Why Small Businesses Should Use The Cloud ­­­

Many small businesses try to use any leverage they can to gain a foothold in the marketplace. Although usually this means innovative marketing campaigns or increased focus on customer service, there are other ways small businesses can become leaner, more efficient and more competitive. One advantage that many small businesses have leveraged into greater success has been technology.

Companies bold enough to adopt and embrace new technology — before larger competitors see the value in it — establish themselves as thought leaders, riding that technology to increased market share. The latest example of one of these bold new technological frontiers is cloud computing. Small businesses that have taken advantage of the cloud have seen their profits increase nearly twofold.

However, not every small business has been brave enough to dive into the cloud and use it as a significant differentiator. That’s to a small business’s detriment, because the cloud can give small businesses the power to become more competitive in numerous ways.

Perhaps the most obvious way in which the cloud gives small businesses an edge is by eliminating the need for large and expensive server hardware. Without the need for on-site server equipment or the IT personnel to care for it, small businesses can devote more bandwidth to other areas that are closer to their mission. Cloud computing also eliminates much of the worry small businesses have when it comes to keeping their IT infrastructure up to date. Cloud providers typically feature automatic software updates, including security upgrades that keep small businesses’ vital data protected.

Small businesses often can find their needs changing almost overnight. Sudden growth is a problem most small businesses would love to solve, but it can be challenging for them to keep up at the speed of business. Hosting their IT infrastructure on the cloud can help them solve this issue easily, because the flexibility of the cloud means it’s much simpler for them to scale their operations and meet demand. Additionally, cloud computing provides small businesses with the flexibility to work anywhere there’s a Wi-Fi signal — something that’s extremely important in businesses small enough where employees have to wear multiple hats.

Small businesses want any edge they can use to get ahead in the marketplace. Cloud computing offers small businesses numerous opportunities to become more efficient and effective at fulfilling their missions. The following guide details some of the most important ways cloud computing can help small businesses get out in front of their bigger competitors.

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