7 Simple Yet Effective Elements of Successful Social Media Posts

More than 2.8 billion people all over the world are using social media, and the figure is growing consistently every day.

The concept behind the creation of social media was to bring friends and family closer together . But, today, social media is equally being used by marketers and has become a must for every business and brand to reach out to their potential customers and meet their marketing goals.

Without social media posts, the business world would be definitely missing out prospects and leads. While it is easy and free to create social media posts, never forget the competition is very stiff.

Hence, while creating and releasing social media posts, make sure that you don’t concentrate only on boosting your sales; rather your aim should be also to make your presence felt among your target audiences and markets.

As you begin to plan out and craft your social media posts, you must go through the elements that must be present for ensuring your posts’ success and effectiveness.

To position your posts to stand out in a crowded social media world, follow these steps:

Objective Behind Going Social

Before starting any social media campaign for your business, the objectives should be clearly defined. No doubt, social media acts as a versatile tool, hence; you should identify how you can utilize it and attain maximum benefit via it.

Ask yourself these things:

  • Why only social media posts and why not other advertisement mediums?
  • Is the post for building brand awareness?
  • What will my social media post look like?
  • Will the social media post be able to drive in more traffic towards my website?

Identify the Business Goals

Every single piece of social media content Should serve the business goals set by you. You simply cannot run your business without identifying what you want to achieve and who you want to approach, this principle should be applied to your social media marketing as well.

Carefully observe the overall needs of your company and then decide how to use the social media posts to serve those business needs.

Some of the goals you could set for your social media posts include:

  • Creating brand awareness
  • Minimizing marketing costs
  • Retaining customers
  • Increasing website traffic
  • Generating leads
  • Selling products (if you conduct social commerce)

It would be advisable to choose and focus on 2-3 primary goals as well as 2-3 secondary goals as when you choose too many goals you can get distracted and ultimately not achieve any of those goals.

Identify Your Target Audience

To create social social media content, you need to figure out whom or which market you want to target.

The target markets and the target audiences may vary as per the services or the products you are providing. Hence, define them as per the gender, age, buying habits, income, professional background, locality or other demographics.

Think about psychographics as well. This includes things like lifestyle, interests and opinions. These can be very useful in informing your social media posts.

Once you have correctly defined your target audience, you are all set to take the next step, i.e. to create social media posts.

Remember, you can attain more conversions and succeed on every social media channel only when you are more specific about your target audiences.

Research Competition

When it is all about social media posts, never forget to do research on the prevailing competition. By doing research not only will you acquaint your competitor’s activities, but also it will have an idea on what you should integrate to your social media posts to achieve success.

Start by gathering the details of 4-5 strong competitors and search what all social networks are being used by them. Also, analyze the content strategy they are following like is it promotional or humorous and how they respond to their followers. Keep a track on their posting frequency, their followers and fans and the new content posting durations.

Choose Channels & Tactics

Many businesses make the mistake of creating accounts on almost every famous and most used social media without doing research on which network will benefit them the most.

In order to save your valuable time by not being active on all social networks, you must determine through which social network you can meet maximum target audiences and which social network is going to be the best for you.

Approximately 40% of online time is spent by people on Facebook and 15% is spent on Twitter. Now you can easily make out which network to focus on as the primary one and which one as secondary.

Create A Content Strategy

Social media and content are both symbiotically related to each other – Great content is required to make the social media meaningful and social media is necessary to make your content reach target audiences.

Both must be used together for reaching and converting your prospects. While posting content on social media, keep a note of these three components:

  • Content typeThe content type that you are going to post on social networks depends on context and form. The term form implies how you will present your information – images, text-only, video, links, etc. And the context implies the voice of your company as well as the platform trends.
  • Posting time – Remember, your target audiences are unique; hence, you will have to experiment and discover the best time to post content on social media. The specific content posting times that are best can be uncovered from various available studies. However, it is suggested that you should use those studies just as guidelines instead of considering them hard rules.
  • Posting frequency – Never ignore this point. As it is equally important as the content you share. Try not to post contents too frequently or your audience will get annoyed.

Analysis & Measurement

All the social media tactics must include the analysis and measurement of your implemented efforts.

It is possible that some part of your tactics will gain your victories while result in failure. Hence, by analyzing as well as measuring, you can know where you are going wrong so that you can stop doing the things that are not working and concentrate more on the successful efforts.

Wrapping Up

We all can clearly see a massive shift of marketing from the traditional ubiquitous means to social platforms because of technology. It is technology that has enabled businesses to mark a solid presence among consumers via social networks.

Haven’t you yet harnessed the social media power in your advertising campaigns? You should now, as it is the best time to get started and reach your audiences through the channels they love. Just don’t stop after creating social media posts; open some social media accounts to interact with your customers and gain their confidence in you.

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