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As a marketing professional or blogger, you know that the landscape of your profession changes regularly – seemingly on a weekly basis. To stay at the top of your game, you need to stay up-to-date on the latest marketing and blogging tactics, tools and resources.

To help you be the best in your field, we’ve compiled a list of resources like ebooks, free downloads, online marketing tools and much more.

Start by grabbing your copy of Blogging for Business: Skyrocket Your Traffic, Grow Your Readership, and Boost Revenue. Available now in both Kindle and Paperback versions (free if you have Kindle Unlimited).

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Image: Blogging for Business by Anthony Gaenzle

Tools for Marketing and Blogging (What You’ll Find Here)

Now that you have that in place, let’s jump in to looking at some addition tools and resources to help you grow. On this page, you’ll find tools and resources that will help you improve in the areas of:

  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Blogging
  • Digital advertising
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Graphic design
  • Website design
  • …and other important areas critical to your success

Let’s get starting growing together!

Top Online Tools for Marketers

On our blog, you will find tons of great product reviews to give you unbiased insights into the value various online and digital marketing tools can bring to your marketing efforts.

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Here are a few tools we’d like to highlight that can help you take your website to the next level.

Highlighted digital marketing tools

SEMrush SEO audit tool

SEMrush – There is far too much value available through this tool to list it all here, but I’ll try! The SEMrush portfolio of tools really makes this a one-stop-shop. You can uncover all kinds of great insights and really boost your site’s performance. They also offer lots of free resources, courses and more to help you improve your SEO skills. If you’re serious about SEO, click here to setup a free trial and explore all of the great features offered by SEMrush.

bluehost – This is one of the most popular hosting options for websites, and it’s also one of the most reliable. I’ve used bluehost for many client websites in the past, and I have those sites running on this service to this day. The best part…you can get started for as low as $7.99 per month (possibly even lower depending on your needs).Click here to learn more about bluehost and sign up for hosting.

Poptin – I started using this plugin recently to build my newsletter list. In a short period of time, I was able to grow my list by 125%. Poptin offers a number of great options. You can create a wide variety of collection forms, including Lightbox, slide-in, full-screen overlay, are more. Click here to learn more about Poptin and to create an account.

SocialWick Logo

SocialWick – SocialWick is a great tool for helping your business accelerate social media growth and driving business through social media. TikTok, for example, is hugely popular, but it’s challenging to boost your audience and grow a following.  With TikTok Marketing from SocialWick, you can boost your organic growth and get in the game. They offer great services across a variety of other channels as well.

*Disclosure: If you fall in love with any of the tools above, I may receive a small commission as an affiliate at zero extra cost to you. I have tried and tested all of the tools I recommend and can fully vouch for their effectiveness and functionality. I’ll only recommend tools that I think will truly benefit you as a marketing and business professional.

Top Marketing and Business Articles

As you’ve likely guessed, there are tons of great articles on topics ranging from content marketing and social media to leadership, productivity, SEO and everything in between. We have articles from marketing and business professionals across a huge array of disciplines. Each article is aimed at helping small-to-mid-sized businesses, startups and other business grow and thrive. To help you get started, we’ve compiled the top five articles on the site.

How to Pitch HARO Reporters Successfully (and Build Backlinks for SEO)

Have you heard of HARO (Help a Reporter Out)? This tool is great for connecting with journalists who can get you a mention on high-profile websites. Those mentions often lead to a powerful backlink for your website. Read this piece to find out how you can add value for reporters and leverage HARO to improve your link building strategy.

Remote Working Guide: Tips to Stay Produce and Effective While Working From Home

Working from home is hugely beneficial to businesses. It also adds a ton of value for your team. Not everyone (and not every business) functions well working from home. The goods news is that there are things you can put in place to position yourself and your team for work from home success. From getting set up and getting the right tools in place, to keeping yourself (or your team) on track and staying motivated, this article will have you flourishing as a remote working professional or leader.

9 Books on Marketing and Business all Marketing Professionals Should Read

Beyond reading marketing articles on this blog (which we obviously recommend), we’ve also compiled a list of 9 of the top books about marketing and business. Reading is critically important to your growth, no matter what profession you are in. These books crossover multiple disciplines in the marketing world, and reading through this list can help you improve your marketing game.

Facebook for Fast Food: The Ethics of Marketing to Children

This one explores the controversial notion of whether or not it’s acceptable for fast food companies to promote their allegedly unhealthy food items to children. As children may not be as likely to really think through the health benefits (or lack thereof) of eating fast food, is it ethical for companies to target this audience?

The Michelin Guide: An Inspired Piece of Content Marketing

The Michelin Guide, original launched in 1900, serves as an excellent example of how content marketing can turn around a company and lead to success. This is a fun piece that explores the connection between this 100+ year-old piece of marketing and the concept of content marketing as it exists today.

Videos and Podcasts on Marketing

Anthony Gaenzle, founder of the blog you’re reading right now, has appeared as a guest on multiple videos and podcasts. Below you will find a few videos and podcast episodes on topics like marketing, leadership, innovation, content and SEO. Just click to watch or listen!

How to Building Relationships and Partnerships to Grow Your Business

YouTube Tips for Small Businesses

Relationships and Cornerstone Content for SEO Success

Build a Powerful Reputation for your Personal Brand and Your Business’ Brand

Marketing Templates

To help keep your marketing on track, here are two important calendar templates for you to keep on hand. Having an editorial calendar and a social media calendar will not only make your marketing more efficient, it will make it more effective as well!

First, click to download this free blog editorial calendar to track topics, keep your team on task and be more strategic with your blogging to generate better results.

Download Free Blog Editorial Calendar


Next, click to download this social media calendar so you can track your promotions and more strategically plan the distribution of your blog articles and other content across your social media channels.

Download Free Social Media Calendar


Additional resources

Sales Enablement

Marketing and sales traditionally don’t see eye-to-eye. That needs to change. Marketing teams should be focused on creating content and opportunities to enable their sales counterparts to succeed and thrive. On the other hand, sales team members should be looking to uncover pertinent information about customers, prospects and opportunities to help the marketing team form the right message and materials to drive business.

To help you make the connection, as a marketer, and help enable your sales team more effectively, here is a great Guide to Sales Enablement from Prezentor.

Templates for Marketing and Sales

I shared a few calendar templates earlier on this page, but there are so many more templates you can benefit from as a marketing professional, blogger or business owner. HubSpot is the ultimate resource for all your template needs. From email and ebooks to emails and resumes and everything in between, HubSpot has everything you need. Check out their Templates Resource Page to get started.

Graphic Design

Many small businesses and startups aren’t afforded the luxury of having a talented graphic design team on staff. can turn anyone on your team into a graphic design, in a cost-effective way. With, you have access to tons of customizable templates for the creation of content like brochures, banners, social media graphics, book covers, certificates, letterhead, and so much more. The best part is that there are both free and paid versions, and even the paid version is super affordable. Definitely check out for your graphic design needs.

What are we missing?

Are there any digital marketing tools you were looking for and expecting to find on this page that you didn’t see or can we offer you some guidance on how to leverage the tools above? Get in touch through the contact us page or email us at and let us know what you’d like to see!

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