Top 5 Tools for Facebook Ads


What comes to your mind when we talk about a social media platform with a vast number of users? Yes, you are right, Facebook. It is the most popular social media platform having a vast number of users.

Facebook is one of the best platforms where you can market your business easily and Facebook Marketing is a top option to generate brand awareness.

There are many great reasons to market your business using Facebook, like targeting a larger audience and even converting them to become customers, varied ad formats, Facebook Analytics, and so on.

You can promote your business on Facebook in many ways like Facebook Ads, Facebook groups, Facebook business page, Facebook story, Facebook live, and so on.

Using Facebook, you can target the relevant audience easily and can even boost your ROI using Facebook marketing.

In this article, I will discuss the top 5 tools for Facebook Ads.

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Top 5 Tools for Facebook Ads

These are the top 5 best tools for Facebook Ads. These tools help you to build engagement and generate leads.

1. Facebook Ads Manager

facebook ads manager

Facebook Ads Manager Tool is a part of the general Facebook Business Manager. This tool helps to build focused and targeted Facebook ads and optimize them. By using this tool, you can reach a specific audience and customer.

In the Facebook Ads Manager tool, you can easily create, optimize and manage your campaigns effectively. Facebook Ads Manager has great features and it is easy to use. If you are a beginner and want to enhance your business using Facebook advertising, then this is the best tool for you.

The Facebook Ads Manager dashboard is similar to the Facebook dashboard, by which the users can optimize it more easily and quickly. This tool is completely free; you only have to pay for ads.

You can access all the Facebook business apps through the Facebook Ads Manager tool. In Facebook Ads Manager you can add the advertising agencies, partners, and employees to access and manage the account.

2. Facebook Pixel

facebook pixel

Facebook Pixel is the most useful and effective tool. This Facebook ads tool is a piece of code that you add to your website. It helps you to analyze the behavior and activities of visitors to your site.

This tool tracks those users who interacted with your website. The Facebook pixel works by placing and triggering cookies.

The Facebook Pixel provides the data. You can use that data to track conversions from the Facebook Ads and optimize them, target your audience, and remarket and retarget to the audiences that have already performed some activities on your website.

3. MobileMonkey

You can generate incredible user engagement through Facebook Messenger marketing. The MobileMonkey is an amazing tool that has the potential to build engagement with the users.

Using the MobileMonkey tool, you can create a list of Messenger subscribers, send messenger broadcasts and drip campaigns to your audience and customers. The MobileMonkey tool also responds to the comments on your Facebook posts automatically.

The MobileMonkey tool also supports sponsored ads and Facebook Messenger ads or Click-To Messenger ads, powerful chatbot analytics tools, pre-built chatbot and a powerful chatbot builder.

4. Qwaya


Qwaya is another very popular, and the most advanced, tool. Using Qwaya, you can manage and optimize your Facebook advertising. If you are a beginner in the social media marketing field, or we can say social media advertising world, then using the Qwaya tool may be difficult for you because this tool has so many features.

One of the best features of Qwaya is super audience A/B testing. This feature of Qwaya makes an advanced report for you with side-by-side comparisons. You can also see the most promising and suitable audience for your campaign. For this, you have to filter the result optimizing the different criteria.

In the Qwaya tool, you can easily create Facebook Ads- you just have to click on the special menu. Then you will be able to see that there is a great collection of ad templates. You can choose any template from the collection of ad templates to create the design of your Facebook Ads. The Qwaya tool also has an amazing target audience search engine. This search engine finds relevant and appropriate Facebook users according to the user’s input.

Though Qwaya is a paid tool with a very high cost, this tool allows you a 14-day free trial. This tool is the best fit for those who have years of experience in the field of social media advertising. The Qwaya tool has a great library of ad templates as well as customization options and also the process of creating the ads is very simple and effective.

5. Buffer

buffer facebook ads tool

Buffer is another very popular tool for social media marketing and advertising. Using Buffer, you can easily schedule and publish your Facebook posts. The Buffer tool provides insights and analytics on the posts like comments, reach and mentions received.

The Buffer tool is very easy to use. Small businesses as well as big businesses use Buffer, and they utilize and optimize it very effectively. The Buffer tool contains a browser extension that easily integrates with Chrome, WordPress, and other tools to search content for distribution.

Wrapping it up

Facebook is one of the most popular as well as useful social media platforms in the world. Now it is your decision how you can utilize Facebook to market your business. Through Facebook advertising, you can reach your audience more effectively.

These tools will definitely help you to increase your sales, generate leads for you and help you to create amazing Facebook ads.  So go for it, utilize the entire above-mentioned tools to achieve your desired goal! Facebook marketing will actually work for you. Using Facebook Marketing, you can build a remarkable presence and brand awareness.

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  1. These tools are so useful. But I find myself so confused since Facebook is ever-changing, you take a break from work for a couple of days, and some new features are introduced.


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