4 Tips for Growing Your Blog

tips to grow your blog

Everybody craves sweet, steady blogging growth.

Few enjoy it, though.

Most bloggers skip sound fundamentals, preferring instead to chase fads. Others delude themselves into expecting overnight success. Both folks fail until they realize blogging is a skill to be developed over thousands of hours. Put in the time and energy.

Hone your skill. Blogging growth follows.

Follow these 4 tips to grow your blog.

1: Blog Your Passion

Blogging your passion fuels you for a long, winding, sometimes uncomfortable journey. I recall observing a 7 figure blogger speak at a live event. He began blogging mainly for fun – not money – and said he would still be blogging for free, 15 years later, if he chose not to monetize. How many of you can honestly say this?

This is why top earners grow their blogs mightily over time. Top pros never panic, nor do established veterans get shaken out during blogging lulls. Follow pro advice. Blog on a topic you feel incredibly passionate about. Blog mainly for fun. Not money. Sustain yourself for a 5, to 10, to 15 year journey or longer.

Passionate people find their fuel within. This is why fun-loving bloggers outlast everybody else and grow their blog to epic proportions.

2: Treat Your Blogging Commitment Like a Job

Blogging is no job. Blogging is a business.

But unless you blog generously for 6 to 10 or more hours daily, every day, blogging yields no pay day.

Of course, you need to generously create and connect from a trusting energy. More on that, later. But blogging flat out demands a full time commitment to grow your blog successfully.

Think of blogging like working a job. Imagine not showing up for your job 3 times this week with no prior notice. In most cases, expect to be fired. Blogging fires “no shows” by ensuring no money or traffic flows their way. Masses of bloggers seem to suffer through traffic and profits struggles. But virtually every one of these bloggers suffers through a lack of commitment struggle.

Treat blogging like a job. Full time bloggers blog for 6-8 hours daily – or more – for 5-7 days weekly. Work blogging for years. I blogged for 15,000 hours. Why did I become an island-hopping, pro blogger? I put in an island-hopping, pro effort before living my dreams. Some bloggers envy my movie-worthy life but nobody so far has envied my movie-worthy blogging effort. I publish 10 posts daily between my blog and guest posts. Who else does that? Who else circles the globe as an island hopping, pro blogger? Do you see the correlation?

blogging from paradise Ryan Biddulph
Image: Ryan Biddulph, Founder of bloggingfromparadise.com

Be all in. Do something you love so you do it daily. Full time employees who blog part time need to blog 2 or more hours nightly, then ramp it up to 6 or more hours on the weekends. Blogging mirrors back to you your commitment to blogging.

3: Create and Connect

All blogging growth sprouts from generously creating content and building meaningful connections with top bloggers. Every blog post and guest post you create expands your skills, exposure and credibility. Every blogging buddy you assist without asking for anything in return tends to promote you, endorse you, buy your stuff and hire you. Give. Receive. Help others grow to grow your blog.

Think of blogging as a channel through which you serve humanity. Generous servants become highly skilled, gain massive exposure and establish rock solid credibility. Steady blogging growth flows to generous bloggers who guest post and publish blog posts routinely. Toss in Facebook live broadcasts and podcasting to sweeten the blogging growth pot. Connect with folks who prefer visual and audio content.

Connecting with bloggers involves commenting genuinely on blogs, promoting bloggers on social media and mentioning bloggers on your blog. Ask for nothing in return. Expect nothing in return. Help bloggers in your niche to earn their trust. Gradually, bloggers who appreciate your generosity promote you, endorse you and prosper you, accelerating your blog growth.

Genuine blog commenting involves publishing meaningful comments related to the post in personalized fashion. Be warm. Be thoughtful. Foster greater conversation. Make an impact, and blogging buddies, in the process.

After inviting bloggers to ask me for a guest post, 10-15 bloggers responded quickly. Did these bloggers fall out of the cyber trees? Nope. Every blogger found me through my blogger friend network. I generously, patiently and persistently built this friend network over 10 years of my life because no blogger succeeds solo but connected bloggers reach the top of their blogging niche.

Do you need help networking? Feel free to check out my blogger outreach eBook.


4: Manage Your Energy

I spend 3-4 hours daily managing my energy. 40-50 minutes of Kriya yoga, 30 minutes meditating, 70 minutes of yin yoga and 90 to 120 minutes of walking – in addition to taking an icy cold shower – helps me follow my passion, face and feel fears to release, and to find an unending flow of peaceful, prospering energy. I never run out of blog post ideas. How could I? My mind is not dominated by fear and limiting beliefs.

Consider starting with 20 to 30 minutes of energy management daily. Do what vibes with you. I strongly suggest meditating and doing Kriya yoga to accelerate the fear-unearthing and love-unfolding process. Beware; managing your energy through these techniques leads to staggering blogging growth over the long haul but involves unearthing, feeling and releasing long buried, powerful fears. I know you’re up to it. I believe in you. Remember; fear is just a bunch of little energy waves in your mind. Why fear little energy waves, right?


I see stunning blogging growth for you. I’ve already visualized it.

Now it’s your turn to get busy with following these tips. Make fun your chief driver. Massive growth reflects a passionate blogger who put forth a massive commitment to creating, connecting and managing their energy.

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9 thoughts on “4 Tips for Growing Your Blog

    1. Great to have such accomplished writers continuing to contribute to the blog. Thanks to both you and Ryan for supporting AnthonyGaenzle.com and for giving readers some great content and advice. Being successful at blogging certainly requires passion and dedication, and you both are excellent examples of this!

  1. Great tips, I’ve been blogging for several months now. In the beginning, I was blogging as a hobby, but I’ve recently rebranded my blog to position it more into a business. It does takes a lot of time and energy to master your technique to not only build a solid audience, but also build a profitable blogging business. ✨🧡

    1. Hi, Amber. Blogging is definitely a long-term thing. You need to be in it for the long-term or you’ll just end up getting frustrated and walking away. You bring up a great point about rebranding and shifting focus. I’ve updated my blog several times over the last few years and changed promotional tactics as well. It’s definitely made a difference. Staying static just doesn’t work. Thanks for the insightful comment!

  2. Very well written Ryan! Both inspirational and motivational. My biggest problem with blogging is a lack of discipline which is leading to inconsistency. I’m falling behind my posting schedule and this is leading to inconsistencies in traffic, income and everything across the board, including my confidence. This is certainly a wake up call for me to get back on track, so thank you very much!

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