How to Make Sure Your Small Business Succeeds in 2020

In the U.S. alone, there are over 30.7 million small businesses that range from family restaurants to two-person website development teams. However, not every small business succeeds. In fact, by the end of the year, nearly 20% of the small businesses that launch this year will shutter their doors. Ensure that your small business is not one of these failed ventures by keeping track of statistics from the current environment to learn how to make decisions for your business that will launch you into 2021.

Remote Working

One of the biggest trends in the business world right now is remote working, especially with growing world-wide concern about COVID-19. It was revealed in a recent study that 90% of U.S. employees admit they would appreciate the opportunity to work from home for a portion of the workweek. If you don’t have a remote work policy in place, you should consider implementing one in 2020. This will communicate to your employees that you care for their health and can also decrease fuel emissions.

Gig Working

Another massive trend in small business is gig working. Starting a business is extremely time-consuming for entrepreneurs. Between filing for an LLC, maintaining a budget, and managing client relationships, business owners often do not have the time to devote to secondary tasks such as content creation and social media marketing. A great option for these time-crunched business owners is outsourcing these tasks to gig workers.

ZenBusiness gathered 50+ small business trends and statistics and trends to help small business owners make data-backed decisions for their ventures in 2020. In this resource they highlight the state of the gig economy, employer statistics, remote working data, and more from recent studies from authoritative publications. If you are an entrepreneur or work for a small business, use this data from the current environment to guide your company in a direction that leads to success.

Infographic: Created by ZenBusiness

Ways to make your small business succeed.

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