TheWPHelp Product Review: Managed Website Hosting and Maintenance Solutions

TheWPHelp Review

When I made the switch from my old hosting provider to TheWPHelp, I was very impressed by the service and professionalism of their team. But it’s what happened next that really impressed me the most. TheWPHelp goes far beyond basic hosting. Hosting your site with TheWPHelp actually feels like you hired a another team member (but at a super low price). On top of that, my site speed received a huge boost and pages and images load much more quickly since I made the switch. More about that later. First, let’s take a look at the plans.

Hyper Optimized Hosting Plan

This plan is priced at $45 per month. It’s a bit more expensive than basic hosting, but the value you get is very worth it. If you’re migrating your website, TheWPHelp makes the process seamless and you avoid hiring a developer to help with the move. Your core theme and plugins updates are a part of the service, and they also offer real-time monitoring. I’ve really appreciated that they’ve caught issues with my site and fixed them before I even became aware. You also get daily security scans for malware, Guaranteed 90+ GTMetrix Scores and much more.

Truly Managed Hyper Optimized Hosting

This plan really takes it to the next level and is priced at $119 per month. In addition to all you get with the initial plan, TheWPHelp team will take on minor updates to your site. Just send an email to their support email address and typically within 24 hours your problem will be fixed. This is a part of the unlimited 30-min edits that you receive with your subscription. You get a bump moving from a 10 GB disk to 20 GB disk, as well as a bump with a move from 100 GB bandwidth to 200 GB bandwidth. This plan truly is like adding another skilled professional to your team, and it comes at an amazing price.

Get Started with TheWPHelp

Excellent Customer Service

TheWPHelp team really follows through on the promise of unlimited edits and top notch customer service. In the past when I’ve run into issues with my site or clients’ websites, I’ve had to bring in skilled developers to fix the issues. With TheWPHelp, all I’ve needed to do is send an email to their support email address and within 24 hours things have been fixed. Keep in mind, they aren’t going to build your site for you or add any crazy functionality involving serious development skills, but they can solve some pretty tricky issues very quickly. And the responsiveness is as good as anyone else in the market (often better).

Speed Up Your Site

The load time on my site with my previous hosting provider was not ideal. In hindsight, it probably hurt my standing with Google. Since making the switch, my pages load in about half the time, and I’ve seen a lower bounce rate and other positive changes in my analytics.

Wrapping it Up

I’ve hosted my site with several different providers over the years, and I’ve been, by far, the happiest with the performance of TheWPHelp. Making this move was hugely valuable for my site, so I definitely recommend at least stopping by their website to learn more.

Here is the link to the TheWPHelp website if you want to get started or dig a bit deeper. CLICK HERE.

(*Disclaimer: If you fall in love with the product and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission. That said, I only recommend products that I have tested and that I love myself and see huge value in using.)

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