The Most Trending Social Media Ads of 2020

There are a lot of people who have quarantined themselves inside their homes during this time of uncertainty. This situation has caused a surge of people who are noticeably more visible online. There has been a surge of usage of productivity and collaboration tools and apps like Trello, Skype, and Zoom. People are working from home and shifting to collaboration and productivity tools to accomplish their workload at home. But work and social media sites work hand in hand to benefit the company they represent. With this, the popularity of social media has risen to new heights allowing us all to continue to connect across the globe.

Companies are getting creative and leveraging this increase in social media usage by creating some excellent social media advertising content. Let’s take a look at some of the best ads on three of the most popular channels, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.


Who doesn’t love a good video? If you are looking for content, YouTube is rich with content. The topics discussed are so diverse and immersive. But you may be thinking, why is YouTube in the top place? YouTube can bridge the gap between generations, culture, nationality and even language. Statistics have shown that YouTube’s consumers, subscribers and content makers are made up of young and old, men and women, people of different nationalities and cultures, different age groups – YouTube content makers truly represent the world as a whole.

In Google’s report for Q4 2019, here are some of the ads that topped the leaderboard:

“Introducing AirPods Pro – Apple” by Apple (Brand and Creative Agency) and OMD (Media Agency)

Video Source: Apple

“Samsung: Yadada /It’s Your Galaxy” by Samsung Mobile (Brand)

Video Source: Samsung US

“Snow Globe Real-Estate – GEICO Insurance” by courtesy of GEICO (Brand) and The Martin Agency (Creative Agency)

Video Source: Geico Insurance

New Breed: Introducing the Mustang Mach-E / Fordby Ford Motor Company (Brand), BBDO (Creative Agency), and Global Team Blue (media Agency)

Target Holiday / Cyber Monday Doorbustersby Target (Brand), Target Creative (Creative Agency), and Essence (Media Agency)


Global figures show that 1.6 billion people are connected to a small business on Facebook. 67% of social advertisers consider Facebook as the most effective social media platform, including posting ads. Like Google Ads, Facebook Ads can be a highly effective part of your business’ marketing strategy. Facebook is strictly pay-to-play, which means advertisers need to pay to boost posts for a particular duration of time. Despite this, there are 7 million advertisers on Facebook for a potential reach of 1.6 billion.

Facebook’s IQ report shows the type of ads that were trending in different countries.

In Australia, the popular trend has been wellness.

In the United Kingdom, fitness is the trend. There are a lot of boutiques and boot camps that encourage people to get up and move. Business is booming as the health and wellness market value exceeded GBP 5 billion. Another trend that is prevalent in the UK is the reselling eCommerce market. With the reselling of vintage clothing, luxury goods and other products reshaping people’s taste.

In the US, the trend has been about self-care, specifically bath-related items. A pattern is leaning toward awareness of our impact on the environment. This trend also includes how to eat sustainably, such as taking on a plant-based diet and occasionally indulging in meat products.

Facebook Trending Samples:


This static-image promo from AirAsia may be simple, but it is effective, and that’s what matters most. The ad is catchy with its bold color and typography, while keywords like “SALE” for a limited time encourage people to take action right away.

Air Asia Ad


Facebook recommends brands to produce video content. Video ads are just more engaging than static images. The following Sephora campaign resulted in a click-through rate of 41% higher than in previous advertisements.

Sephora AdSephora ad 2


Straightforward ads still work if they are still relevant to your target market. The bright colors do make this ad eye-popping while its Call-to-Action is very compelling. This kind of advertisement is very engaging, as well.

Super Mario Facebook ad


This is a niche ad by FreshBooks promises that online accounting can be easy. With a simple statement, it’s clear that they are targeting non-accountants and small business owners who need a professional accounting or bookkeeping service at a lower price point.

fresh books Facebook ads


This ad does not look like an ad that sharply raised brand awareness for TOMS. It doesn’t show any of their products and lacks a CTA. That said, it did really well. The engaging visuals and memorable tagline piqued the curiosity of people enough to make this ad trending.

Toms Facebook adsToms Facebook ad 2


Here are some Instagram ads that trended recently:

Kriser Pets: The adorable picture and compelling CTA from this pet-grooming business is an excellent hook for everyone, not just dog-lovers.

Kriser Pets ads

Domino’s Pizza: If this picture is not making your mouth water and making you crave pizza for dinner (or lunch, breakfast, late night snack…whatever), then I don’t know what will. Food images are trending on Instagram because the digital world has discovered the foodie within. In fact, the #1 most Instagrammed food is pizza, so this picture from Domino’s cannot go wrong. The ad works because it looks like an organic IG post with real experience behind it.

Domino's pizza Facebook ads

Airbnb: This brand optimizes the use of stories to share compelling travel stories and showcase their hosts, experiences they offer and locations.

airbnb ads

Time-lapse Insta Stories: Instagram stories have been an excellent avenue for free advertisements and higher engagement. A lot of tools like Lifelapse, for example, help you create stunning stories in both iOS and Android devices. Videos and stop-animation videos, time-lapse videos, and the like are more attention-grabbing because of their high-quality and allows you to add stock music, filters, adjust play speed.


Video Source

“How to” Stories: “How to” kind of content is trending because it easily lets you share recipes, fitness routines, beauty tutorials, DIYs, and the like. Jumprope allows you to use text overlays, use animations, use vibrant colors and export your content on multiple platforms.

Instagram How To Stories

Lastly, advertisements can also be used to spread awareness and information in a time of crisis. YouTube has run the trending #stayathome #withme on their page and even on their Instagram and Twitter accounts to help save lives in this global pandemic.

Video Source 

Conclusion: Social Media Ads Helps You go Trending and Earn ROI

Facebook generated close to $69.66 billion in ad revenues in 2019. They actually get the most significant revenues from their ads, proof that social media advertising is very profitable. The revenues are phenomenal because, as I mentioned, there are 3.8 billion people on social media who browse, share stories, share content, create content and even do online shopping. Social media’s impact in our daily lives is far-reaching.

Be strategic in your social media ads. Understand the online activities of your target audience. Are they on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Instagram? Target the platform where the majority of your market goes and run your ads there. If your market is on multiple platforms, allocate your advertising budget so you can spread it across those platforms, prioritizing the platform where you are strongest.

It’s not just about trending on social media, but about stronger brand awareness and optimizing your digital marketing strategies. See your brand image and ROI grow with social media ads today.

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