Tools and Software to Help Your Launch Your Startup Successfully

how to boost your startup

A startup begins with a good idea – a service, software or product that is innovative and has the ability to change the world. But once the idea is determined, the founder or CEO behind the startup then has a world of logistics to navigate before that idea can come to life. 

After that initial idea, a founder then has to assemble a team of employees, develop a marketing plan, establish a social media presence and create the branding for the product, among many other tasks. It can not only be overwhelming to accomplish these to-dos, but it can also be costly. 

A study from the Kauffman Foundations estimated that the average startup costs about $30,000 to get up and running. For a new business owner, a millennial or someone without financial assistance, this cost can be prohibitive. 

Luckily, though, there are many resources available to help startup founders cut costs. Free tools are available for nearly every aspect of business, from developing an interest-provoking name to checking copy for grammar errors and creating invoices. 

We live in a world of innovation, where new startups seem to be popping up everyday. If you’ve been wanting to take the plunge but are experiencing fear, anxiety or confusion about how to begin, taking a look at the following infographics featuring highlights of the many free tools available that can be a good jumping off point for success.

Infographic: courtesy of Wikibuy

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