Building a Powerful Brand Image on Social Media (Twitter Chat Recap)

I recently had the pleasure of being the final July guest on the Lit Extension Twitter Chat. Lit Extension is a top provider of shopping cart migration services for eCommerce businesses.

Our chat focused on the power of social media and how brands can leverage this power to build recognition and solidify a positive image in the minds of their target audience.

The following is the transcript of the conversation that took place. Hope you enjoy!

Q1: Why building a strong brand image on social media is crucial in 2021?

A1: You only have one chance to make a first impression. Your brand’s online presence needs to be polished and engaging. Otherwise, your audience will lose interest and move on. It’s all about keeping their attention. @litextension #LitTwitterChat #BrandImage #branding

A1 (part two): There’s so much competition out there, so think strategically about how your social media presence can make your brand stand out. Don’t just do what everyone else is doing. Find ways to go beyond that and make your mark. @litextension #LitTwitterChat #BrandImage #branding

Q2: How can you measure a brand image on social media to define whether it’s strong or not? 

A2: If your followers are engaged and ultimately taking action (buying products, sharing posts, commenting) based on your social presence, you’ve built a presence that connects and boosts your brand’s image. @litextension #LitTwitterChat #BrandImage #branding

Q3: Which criteria should I keep in mind when choosing suitable social media to develop and build a brand?

A3: Know your audience. Be where they are. You don’t need to be on every channel. Find out where they hang out and what types of content they crave, then focus your energy on creating a community of loyal followers in their favorite online spaces. @litextension #LitTwitterChat #BrandImage #branding

Q4: How to identify & build relationships with targeted customers on social media?

A4: You should already have personas developed for your ideal customer profiles. Conduct searches on social media for conversations around your personas’ interests, then join in the conversation and let them know you’re listening. @litextension #LitTwitterChat #BrandImage #branding

A4 (part two): Ask questions and take note of who’s the most engaged. These people can become advocates for your brand. Connect with them and have conversations. Micro-influencers have a ton of power to help brands grow (or destroy them) these days. @litextension #LitTwitterChat #BrandImage #branding

Q5: What are the best practices to create engaging content that would attract more followers?

A5: This depends on the channel. Visuals are hot everywhere. A good video, a concise graphic. They work like magic to increase your reach. Leverage channels like Instagram and TikTok (if your audience hangs out there) to connect with visual content. @litextension #LitTwitterChat #BrandImage #branding

A5 (part two): Longer, advice-filled text posts work well on a channel like LinkedIn. Start with a one-line hook to grab attention. Then craft a post with advice that’s actionable for your followers. Drop emojis in along the way to keep them flowing through the post. @litextension #LitTwitterChat #BrandImage #branding

Q6: What are “Social Media Alliances” & how to utilize them? 

A6: A social media alliance is a group of social media users working together to share one another’s content and help one another grow their businesses. @litextension #LitTwitterChat #BrandImage #branding

A6 (part two): One example would be connecting with the social media team of one of your partner companies and co-promoting content.  #LitTwitterChat #BrandImage #branding

A6 (part three): I wrote a post on this topic that lays out how to build alliances as well as some of the alliances you should focus on building. Here’s the link if you want to learn more: ARTICLE LINK @litextension #LitTwitterChat #BrandImage #branding

Q7: How can I generate leads from social media?

A7: Listen to conversations. When you tune in, you can uncover lots of conversations mentioning people facing problems that you have the solution to. Jump in and offer advice. Avoid instantly promoting products. Just advice at first. @litextension #LitTwitterChat #BrandImage #branding

A7 (part two): Build relationships and trust by posting regularly with helpful content you know solves problems for your target market. Giving this advice away builds your credibility, and as the trust grows, that trust translates to your products and services as well. @litextension #LitTwitterChat #BrandImage #branding

A7 (part three): Set up lead magnets on your site, like eBook downloads for example. Send people there via your social media posts. This is when they move into your communication flow and into the pipeline. @litextension #LitTwitterChat #BrandImage #branding

Q8: Can modern technology (AI, AR, etc.) help with building brand image on social media?

A8: AI can certainly help, however, I caution against relying on it too heavily. Successful building a brand on social media needs a human touch. People want to engage with the actual people behind a brand. @litextension #LitTwitterChat #BrandImage #branding

A8 (part two): AI and other social media tools are great for scheduling or for things like messengers and so on, but social media is all about conversation, and nothing replaces the human touch from your skilled social media team (at least not yet). @litextension #LitTwitterChat #BrandImage #branding

Q9: Do you have any expert social media optimization tips for a better brand presence?

A9: Be consistent across all your channels. You shouldn’t post the exact same content, but you should adhere to a certain style, brand elements, tone and voice, and other aspects of your brand that make it unique. @litextension #LitTwitterChat #BrandImage #branding

A9 (part two): Focus more on adding value and genuinely helping your followers. If your mix of content sways too heavily into the realm of promotion, no one will want to follow you. Be engaging and real, and then mix in the product and other promos strategically. @litextension #LitTwitterChat #BrandImage #branding

You can learn more about Lit Extension and their Shopping Cart Migration platform by clicking here.

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3 thoughts on “Building a Powerful Brand Image on Social Media (Twitter Chat Recap)”

  1. Alliances make or break your social media campaign. This is why I spend a good chunk of each day making blogging buddies solely by helping fellow bloggers in my niche and by commenting on their blogs. Versus trying to get anything, I keep giving and giving and giving. Alliances form organically. From there, my blogging buddies promote me and invite me to guest post on their blogs. Win-win for all of us. Excellent advice Anthony.


  2. Wow… What a interesting conversation.

    Consistent content production and networking are the great ways to build the strong brand on social media.

    Thank you Anthony for sharing this conversation as a blog post. Keep bring such awesome content on this platform.


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