Without a documented integrated marketing strategy that brings together the pieces and parts of both your digital and traditional marketing to guide your marketing efforts, you are doomed to fail. It’s like setting sail across the seas without a map and a compass to guide you. Ok, nowadays they’ve got super high tech gadgets that guide them across the waters, but you get my point!

If you hope to compete in today’s market and stand out in the wide sea of competition, a strategy is critical, especially for small or medium-sized businesses that don’t enjoy the worldwide brand recognition that major brands benefit from. I’ve been working with businesses for years to develop and implement strategies that have led to impressive results.


The strategy I design for you will include the following:

  • Competitor and industry analysis for benchmarking
  • Audience analysis
  • Best practices advice
  • Detailed steps to achieve your goals
  • Analytics to determine the performance of your marketing

Oh, and once that strategy’s complete, I can put it to work for you as well. So you just sit back and enjoy watching the results roll in.

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