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Twitter offers lots of value for brands as well as for individuals looking to create a niche for themselves as thought leaders. The social media channel has become one of the most popular places for sourcing of news and expertise, and you can take advantage of this trend by incorporating some of the following tactics into your efforts.

Create lists

Lists are one of the best and often most overlooked features on Twitter. Twitter lists help you track the activity of influencers and allow you to engage with their posts more effectively. They also allow you to track specific subject matter and those talking about it.

By compiling lists of likeminded people or brands, you can keep up with the latest trends, interact with posts, source content for curation purposes and a lot more. It’s also a great way to group together those who engage with your content. If there’s a particular person, for example, who always retweets your posts, add them to a list so you can target content to them.

Use @ in mentions

This tip goes hand in hand with lists and expands beyond them to basically any post in which you mention another user. The goal in mentioning another user is to give them credit or draw their attention to something with the hope that they’ll retweet or otherwise engage with your post. By using the @ symbol before the user’s Twitter handle, they’ll be notified of the mention.

If you don’t use the @ symbol in your mention, that user will likely never know you mentioned them. If they aren’t aware of the mention, how can they be expected to engage with your post?

Trending and original hashtags

Another way to draw attention to your posts is to incorporate hashtags. You should always try to incorporate a relevant hashtag or two in your posts. Don’t go overboard, however. Too many hashtags makes a post look spammy.

Best practice is to incorporate trending hashtags or to create and brand your own.

By focusing on trending hashtags, you can position yourself within those conversations and your posts will appear in search when users search for content containing them. Trending hashtags can be found by simply glancing at the left sidebar on the home or notification pages.

Creating your own, branded hashtag can be really valuable as well. Let’s say you’re hosting an event. Creating a hashtag to represent that event can help users more easily locate content about the event.

Just to give you an example, an event I really love is Content Marketing World. They use the hashtag #CMWorld in all posts about the event. Each time someone retweets a post containing that hashtag, it helps the word spread. So incorporate your own unique hashtags for things like events and major campaigns to help your brand grow.

Be consistent

Another thing that can help your brand (company or individual) grow is being consistent with your posts. I like to encourage my readers to stick with the general rule of 2-3 posts per day for brands, but it’s ok to post more regularly if you’re focused on building your personal brand.

On event days or during campaigns, it’s ok to post more frequently, but generally it’s good to keep the number of posts lower so as not to annoy your followers. Too few posts, on the other hand, can also be damaging. If you only post once a month, very few people will see that post (if any) and your brand will slow, not grow.

Don’t be spammy

Back to my point about too many posts being spammy. The types of things you post can also come across spammy. Twitter is a space for thought leadership. Posting too frequently about your services or deals on your products can turn your followers away.

The sweet spot for promotional posts is about 20% or less. The other 80% of your posts should be things like articles on your blog, informative posts from authoritative websites on related subject matter, news about events and other things that add actual value for your followers.

Curate and create

Along with the 80/20-rule about promotional posts, the same percentage applies to posts that link to content you produced versus content on other websites. Posting links that only go to your own website can come across too self-promotional. Your followers want to learn, grow and engage through your posts, not witness you pat yourself on the back day after day.

As mentioned previously, the content you post should add value. Consider whether a piece of content adds something to the lives of your followers or if it’s just a waste of time before you post.

These are just a few of the features available that can help you be successful using Twitter. There is a ton of value in using this channel as a marketing tool, so make sure to use these features to help position yourself to get noticed and your content to reach further.

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