Starting a Business During a Pandemic

starting a business

Many would argue in these uncertain times that it really is not a great idea to start an entirely brand new business.

I write this article as we are still in a global pandemic, but I write with a message of hope. I want to offer some ray of hope here that you can rebuild your business or create a new one during these times.

Sadly, people are looking at doing business from a very different perspective, a place of limiting opportunity instead of looking at the other unaffected population that is still working and still interested in shopping.

The population is forced to change their behavior and become more flexible with their creativity. We have more time on our hands now, and many of us work remotely if we still are fortunate to be employed.

Start by assessing your strengths

The time in quarantine provided me with a chance to really think about my many attributes and which ones were lucrative enough to sustain a main source of viable income.

For starters, I have two successful podcasts, the first one on cooking or food trends and one on healing and rebuilding from relationship trauma ( divorce).

How can I monetize the content I already have, and how can I create new content that other people may want information on right now?

Asking myself this question, I realized the topic of how to quickly start a business and the steps were always a great place to start, considering I already had a fan base that relates to that target demographic.

I switched gears and now I help people create an online business while helping others with a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and fasting.

You can do this as well by simply taking a step back and assessing your strengths and then creating a direction based on what you uncover.

Fulfill a need in the market

Most of all , depending on what your business is, it can be extremely profitable if it fills a direct, everyday need.

I suggest you think creatively and research and uncover valuable info about your target audience and fulfill a need that’s missing for them.

Writing can take you far

Next, I looked at my capabilities as a writer and how I can make money utilizing those skills.

Most often, I am guest blogging without pay, but exposure is critical so I began taking e-courses on writing a year ago and went back to my roots.

I looked at pitching and began pitching for paid opportunities and landed two so far. I had steered away from pitching due to my lack of writing presence from guest blogging , so I wanted to wait until I had some references before my pitch.

I focused on building my portfolio so that I had some works to share. You’ll need to contribute free content to blogs to make this happen, but that’s ok. It exposes your personal brand while also allowing you to fine-tune your craft and build samples.

The two paid opportunities I now have are lucrative enough to sustain my current lifestyle, and I can thank the free guest posts I wrote the presence I built.

Keep on pitching

In order to create the lifestyle I deserve, I need to pitch daily – as practice makes perfect. This is a goal of mine to pitch once a day until I have enough work to make myself more focused on my end game

Focus on your personal brand

The next thing is my rebrand and a renewed focus on my personal brand. I am mostly known online for being a chef the last 18 years.

I have found many people will not let me forget I am a chef. If i want to have exposure to a different market, I need a complete rebranding strategy.

I talk more about this is my Podcast called Ask Falan on how to brand yourself or rebrand your image.

Once you have your brand in place

Once you have your plan developed, you can start to implement your talents to capture new clients and begin generating revenue.

There is a simple checklist you must go through in order to make sure your online business is on the right track.

Here are a few select ideas to build from:

  • Decide on the type of niche for the online business
  • Evaluate your market and target demographic’s viability
  • Do online market research for your competition’s look and feel
  • Conduct an analysis for the business you plan to create
  • Check the laws of your state for what you sell
  • Research the sourcing and manufacturing of your products
  • Select the best ecommerce platform for you
  • Create a plan to drive traffic to your ecommerce store or affiliate marketing website
  • Build your social media presence
  • Register your business and web domains
  • Consider having a press release created to announce the business to generate awareness
  • Start networking on Linkedin –  it is imperative to create more engagement with like-minded connections
  • Have a photoshoot done of yourself and your products
  • Start looking at business credit building groups for tips to get you funded or GOV
  • Check with SCORE for a business plan help
  • Find the best carrier for shipping, packaging or dropshipping

There is a lot of opportunity when creating an online business. You have to think big and reach internationally.

I learned the hard way that direct shipping and packaging is not right for my business model and my personality. And that’s ok, because sometimes you have to learn by failing.

I have digital products planned instead, and dropshipping for physical items set up when I am ready to launch the ecommerce side of my business. The Media portion right now is the focus of my business at thepresent..

I hope you have found that these tips can ease your mind in starting a business online during a pandemic or any other time.

Don’t get wrapped up in the aspects of what the country is going through. We are so much more abundant than that.

Good luck and I am always here to help. Reach out to me on Twitter or Linkedin!

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