Social Media Marketing Tactics to Boost Your Shopping Brand

Engaging customers with your brand is not an easy feat.

To spread awareness of your brand, you need to create and execute effective social media marketing strategies.

The average person spends almost two hours and 24 minutes daily on social media, so if you are still doubting to whether your business should be on social media, you are missing an abundance of opportunities to drive traffic and grow your brand.

Whether you are running a small or large shopping store, social media is an essential piece in the promotion of your shopping brand. It has the ability to boost your leads and sales.

With thousands of online brands struggling to win the competition and grab their share of the market, providing your customers with an engaging presence on social media with which to interact with your brand can put you over the top.

So, here is a list of the best social media marketing strategies to promote your online business.

Creating and Executing a Social Media Marketing Plan

Setting goals for your business is the first thing you need to do. Without direction, your social media efforts will just be flailing around.

While setting goals, think as specifically as possible, and set the measurable goals that include goals related to the following:

  • Who is your target customer and what do you want them to do?
  • What are you expecting to achieve through social media marketing?
  • What message do you want to deliver through your marketing strategy?
  • What amount of traffic do you want to drive from social media?
  • What is the average number of fans and followers you want to grow to?
  • What percentage of site visitors would you like to see convert?
  • How much engagement (shares, comments, etc.) would you like to achieve?

Once you develop a social media marketing plan for your e-commerce business, implement the following tactics to achieve your desired goals and objectives.

1.     Plan Your Social Media Content

Building a social media content plan is crucial to market your brand. Consider doing keyword research and research the social media activities of your competitors to get some useful ideas that you can use to appeal to your prospects.

Analyze what your competitors are doing to engage users on social media, then steal or improve on what they are doing and fill in gaps where they are falling behind.

2.     Share Valuable Content

Social media is all about building strong relationships with your customers.

You can do this by posting interesting and relevant content that your audience likes. Posting valuable content will allow you to not only attract new customers but also retain your existing ones.

You can encourage customers through valuable content in the following forms:

  • In the form of printable promotions such as offering discounts for your products and services
  • Sharing information related to your brand that is beneficial for your prospects
  • Shouting out about any newly launched product and offering your customers free discount codes to buy that product
  • Sharing articles and other content that helps your customers grow their businesses or benefit personally

3.     Optimize Your Social Media Posts

Using high conversion keywords helps to boost your brand’s visibility among your target audience, and allows you to directly reach your customers.

For this, you need to do proper keyword research and find the terms your prospects are using to search for answers to their needs related to your niche. Then incorporate those keywords into your content.

Also, don’t forget to include some attractive visual elements into your posts to grab the attention of your busy readers.

4.     Interact with Your Followers by Questioning

Social media is an incredible platform to directly connect with your customers.

Engage with your audience regularly by asking questions and responding to their comments.

Join discussions and thank your followers for sharing your content. It’s the best way to show you truly care for them and like to serve their needs.

5.     Unveil the Power of Hashtags

Hashtags help to link your content with other people talking about or looking for something regarding your brand or a related topic.

With social network updates reaching you faster than you blink, the use of hashtags to improve the awareness of your shopping brand has also become wider.

Hashtags are everywhere, and you’re likely very familiar with them by now. Every time when you scroll through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc., you can see the posts in which keywords are implemented using hashtags.

You can also use these hashtags to target a specific niche market, to expand your content reach, amplify your brand, and improve your rankings.

So, as a marketer, you cannot ignore using hashtags in your social media posts.

6.     Tracking Competitors

Another important social media marketing strategy is keeping an eye on your competitors.

Your competitors can give you valuable data regarding keyword research and other social media marketing activities. However, remember that, if a certain keyword or tactic is providing noticeable results to your competitors, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will also get the same results by applying the same tactics.

You must first check if their strategies align with your business goals or not. If you see that their social media marketing tactics also fit your business, don’t copy them but try to come up with some new ideas to expand on what they’re doing.

7.     Be Consistent

Posting content on social media regularly is critical to stay connected with your users and acquire more traffic towards your brand.

Just be careful to avoid oversharing content with your audience, as doing this is not an effective way of marketing. Understand how much or how little your audience wants to see, and post accordingly.

Regardless of your content sharing frequency, keep in mind that consistency is the key to any marketing efforts.

Wrapping it up

With the rapidly booming e-commerce market and the rising competition amongst the sellers, putting some extra efforts into your online store is more crucial to your success than ever.

Having that in mind, implementing the above social media marketing tactics can surely make a difference.

The results of implementing the above-discussed marketing strategies may take some time. So, don’t panic, and make sure to be persistent in your efforts. Doing so ensures can connect you with a wider pool of audience members, boost your brand awareness, help in getting more sales, and ultimately allow your brand to flourish.

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