The Power of Packaging & The Psychology of Unboxing (Infographic)   

Building a readily identifiable brand is a fundamental pillar of strong business, especially with the rise of eCommerce.

Effective and sustained branding is core to establishing awareness and trust of the business that in the long-term achieves a sense of tangibility for both existing and prospective customers. The visual components of a brand and how they combine with customer experience are essentials to focus on using an approach of sophisticated simplicity, a process-driven approach, and thoughtful detailing.

In recent years, one aspect of a customer and product model that’s become overridingly important in the brand story is paradoxically also a stage of the buying process a business is rarely privy to: The Unboxing.

Three Key Factors For Why Unboxing Is So Much More Than A Trend

There are a number of key factors that have driven the significance and prevalence of unboxing with customers. These three are central to why unboxing is so much more than packaging:

1. The decline of brick and mortar stores
With the impact of the pandemic, the trend we were seeing prior to 2020’s global events has continued and increased with more people preferring to shop online. Thus, eliminating the physician connection with the brand.

2. The rise of lifestyle brands that sell much more than a product :
They sell an aesthetic. Just think of Apple with its trademark ‘new product smell’ or Tiffany & Co.’s iconic ‘Blue Box’.

3. The experience economy making its way into the product retail market.
In particular, the psychology of storytelling ‒ a la the magic of Christmas morning ‒ is extraordinarily powerful. This is reinforced again and again in the digital age. For example, there’s a steady average of 90,000 searches for ‘unboxing videos’ on YouTube. Somehow, even the secondary experience of opening and unboxing a purchase is an emotive journey.

Overall, packaging and the visual presence of brands are a vital aspect of 21st century commerce. When these are intentionally combined and integrated into a brand’s identity including its processes, it’s a proven formula for cultivating interested customers then winning and retaining them. In fact, UPS data as far back as 2013 shows that nearly 40% of consumers “would share a picture of an online order via social media if it came in a unique, branded or gift-like box.”

An Infographic For Overhauling Packaging and Unboxing Processes

To progress from here, the infographic guide below from 2Flow has everything business owners need to review processes and update their packaging for an unforgettable unboxing experience.

Including tips, more statistics, and essential components to consider, this practical ‘How To’ will be valuable. From established online retailers to new operations who are just launching or going online for the first time, devising compelling packaging for an unboxing experience is a non-negotiable part of business.

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