The Best Video Blogging Tips to Boost Your Vlogging Efforts

The Best Video Blogging Tips to Boost Your Vlogging Efforts

Today, video blogging continues to increase in popularity. It is one of the best ways to connect with people in today’s digital world.

You can create a video blog (vlog) to bridge the gap between customer and seller. It serves as a blog in a visual format for helping individuals learn multiple things, not only about your products and services but also offering valuable insights and advice to form lasting bonds with your target audience.

Entrepreneurs have shown significant interest in creating vlogs for promoting business and gaining traffic. Stats show that, in 2019, Internet users spent approximately 6 hours and 48 minutes per week watching videos online.  These videos cover a wide range of subject matter, including entertainment, education, fitness, traveling, and information.

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Videos from your niche are being consumed at a increasing rate, so follow these tips to get involved in the blogging game.

Video Blogging Tips

The direction you take with your blog is up to you. However, to be the most successful, you need to invest lots of time, be consistent, create a memorable brand and produce high quality content. These tips can help you do just that.

Create Short Videos

Duration is a crucial factor to consider while recording videos for blogging. This is due to documented decreases in people’s attention span. Most people watching online videos prefer short and sweet content. Therefore, prepare short videos of less than 2 minutes to keep viewers watching.

Often, people create videos of ten, fifteen and more minutes. There’s certainly a place for this. For example, educational videos delving deeper into a topic can be longer to ensure the learners have time to understand the concept. For most videos, though, we recommend you try to keep your story concise.

Engaging Content

The content of your video must be engaging ensure sure viewers stay. Don’t bury the headline, as they say in the journalism space. If you wait until the end to drop in the good stuff, viewers will drop off early on. Prepare to add in attention grabbing content  that attracts the audience within the first ten seconds.

A great way to kick things off is to ask questions. By asking questions, you can increase the engagement rate of your vlogs. For example, ‘Do you want to lose weight within five minutes?’ or ‘How can you grow hair like a super model?’ are attention grabbing and let viewers know you are about to give them info that can solve their problems.

At the end of each blog, consider talking about what your next subject will be and when the video will be published. This will keep viewers coming back for more.

Involve Yourself Physically

People want to engage with the speaker and really connect with you, so don’t be afraid to appear in your videos. People get annoyed by hearing a voice and not knowing the speaker. A video in which you can walk, talk, and move around seems similar to a face-to-face conversation, and thus helps to build deeper connections to your audience.

Stay interactive during the video. Annunciating clearly, increasing your volume to drive home points or using your hands more will only help viewers to understand. Drop in some humor now and then (in the right places) to keep the audience engaged as well.

However, if you are unable to get physically involved, make use of props or animations. These are a professional way of getting the audience involved in the vlog.

Use Professional Keywords

The most popular channel for vlogging is YouTube. It serves as a platform for finding all kinds of content to inform, entertain, educate and more. Itt is the second most popular search engine in the world. From the latest news to entertainment videos, to education and everything in between, you can find the content you want here by simply searching.

To ensure your videos pop up when someone searches for related content on YouTube, do keyword research to determine how to craft your titles and descriptions.

You can use appropriate keywords in your videos for increasing audience engagement. Always use low competition and high search keywords for getting maximum views.

Similar to podcasts and blogs, make sure not to overstuff keywords in the vlog. Any content with extra and unwanted keywords can be marked as spam.

Learn Moderate Editing

A little bit of editing can go a long way to improving the quality of your videos. Keeping a vlog plain and poorly edited can kill views and decrease engagement rate. Try to edit all your videos in the right manner. Look around for the best types of cameras for vlogging to get good quality content, and then use software platforms available to you to get the content in shape.

You can use different effects to showcase objects in the vlog. The editing of your video depends on the genre you select. You don’t have a be a professional video editor to create high quality video. While there are plenty of expensive, high-powered options out there for editing, there are also tons of more affordable video editing options with things like drag and drop functionality for those on more of a beginner level.

Avoid over-editing for preventing customers from losing interest. Try to be particular when editing sequences and do not cut, crop, or paste sequences abruptly.

Final Words

Following these video blogging tips will put you in a solid position to develop and maintain a high quality audience. People use vlogs for marketing and promotion, and they can benefit you personally as well as your business. The rise of video marketing has made video blogging a very popularity marketing and brand building tactic.

Video blogs are hugely powerful for marketers. So, take this advice and get started. Video could really fuel your marketing success.

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Steve Martin

11 thoughts on “The Best Video Blogging Tips to Boost Your Vlogging Efforts”

  1. Steve great article, the idea of creating less than two minutes and informative content is great. This is the perfect time to start video blogging and perfect article. ????????
    Anthony thanks for sharing this great article ????????

  2. Super advice Steve. I love the physicality add buddy. I do add a physical component to my videos. Keeps ’em fun and light and also keeps my readers engaged. Not being expressive, energized and human makes you look stiff, rehearsed and not genuine at all. Tough to make a real connection if you do not appear to be authentic.


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