How Will Your User Experience on Twitter Change With Elon?

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You may have heard the news that Twitter was just purchased by Elon Musk after a week of tweets and conversations around the impending takeover. However, have you wondered if it will change YOUR user experience on the Twitter network?

In some cases, it may and in other cases, it may not be that different for YOU.

Less Censorship of Your User Experience

Does having less censorship matter to your user experience on the Twitter social media network? Probably not if you are on there for business and interacting with others in your niche.

However, if you are seeing your stream filled with political stuff and such, it may make some difference to you.

Fewer Spam-Bots in Your Twitter Feed

Now, having fewer spambots may make a difference to your Twitter user experience. You know, the ones that follow you and try to tweet with you? The ones who may mess up the algorithm and cause folks to see fewer tweets from you.

Having fewer spam bots would be a great thing for users of Twitter. Elon Musk tweeted out that he would love to see them eliminated or die trying to!

No Ads in Your Twitter Feed – A Plus for User Experience on Twitter

If you are tired of seeing ads on your Twitter feed, this may make your Twitter user experience more pleasant on the social media network.

However, if you are a business that relies on Twitter ads, it may make your experience less ideal. How does Elon Musk propose the network make money without ads?

Well, he did say he would not take a salary saving the company three million dollars a year!

Lower Cost for Premium Twitter Blue

Elon also proposed lowering the cost for the premium Twitter service Blue to $2.00 from $2.99 for United States users and other adjustments around the world in the rates.

This would allow more people access to the Twitter Blue platform. So if you want to take advantage of the Twitter blue service, this user experience would be helpful to you!

Not only that but you will be able to get verified with the blue checkmark having the premium service.

Inactive Twitter Followers

Another possible user experience on Twitter that would be nice is to have inactive followers deleted. If that were to happen you may be able to get another username.

For example, I’m @Lisapatb on Twitter but would prefer to have @Lisapatbs. She joined back in 2009 but hasn’t tweeted or been active since. Why does Twitter keep that Twitter profile up?

It would be nice for users to be able to claim other usernames that have been inactive for years on the Twitter network.

The Edit Button Dilemma for User Experience on Twitter

This was the first poll Elon Musk tweeted out when he became serious about taking over Twitter. It probably is the most wanted feature that Twitter users have been asking for, for years.

As you can see from the above tweet, it was quite popular! Twitter resisted this change for the user experience on Twitter because tweets were used in a court of law.

But other social networks like Facebook and Instagram faced the same thing and they allowed edits on their social media posts.

Why did Twitter have to be different? In the past, they cited concerns around users changing retweeted messages after the fact, while also suggesting that the more concise nature of tweets leaves them even more susceptible to subtle edits that could be problematic in various ways.

DogeCoin for Payments

Another user experience on Twitter would be the acceptance of payments by Dogecoin for the Twitter Blue premium service. Many younger users on the network would love to see that feature open up.

25-34-year-olds are the biggest demographic on Twitter today. That would be a perfect fit for them as well as older users begin to use bitcoin.

What Would You Like to See Change on Twitter with Elon?

What other user experiences on Twitter would you like to see changed? Do you think having Elon Musk as head of the social media company makes a big difference to YOU or YOUR BUSINESS?

We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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8 thoughts on “How Will Your User Experience on Twitter Change With Elon?”

  1. Hi Taiwo,
    It will be interesting to see if Dogecoin can make a comeback with Elon at the helm of Twitter. I sure hope so as well! Thanks for coming by on this post.

    • No ripples yet, but there are certainly some on the horizon. Elon wouldn’t have made the move if he didn’t have some grand vision (for better or worse) in mind. Should be interesting to see the impact.

  2. The Dogecoin part got be tripping. I bought Dogecoin some months back because of its potential. but it has not brought me any value since then, maybe it will now that musk has taken over twitter. Thanks for the post.

    • Hi Taiwo, it will be interesting to see where Dogecoin goes, I read recently that Elon is still supporting it and hopefully when things go back up it will too. Thanks for coming by on this blog post.


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