relevant products can provide customers with a pleasant and engaging experience. This approach can also increase your sales.

The concept of social proof applies here. If customers on your site see that others like they have purchased and loved your products, they are more likely to buy. Knowing that someone else before you did what you are about to do and enjoyed it makes you much more likely to buy.

So, allowing reviews on your site can be very effective. One caveat here. Make sure you do everything in your power to delight your customers so they leave positive reviews. If you don’t, you’ll only get the negative reviews, and that will have the opposite impact.

9. Keep an eye on the competition

Always make sure you know exactly what your main competitors are doing. Check their SEO tactics and gauge their effectiveness by using online tools such as SEMrush.

If you think these strategies could work on your site, you should take immediate action. Don’t just copy and paste the ideas, but carefully review what’s working and apply it to your site in your own way – in a way that’s in line with your own brand.

It’s perfectly fine to learn from the competition and imitate what’s working. And you can often find ways to improve on what the competition is doing, which can catapult you over the top.

10. Reduce the loading time

Don’t forget about the importance of optimizing your website’s load times. A site that loads slowly can take a serious hit with regards to SEO.

It does not pay to keep customers waiting. If your website takes forever to load, people will soon leave and go to your competitors instead. You must ensure that your site takes no longer than three seconds to load. Every second counts when it comes to a potential loss of sales.

If you aren’t convinced about the importance of website speed, take a look at these stats.

website load times
Image: Website load time stats – Source

11. Monitor your 301 directs

If you delete a page, you must create a 301 redirect to help steer visitors to an alternative page. This will help encourage customers to stay on your site and hopefully make a purchase.

For sites built on WordPress, you can use a simple plugin like the Redirection plugin. You will simply enter the URL for the page you want to redirect, then enter the URL for the page you want it to redirect to. Then hit submit and you are all set!

12. Build high-quality links

It is important that you never get complacent about your website’s large number of inbound and outbound links. Make sure all your links are of high quality.

If your website is linked to a low-quality site, or worse still is red-listed by Google, you may be penalized. Fortunately, this article recommends several SEO tools that will enable you to check your links.

Be sure you continue building high-quality links through the following tactics:

  • Broken link replacements – Find broken links on high-quality websites and reach out to the web master mentioning that your link might be a good replacement.
  • Guest posting – Guesting posting is a great way to build links. Do a search for sites with “Write For Us” pages or “Guest Post” pages in your niche, then target them with high-quality pitches.
  • High-quality content – As your site visitors increase and you continue to produce thorough, high-quality content, your visitors will pick up on it and likely add links to your own content.
  • Paid backlinks – There are companies that will work for you to help you gain backlinks. Just be sure that they are reputable and have your best interests in mind.
  • Network and third-party reference sites – Try sites like Reddit and Quora. While the links won’t likely be dofollow, having a mix of different types of links can be helpful in driving traffic and boosting stats.

These are just a few of the many link building tactics you can try. Put together a targeted strategies for where you want to gain links and then get your SEO team focused on link building efforts.

13. Create videos for your products and services

Videos are often more appealing than basic text descriptions. So, how can you make best use of this simple marketing tool? There are various ways, including:

  • Showing how people can take care of your product and extend its life
  • Making a video compilation of customer testimonials
  • Showcasing someone using the product and providing a tutorial

There are so many creative ways you can incorporate video into your efforts to boost the effectiveness of your SEO efforts.

This is a great video from Slack that shows how to use Workflow Builder, once of the functions of its platform. It helps customers more easily visualize complex ideas and see themselves utilizing your product or service.

14. Create FAQs

You can persuade customers to stay on your website for longer by incorporating all the information they need into FAQs pages. And you also can eliminate the time your customer service team spends answering questions.

With an FAQs page, visitors will be able to find the answer to any question they might have when they are thinking of making a purchase. Also, you should include FAQs sections for each product and service on your website.

This creates a more user-friendly experience for your site visitors, which keeps them on your site longer and answers their questions. These things can help raise the stats of your site, which sends positive signals to Google and other search engines.


If you want to ensure your website is successful, it is vital that you implement the best SEO strategies.

This will help your business attract the attention of your target market and stay ahead of the competition. Your optimization efforts will also make customer engagement and conversions much easier.

Remember, a customer relationship based on trust often results in repeat sales and long-term prosperity.

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