Social Media is an Amplifier

Social media has obvious benefits for marketers. Brand awareness, enhanced customer service, relationship building just to name a few. But companies make a big mistake when they view social media as a stand-alone marketing tool.

I liken the impact that social media can have for a marketer to what an amplifier does for a musician’s guitar. While an acoustic guitar produces a pleasant, soothing sound, you can’t likely hear it in the back of a packed arena, and the impact isn’t nearly as intense, even for those up front. You want your content to stand out, reach far and provide a seriously engaging experience. Social media can help do that, but it can’t do it alone.

So how should social media be used?

Companies can benefit from social media by creating a strategy for its use that takes into account the following things:

  • What are we trying to accomplish, and how does it connect to our overall marketing goals and objectives?
  • Who will it reach, and what marketing content are we trying to promote?
  • How can it amplify that existing content?
  • What ways can we use it to make customer service more efficient?
  • Do our social media efforts comply with brand standards and further promote our mission and vision?
  • Are we connecting with influencers who can further our mission?

The answers to these questions can guide you in ensuring that your social media efforts enhance and amplify your existing content and marketing campaigns.

You can post all the clever memes you like, gain tons of likes and shares, but in the end, those likes and shares do nothing because you aren’t selling memes. You’re selling a product or service, and ultimately you are selling a culture that resonates and connects with your target audience. Social media can help you reach those target audience members who bought the cheap seats in the back of the arena, but you’ve got to make sure it connects to your overall message, or they’ll just be bombarded with static noise that doesn’t benefit them and certainly doesn’t benefit you.

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