UI/UX Design Ideas to Increase Website Traffic

Is your website lacking considerable traffic? Try out these UI/UX designs for your website.

The design and overall layout of a website play a prominent role in providing the best user experience for visitors. Having all the fancy-looking stuff on your website does not necessarily assure you optimum success in terms of user experience. In this digital era, with people having shrinking attention spans, internet users do not want to waste much time on finding the things they require online. So the emphasis should be more on making the website easy to use and navigate so that the user is not confused while surfing through your website or eCommerce mobile app.

Users are more likely to come back to a website if it’s easy to navigate and if they can find the required information or things they need quicker. Many web designers and developers rely on a UI/UX design that is simple and takes less time. That’s because it allows the users to navigate quickly through the site and doesn’t waste much of their time. However, with such rapid growth in the digital ecosystem, there are several UI/UX tools available. Here are the top seven UI/UX tools to enhance your website’s design.

UX/UI Design

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1.   Mockplus iDoc

Mockplus iDoc is a marvelous tool for both developers and designers as it allows them to upload, comment and test their designs with automatic assets, code snippets and specs. The best part about this tool is that an entire team can work together, so it saves time in getting the required feedback after accomplishing a task. That’s not all, Mockplus iDoc also allows designers to upload the designs, layouts and images from renowned design applications such as Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop and others to the respective project folder directly. The functionality of this tool is not just limited to workflow and design, something that the mobile designers look for in a UI/UX tool.

2.   Adobe XD

Available for both Mac and Windows, this product from the Adobe family is undoubtedly a bliss for designers who like to design seamlessly. The Adobe XD is a vector-based tool for creating easy-to-use website wireframing and astonishing prototypes. It allows designers to record a preview with real-time click interactions as well as audio. That helps designers and developers to get feedback without any hassle. Prototyping in Adobe XD is seamless and straightforward, with just a few clicks. It also facilitates a live preview feature on the mobile that comes very handy while designing mobile applications. The artboard feature allows you to create separate screens for multiple platforms such as websites and mobile apps in one single project file.

3.   Mason

Mason is another UI/UX tool that helps designers save a lot of time and create visually appealing and easy-to-use designs. Designers usually prototype to get the gist of the design before starting the developing process. While this is a traditional practice, mockups typically consume a lot of time, delaying the actual process of developing. Mason allows you to deploy your designs into production without the need for coding. It has a simple interface and makes the design and developing process much simpler and quicker. The tool also offers excellent functionalities if you are working with a team and reduces the time and cost of web designing.

4.   UX Pin

UX/UI Website Design

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UX Pin is a tool that offers rapid and seamless prototyping for designers. The tool comes packed with tons of icons that you can easily drag and drop on to your design. You can also choose from the extensive collection of animations and interactions available in the UX pin. The easy-to-use interface of the UX pin allows you to add animations and images directly from platforms such as Sketch and Photoshop as well. The collaborative functionality of this tool is what makes it stand out from its competitors. You can work with your team in real-time while receiving updates and comments. Overall, UX Pin offers collaborative working and is a powerful and rapid tool for prototyping.

5.   Fluid UI

Here is another tool that offers rapid prototyping. Fluid UI simplifies the process of prototyping, mockups and wireframe creation to achieve visually appealing designs. Teamwork becomes easy with Fluid UI as designers and developers can make use of live video presentations and live chat features. You can also share the required annotations and notes with the team during the process of prototyping to achieve optimum results. The tool offers amazing predesigned animations you can choose from that are just one click away. It’s a great tool to review and implement ideas over a live video call with the team while prototyping simultaneously. Many designers appreciate the tool’s wireframe creation ability and functionality, as it is smooth and fast.

6.   Sketch

The sketch is an all-round design tool available for Mac users to design and collaborate efficiently. You can use Sketch to design scalable vectors, icons, and websites altogether. One of the best features of Sketch is the adaptability of the vector shapes that saves a lot of time while designing. You can change them according to any layout, size and pattern as per your design. Quick and easy navigation helps designers work fast and effectively even in teams. The shared cloud space allows you to make any changes in the design as per the feedback and comments made by the team members in real-time. The app also will enable developers to view your designs with a sharable link even if they don’t have the app installed.

7.   Overflow 1.0

Overflow 1.0 is a tool that helps designers ensure the proper flow of design by creating flow diagrams. Here is another tool that allows you to import vectors and transitions from many design tools such as Adobe XD, Figma and Sketch. It also offers dynamic interactive presentation features that will enable designers to present their designs to clients and other members of the team or developers in an effective manner. The dashboard feature allows you to organize both personal and group folders in the best possible way so that all the team members can easily access them.

UX/UI Design Planning

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Those were the top seven UI/UX tools to enhance your website’s design. Always ensure that the design flow is uninterrupted so that the user does not feel confused and frustrated with unnecessary interruptions while navigating through the website. Simple and easy navigation of the application or website is the key to its success.

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