AGMarketingChats October 14: Why Your Small Business Needs Video Marketing (and How to Make it Happen)

Video marketing is no longer reserved only for the big players. Small businesses, medium businesses, and enterprise businesses alike can all leverage the power of video. With advances in technology, the playing field, when it comes to video marketing, has been leveled.

Recently, we hosted an #AGMarketingChats Twitter chat with our friend Andre Palko, Founder of Small Business Rainmaker. Andre brings a strong background in video production and marketing for small businesses, and he dropped by the chat this October to hit us with some video marketing wisdom.

In a recent survey, 9 out of 10 video viewers mentioned they want to see more video from brands and businesses. As brands become more sophisticated, and video content shifts from commercial-style to looking more like entertainment, consumers are connecting more with branded video content. Check out the recap of this recent chat with Andre to learn how your business can take advantage of this trend.

Takeaways from this chat include:

  • Insights into why video is such a powerful media
  • How small businesses can leverage this power
  • Technology available to make it happen, even on a budget
  • Changes in the digital space and customer preferences that make video so critical in your marketing

Let’s jump into question number one and revisit the super valuable tips and insights Andre brought to the table.

Q1: Why should small businesses make video marketing a part of their overall marketing strategy?

It’s really a no-brainer. Video is a powerful tool, and if you use it properly, your small business can really stand out.

Video is a great way to break up all the text content on your website. Drop a video into one of your blog posts, and that can really help keep your readers on the page and lower your bounce rate. And now that we consume so much content on our smaller mobile device screens, your site visitors often prefer to watch a video rather than having to scroll through and read tiny text on their screen.

Q2: A lot of small businesses think video marketing is out of range because of budget. What do you say to that?

Video is no longer off limits for small businesses. A low budget doesn’t mean a business can’t afford to do video. Thanks to new technology and viewing preferences, video production no longer requires an investment of thousands of dollars.

With mobile devices capable of recording in 4k, if you have the right audio and lighting, you can capture some really solid video. Natural lighting, in fact, can look really great when captured on a mobile device, and natural lighting comes with zero costs. Low cost video editing platforms that offer high-quality templates, like FlexClips for example, also allow small businesses to create professional-looking videos without breaking the budget.

Q3: Can you provide some examples of types of videos small businesses should consider producing (and why)?

There are so many different types of videos available. The important thing is to think about what your particular audience would want to see, and think about what videos you need to create for each stage of the buyer journey.

Q4: Not everyone is a skilled video editor. What tools can you recommend to make video creation easy for businesses without pro videographers on staff?

In years past, lack of resources and lack of access to skilled talent in house played a major role in keeping small businesses out of the video marketing game. That’s no longer the case. Fortunately, there are tons of excellent, easy-to-use tools available on the market to allow businesses of all sizes to compete.

Lighting kits are available to fit anyone’s needs. And you can snatch up audio equipment designed to work with your iPhone or Android device rather than having to splurge on an expensive camera. Mix that with super-affordable editing software, and anyone can produce some seriously pro video content.

Q5: What channels do you feel are the best for publishing video content to promote your small business?

There are a number of video channels available online. And there are a number of places you can publish your video content. One, however, always stands out above the rest.

While YouTube is the name that comes to mind when the conversation turns to video marketing, it’s definitely important to do your research. Check out all the channels available, and then make the right decision based on where your audience prefers to consume video content and a number of other factors.

Q6: What differences should you consider when creating video content for one channel over another (YouTube vs. Instagram vs. Facebook, etc.)?

The video content you create for one channel may not play well with viewers on a different channel. It’s important to understand the nuances of each channel and create video content accordingly.

Size and format really do have an impact. While you can post video of all types to virtually any channel, you risk lower quality, distortion, portions of your video being cut off, and other issues, if you don’t think about the requirements of each channel.

Q7: How effective is live streaming video for a small business’ video marketing efforts? And do you have any recommendations?

Live streaming can be scary for some people. With pre-recorded, edited video, you can cut out any slip-ups. With live streaming video, however, you’re left vulnerable, and you can’t go back if you stumble. But, that’s actually one of the benefits of live streaming video. Viewers love the human component and the intimacy of live streaming video, and going live can have a really positive impact on your business.

Live video works better when it’s planned. Having a script in place and running through the flow with your on-screen talent can make a huge difference in the final quality of the production.

Q8: What are the best ways to incorporate the video you create into your marketing?

Video should be a part of your overall marketing strategy. No marketing tactic can stand alone. You need to create content with your customers’ needs and preferences in mind, and create content that fits for each step of the buyer’s journey.

Q9: What’s the most important thing you want small businesses to know about working video marketing into their strategy?

We host a new #AGMarketingChats session each Thursday. You can check out the full schedule for the remainder of 2021 by clicking this link. —>>> #AGMarketingChats Twitter Chats Calendar

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