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As a marketing professional, I’ve had the pleasure of working with dozens of agencies and testing out hundreds of software platforms. Some are great…some not so much.

This page is dedicated to presenting some of the connections I’ve made and the software platforms I’ve used recently and through the years that I am affiliated with and can personally vouch for because I had a great experience. I truly believe in the value each of these adds for marketers and the companies they work for. I invite you to check them out!

Full disclosure: I will only provide recommendations for tools and resources that I use for either myself or for clients. For certain tools, I may receive a commission when you make a purchase, but I will not recommend anything I do not use myself, and in utilizing each tool, I will have found significant enough value to justify recommending it to you!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEMrush SEO audit tool

SEMrush – There is far too much value available through this tool to list it all here, but I’ll try! The SEMrush portfolio of tools really makes this a one-stop-shop. You can uncover all kinds of great insights and really boost your site’s performance. They also offer lots of free resources, courses and more to help you improve your SEO skills.

Some of the benefits of SEMrush include:

  • Site audit tool
  • Backlink audit tool
  • Content analyzer
  • Keyword research
  • Advertising tools
  • SE writing assistant
  • Content templates
  • …too many great features to count

If you’re serious about SEO, click here to setup a free trial and explore all of the great features offered by SEMrush.

Hosting and Support

The WP HelpThis is a great resource for companies with WordPress websites. The value starts with the excellent (super fast) hosting and support services, but it goes far beyond that. The WP Help team actually offers monthly phone calls with clients to review SEO strategy and provide advice.  They also conduct site maintenance and are very efficient and responsive to support requests.

I love this service, and it’s really had a positive impact on the performance of my website. Click here to learn more about The WP Help and see how their platform and services can help boost your business.

bluehost – This is one of the most popular hosting options for websites, and it’s also one of the most reliable. I’ve used bluehost for many client websites in the past, and I have those sites running on this service to this day. The best part…you can get started for as low as $7.99 per month (possibly even lower depending on your needs).

The bluehost services also come with 24/7 support, which adds a layer of comfort, along with a money-back guarantee. It’s highly recommended for WordPress sites and also has an ecommerce option. Click here to learn more about bluehost and sign up for hosting.

WordPress Plugins

Poptin – I started using this plugin recently to build my newsletter list. In a short period of time, I was able to grow my list by 125%. Poptin offers a number of great options. You can create a wide variety of collection forms, including Lightbox, slide-in, full-screen overlay, are more.

You can also create high-quality static forms to display anywhere on your site. I really love the Poptin plugin for its versatility and the style options available to users. Clic here to learn more about Poptin and to create an account.

Project Management

Zoho Projects

Zoho is advertised as the all-in-one platform to manage your business. While I haven’t delved into the other pieces of the Zoho platform, I do use the Projects platform regularly.

The user-interface is smooth and user-friendly, and this easy-to-use platform comes with tons of bells and whistles without having to purchase a bunch of add-ons (those are, of course, available if you need them).

If you need to get a grasp on all the projects you have going on, manage time worked on projects, collaborate with a variety of users and more, Zoho Projects is the project management platform for you.

Marketing Services

Granite Creative Group – Granite Creative Group is a full-service marketing agency headquartered in Lancaster, PA. Granite Creative Group’s team of creative thinkers, marketing and business strategists, artists, relationship builders and business igniters seamlessly bring together the worlds of creativity and business strategy.

I’m actually a part of this team, and I can personally vouch for the high-quality work this amazing team does. I highly recommend checking out the Granite Creative site if you need to expand your marketing resources and capabilities.

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