The Importance of Web Design for Startups and SMEs

The Importance of Web Design for Startups and SMEs

Regardless of the size of your business, you can benefit from a website with a good web design.

In this age of digital technology where people search or buy everything they need online, having a website for your business is becoming increasingly vital.

Every day, about 252,000 new websites are created. This number indicates that more and more brands rely on websites as a tool for reaching out to their target customers and growing their businesses. 

If you are in the start-up phase of your business or perhaps own a medium enterprise, your business can particularly benefit from having a website.

With a website, you can create an online presence for your brand to ensure that it can thrive in a highly competitive and digital-driven business environment.

A business website can build your company’s reputation and credibility, as people are more inclined to trust brands with official websites.

Websites also have the power to reach more people, therefore expanding your customer base not only in a local area but worldwide. Ultimately, that translates to more sales and a faster growth rate. 

Furthermore, with a website, your business does not have to rely on costly traditional marketing methods for its promotional needs.

Tools such as social media marketing, search engine optimization, and others have made it possible to reach consumers easily and more efficiently.

Finally, having your business website breaks location barriers since customers can conveniently purchase your product or service upon checkout without going to your physical store. 

If you don’t have the expertise in house, and most startups do not, outsource the design work. A lot of people use the services of a website creation agency in order to achieve good results for their business website.

Web Design is Key to a Successful Website

While a website is fundamental to a business, having one does not necessarily spell success and outright growth for your business. In fact, of the almost 1.17 billion websites to date, only 17% of these are active.

If you are a business owner soon to launch an e-commerce store, you definitely would not want your website to be in the 83% bracket of inactive sites.

Maintaining a profitable, successful website has no secret formula, but incorporating the right web design can bring your desired business goals, including more organic traffic and higher conversion rates.

Several factors play a significant role in good web design. These include concept or theme, typography, device and browser compatibility, and user interface, among others.

You could also leverage the right use of colors based on your branding principles.

Recent trends like animation can also be one of the main features that you can incorporate into the design of a website.

It only takes skilled web designers to know how to balance technical and creative components to create an impressive website that can engage your target audience and deliver positive results for your business.

Assuming that you have laid out a plan for the type of website for your business, consider these benefits that can inform your business on how to achieve a good web design.

1. Establishing an accurate brand image and creating awareness

A branded website also lets you communicate your message to every visitor on your site.

The impression you want to make to your customers – who you are, what products you offer, and what sets you apart from the rest – can very well be represented on your website.

As such, your website helps boost brand or product awareness among potential customers.

Fresh and unique web design can help your business stand out among your competitors. Considering that digital users have short attention spans, you must capture their attention through creative website components.

Thus, while some new businesses may rely on the use of templates, which are easy to use and may be visually good, you don’t want your website to lack a unique personality. 

2. Leveraging search engine optimization (SEO) for the best results

Incorporating SEO best practices into your web design enables your website to get higher rankings in the search engine results pages (SERP).

As a result, you get to expand your audience reach, as search engine users immediately see your brand name.

The right SEO strategies can thus drive more traffic to your website and eventually boost sales or revenue for your business.

Here are steps you can take as you seek ways to adapt your website to reach more audiences: 

  • Constantly produce quality content through blogs to establish your brand’s thought leadership. Avoid using irrelevant images on your web pages. These SEO strategies can drive more traffic to your website, which may eventually translate to more sales for your business.
  • Use compelling, effective headlines that can capture your visitors’ attention. From there, you must continue engaging them with your content so they’re more likely to explore and stay on your site.
  • Research and incorporate into your content a good mix of keywords, from short-tail to long-tail keywords that people typically use via search engines. 

3. Building credibility and reputation

Remember that your audience forms an impression about your business the moment they see your website. A poorly designed site will not only make your audience leave the site but may also result in them turning toward your competitors to get the information, product, or service they need.

You can enhance your business credibility by presenting professionally-designed pages – starting with the name of your website and your company logo, as well as high-quality images and photos of your offerings.

On the contrary, clip arts do not give a good impression as anyone can use them even though they do not look unique.

You can also gain insights from your most successful competitors and your favorite sites by studying their web design and how they use it to entice clicks from visitors. 

4. Achieving consistency with simple and effective design

Simple, consistent, and well-coordinated web designs are more appealing to audiences.

For one, they are generally more user-friendly since the assumption is much thought went into designing a pleasing yet functional website.

Research has shown that a major mistake in the website design of small and medium businesses is overcrowded designing content.

A website with overwhelming content—whether texts or images—may just result in users closing the browser window and looking for other sites.

Research findings also revealed a few major reasons why a visitor leaves a particular site – slow loading speed, non-responsiveness, and bad navigation. Addressing these issues through responsive web design—which allows for usability and compatibility across various devices—can drive more traffic to your business. 

The past years saw a steady increase in mobile web traffic as compared to desktop traffic, which means that websites are being accessed by more people using their mobile phones.

In 2022, 58% of web traffic came from mobile devices in contrast to an 11% figure 10 years ago in 2012.

The implication of this information on web designing is loud and clear: using mobile-responsive designs is effective.

The latest trends in web designing also revealed that flat design is more preferred by web designers because of its proficient interface and responsiveness to different devices and browser sizes. 

5. Effective product and service promotion

Successfully designed websites incorporate digital marketing strategies to promote your product and services through SEO, as well as a link to your social media platforms.

Google Ads and Facebook Ads are other tools ideally used to drive website traffic.

If effectively designed, these marketing strategies could drive conversion rate optimization (CRO) or visitors taking the desired action—such as buying your product or subscribing to your blog—upon viewing your site.

Critical to achieving a high conversion rate is the functionality of your website, including the ease of accessing your site and a positive user experience.

For instance, landing pages should be seamlessly connected to advertising campaigns where you can get traffic and leads.

Giving special emphasis to the call-to-action statements or buttons (CTAs) on your homepage can direct visitors to relevant pages on your site.

The goal is to make finding what they are looking for more easily. 

“Like” and “Share” buttons on your social media profile are also effective in promoting your website and product to more people. 

No Better Time Than Now

Indeed, web design is a huge factor in your branding and marketing efforts. Successful businesses must know what customers like about a website. So, here are additional tips on web design for your startup or SME. 

  • Put a business address and contact numbers because these pieces of information add to the credibility of your business.
  • Include testimonials or third-party validation to further strengthen your credentials as a trustworthy business.
  • Let visitors know how you intend to use their data such as customer information, including credit card details. 
  • Make processes clear—from transacting and fulfilling orders to after-sales services. 
  • Add a personal touch through special promotions and discounts that could entice customer loyalty.

Truly, the rise of e-commerce has made websites imperative for businesses – one that is well-designed to deliver business growth through a strong digital presence. 

Nowadays, your business must have a website, or it will be left behind in the overly visual and fast-paced landscape of the web.

There can be no better example of this need than what happened in the recent pandemic, which put the global economy in the worst crisis, but proved how online businesses managed to stay afloat through a strong online presence. 

To optimize website performance, small businesses and start-ups should start investing in good web design. It may entail significant costs initially for your company but think about the opportunities and potential growth an effectively designed website can bring to your business.

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