How to Use Content to Engage Millennials – According to a Millennial

Marketing to Millennials

Producing, marketing and delivering your product to the market is worthless if you don’t have someone to actually buy it. And, in order for someone to dip into his pocket and give you your money one has got to be amused by what you offer. In today’s world, so-called millennials (I fall within this group myself) comprise more than 1/3 of Internet’s population, netting nearly $1 trillion in buying power. So, if you want our money, you better adapt your business to match our needs. And, in order to do that, you need to truly understand what we do and what we don’t like. So let me make a few points for you here…from a millennial perspective.

Get to the point

Ok, so we are an on-the-go generation. Hardware manufacturers know it, they are moving to mobile solutions and to delivering gadgets that will allow us to stay connected on-the-go. Software developers know it, they are moving to the cloud and making their software mobile responsive and available on different kinds of platforms.

If you want to connect with millennials, be straightforward about doing it! No hidden facts, no workarounds and walkabouts – just get to the point. Tell us what you do and why we should try your product and, if we really feel you, then you might have our money. Which leads us to my next point.

We love people who kick a**!

No, we really do! Like you have no idea! Growing up in the world today really breeds the culture of respecting originality and a straightforward approach. Nobody wants to see a copy of something that has been on the market for thousands of years. If you have an idea how you can make life easier for all of us, then go ahead and sell it to us! Millennials love cool people who make cool stuff or just cool people who are making ordinary stuff cool. Catching up with me here? No? Ok, take web design for example. Yes, there are tons and tons of people on the net offering web design services but take a look at these guys at Rumr. Just by looking at their site you can see that they really know how to engage millennials. Nice, simple and easy!

Don’t put that in my hand!

Another cardinal mistake made by marketing ’experts’ in the world today is trying to force millennials to buy something. Wow! Don’t ever ever ever try to do something like that! Ordinary millennials might not precisely know what he would like (until he sees it that is) but one thing that we do know is that we don’t like to listen to some smarta** telling us what we should like and should need. This will only result in us not buying stuff which we might as well bought if your approach was different in the first place.

Also, don’t underestimate the most powerful marketing tool in the world today – word of mouth. Millennials will speak! Rest assured! And you don’t want that negative publicity on your store believe me.

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