High-Impact SEO Techniques That Can Double Your Search Traffic

Digital transformation has become one of the most common activities among businesses. Many traditional companies have started to notice the potential benefits of maintaining an online presence for their business. The digital age has also increased competition among businesses, which is why many people are shifting towards tactics like content marketing, SEO, social media and other such digital efforts.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective digital approaches. Most businesses have websites, but simply having a site is not enough to stay ahead of your competition. You also need to optimize your website for search engines so it shows up when prospective customers are looking for the types of products or services you offer. Doing so will help you appear in search to the right people at the right time.

In 2020, SEO has become even more dynamic and supportive to assist businesses. Search engines regularly update their algorithms and policies to help business owners to get the most value from their SEO techniques. A good SEO strategy is essential to bring the right people to your website and get your answers to their questions and solutions to their problems in front of them. Check out this quick video for 11 SEO tips that can double your traffic.

Let’s discuss some advanced SEO techniques that will double your search traffic on your website.

Perform SEO Audits

One of the most advanced and beneficial techniques to boost traffic on your website is by performing an SEO audit. The SEO audit gives you clear insights into the performance of your website on search engines.

First, you need to find an SEO audit tool and conduct a review for a complete SEO overview of your website. These audit tools will give you details on things like organic traffic, broken links, overall site performance, pages that are performing well, weak elements of the website and more.There are lots of great tools to help you conduct SEO audits, but one of my favorites is SEMRush. Moz and Ahrefs are two other excellent options.

You can use this SEO report to list out all the weak and broken features of your website and undercover insights that you can incorporate to enhance your site.

You can also assess the mobile side of your site as well, which is hugely critical. According to the 2020 digital marketing trends, 4 out of 5 people use the internet on their mobile phones. Search engines like Google and Bing also prioritize the mobile-friendly search results. As such, you will need to make your website mobile-friendly to bring more people to your site.

Writing Long Blog Posts

Having a blog on your site can give a huge boost to your traffic and search rankings. SEO for articles, however, goes far beyond just using keywords in blog posts.

Whenever a visitor arrives on your website, that visitor will either stay for some time or leave instantly. If your visitors leave right away, your bounce rate will rise. Rises in bad stats like bounce rate can signal to search engines that your content is no good or is not meeting the expectations of visitors.

One way to retain visitors is by writing compelling blog posts that also address your products and services. Publishing longer blog posts is one of the most efficient means of hooking your visitors into your website and keeping them around longer.

Many professionals advise using the Bucket Brigade technique to write blog posts. This technique allows you to maintain the flow of your content. Essentially, you use a conversational tone throughout your article, thus making your content more relatable. It keeps the reader wanting to read one line after another. Check out this post for more.

Update Old Content

Outdated and old content is off-putting to visitors, which can reduce the credibility of your website. Here’s a good example of a blog about Twitter that was written in 2015 but updated in 2020, thus breathing new life into the post. Always be on the lookout for ways to update the content of earlier blog posts by updating old posts with the latest content with the latest insights and details to keep it fresh.

For instance, if you wrote content about upcoming video game releases on your website, later on, some of the titles got delayed for a specific reason. In this case, try updating the articles by adding the new release schedules. You can also update the headlines to make your content look fresh and new.

This way, you do not have to waste your time always writing new articles and coming up with new ideas. Why reinvent the wheel, right?

Add Infographics

Infographics are a great way to grab your site visitors’ attention and to enhance your blog posts. Infographics assist visitors in understanding the piece of information in a shorter amount of time.

Moreover, they take info typically laid out in article format and present it in visual snippets that are more easily consumed by visitors. You can design infographics for specific information to grab visitors’ attention and increase your traffic.

Many experts have state that a visitor is more likely to click on infographics in search results as opposed to all text. Plus, infographics are very shareable types of content and can help your site reach further.

Target Competitors’ Keywords

With SEO, the value of keywords is very clear. However, if you have just launched your website, starting to rank for important keywords can be quite challenging. You will be required to perform the keyword research for your website niche to identify what kind of queries are trendy in search. Keyword research can be difficult.

One way to simplify your keyword research is to analyze and study your competitor’s content marketing strategies and use them effectively for your website. First, find a keyword research tool and start putting random keywords. You can use Google itself for keyword research, or you can use a tool like Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest. With these tactics and tools (and others), you can quickly grab an idea of the search queries that you might want to target.

Several tools on the internet are available that allow you to identify the backlinks of your website as well as competitors’ backlinks. Exploring backlinks of your competitors will help you design your SEO content marketing strategies to double search traffic.

Develop Internal Linking

Many site owners ignore the practice of internal links in their pages. In reality, internal linking is exceptionally beneficial for ranking on search engines.

Internal linking is considered one of the most valuable SEO techniques to increase organic traffic. Search engines like Google have crawler programs that dig through your pages to index information on the servers. On the other hand, if a page has zero internal linking, then the crawler will leave the webpage or never copy it for indexing. With rising competition among businesses, most of websites rely on these crawlers to get noticed by search engines to rank in top results.

maximize internal linking


Final Words

SEO might seem overwhelming, but it is super critical for your website to reach the maximum audience. It will help if you start with small SEO techniques. Later on, you can gradually increase complexity by doing research and analysis for the performance of your website, testing out new tools, and executing a seriously sophisticated SEO strategy.

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  1. Hi!
    Awesome article.

    According to the study conducted by Moz, Google’s display titles max out (currently) at 600 pixels: https://moz.com/learn/seo/title-tag

    If you’re wondering what character length to follow while writing the Meta Title and Description, it’s ideal to follow the standards kept for mobiles.

    Google only allows a certain number of pixels per title before it starts truncating. Google SERP Simulator is a tool that’ll let you check that the pixel length of your meta title and meta description will fit.

    Really gained a lot from it and will definitely be recommending to anyone who wants to learn about the topic.

    • Hi, Amy. SEO is definitely critical to the success of a website. It all starts with quality content, but there is so much more involved in driving organic traffic, and this article does a nice job of laying out some of those things.


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