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Today, social media is a necessity in the marketing landscape. Whether you want to share your story or market your business, all you need is a smart strategy, and in no time, your content might get viral.

With over 2.80 billion monthly active users, Facebook still holds its title of social media king. Since its launch, it has been the most talked-about social media platform and has been a great help for businesses and individuals.

And if you are looking to use Facebook beyond the platform, like your website for example, then you are right place. In this article, we will be discussing the 10 Best Facebook Feed WordPress plugin.

But before jumping into the list, let’s start with the basics and understand the Facebook feed plugin and its uses.

What is the Facebook Feed Plugin?

Facebook users produce various content on the platform, which provides vibrancy and liveliness to the website; you can bring the same charm to your page by showcasing the embed Facebook feed on your website. A Facebook feed plugin helps you to achieve this feat without any troublesome process. In addition, you can even display the feed from different social media platforms as well. Plugins also provide a customization option that allows you to change the feed style to match your website’s style.

Moreover, you can change themes and templates of the feed plugin and make your website more appealing to the visitors while improving the user experience.

Why Do You Need a Facebook Feed Plugin?

People tend to prefer visiting a vibrant and engaging website, as it enhances their browsing experience; simultaneously, people avoid any dull and flat website as it fails to create an impression.

Hence to win a visitor, you need an impressive website. After all, creating a great impression is very important in this competitive world; the Facebook feed plugin helps you to achieve this feat.

Facebook feed plugins provide updated Facebook posts on your website, making your website more engaging, attracting more visitors, and eventually increasing the website traffic and decreasing bounce rate. And all these measures help you gain a better position on search engine rankings and increase your brand recognition.

A Facebook feed plugin is an amazing addition to your marketing strategy; it is effective, efficient, and economical. WordPress is full of such plugins. Here is the list of the 10 best Facebook feed plugins that provide great returns and help you to establish brand recognition in the market.

10 Best Free Facebook Feed WordPress Plugin in 2021

1. Tagembed Facebook Feed WordPress Plugin

facebook feed– WordPress plugin

Tagembed represents the Facebook Feed WordPress plugin. This is the best Social Media Aggregator WordPress plugin on the market. It is compatible with 15+ social media platforms. It gathers social media feeds from various social media platforms and displays them beautifully on your website.

The plugin provides various customization features, like choosing from layouts of the feed or changing the template; it makes your website well organized and helps you to create a good impression on your visitor. In addition, you can even change the font size, font style, etc., of the feed and make it fit your style; it increases the elegance of your website and helps you to keep your visitors on your pages longer.

Moreover, you can even use the moderation feature to control the content for display on your website; you can filter out all unwanted and spam posts from the feed and keep it related to your business only. In addition, you can apply a profanity filter, which blocks the content consisting of the mentioned words or obstructs the content from a particular social media page/account.

2. The Awesome Feed – Customer Feed

The Awesome Feed – Custom Feed

The Awesome Feed – Custom feed allows you to display the Facebook feed from any public Facebook account. The plugin is simple to set up and allows you to add multiple feeds into a single page, post or widget using shortcodes. It provides you with wide customization options, where you can choose from various templates and theme options. In addition, you can select the number of columns for your feed and limit the caption text; all these measures enhance the visitor’s browsing activity and create a good impression.

3. WPZOOM Social Feed Widget

WPZOOM Social Feed Widget

WPZOOM Social Feed Widget is a fully customizable and responsive WordPress plugin to display your Instagram feed. It allows you to display a public feed limited to 12 photos of any Instagram account. Moreover, it allows you to customize the widget the way you want.

4. Widget for Social Page Feeds

Widget for Social Page Feeds

Widget for Social Page Feeds is a lightweight and easy to configure Facebook plugin. It helps you to add Facebook page feed and widgets. It also provides configuration options likes show/hide time of the post, show/hide profile photo, show small header, width option, language selection, custom CSS, etc. In addition, the plugin supports shortcodes and provides fast & helpful support.

5. EmbedSocial – Platform for Social Media Tool

EmbedSocial - Platform for Social Media Tool

EmbedSocial – Platform for social media helps you display Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram photos on your website. It is an easy-to-use tool, you just have to copy the code and paste it on the website’s backend. It doesn’t require any coding knowledge or coding skill to use this tool.

You can effectively use this tool to improve your user experience. For example, you can create a gallery with the selected Facebook album or create a slideshow. It helps to make your website more interactive and provides an appeal to your website.

6. Social Post Feed

Social Post Feed

Smash Balloon Social Post Feed is an easy-to-install plugin that helps you to display Facebook feeds from Facebook pages and Facebook groups. It provides a completely customizable and responsive Facebook feed for your website. Another amazing feature of the plugin is that the Facebook content is crawlable by search engines which adds SEO value to your website.

7. 10Web Social Post Feed

10Web Social Post Feed

This plugin is another amazing tool that helps you to present a Facebook feed on your website. You can integrate your Facebook page, group, and profile with the website with the customizing option. Moreover, it has no feed limitation; hence visitors can scroll through the feed and view more Facebook content; it increases user engagement and makes your website interactive.

8. Feed Them Social

feed them social

Feed Them Social helps you to embed the Facebook feed of your friends, celebrities, your business, etc. It is easy to use and operate and provides responsive social media feeds on your website. Moreover, it provides multiple customisation options and various feature that makes it an amazing plugin.

9. Flow-Flow Social Streams

Flow-Flow Social Streams

This plugin can pull high traffic to your website by providing a customizable Facebook feed on the website. In addition, it helps you to integrate with 4 major social media networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

One of the plugin’s best features is that it provides social media counters like comments, likes, and views, which help you, strengthen your social media presence and establish some brand awareness.

10. Feeder Ninja

Feeder Ninja

Feeder Ninja is a useful tool that helps you to create amazing social media feeds for your website. It provides a user-friendly interface that enables you to embed the feed; you don’t need any prior knowledge or coding skills to run this plugin. Besides Facebook, it also helps you create the feed using Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo, and other major social media platforms.

Summing It Up

Facebook is an influential social media platform and provides great traffic to the business. It offers a platform where brands can express themselves and market their products. Using Facebook feed for your website is a smart way to gather more audience on your website. The plugins mentioned above are currently the best in the market and easily available. These plugins can create wonders for your business, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and install these plugins to enjoy their amazing benefits.

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