[Video] Why Small Businesses Should be Using Video Marketing to Stand Out

video marketing tips for small business

Nearly 500 million hours of video are watched on YouTube every day. Video has quickly become our preferred medium for content consumption, entertainment and learning. Marketers have realized the power of video and have been creating more and more video content to engage with their target audience.

In the past, video has been somewhat off the table for small businesses. Barriers have included cost, lack of equipment and lack of expertise/resources. Updates in technology have changed things significantly and leveled the playing field for small businesses.

In lieu of expensive video equipment, our mobile devices are now able to capture high-quality video shooting in hi-definition – the iPhone 11, for example, is capable of shooting in 4k. Small business marketers can grab a tripod made for mobile devices, a cheap mic and maybe a small lighting kit and create very affordable videos with surprisingly high quality. This effectively eliminates the cost barrier that kept video off the table for small businesses in the past.

Video: Anthony Gaenzle speaks with Rex Morcom on the Business Cas’ podcast about the value of video for small business owners

Types of videos small businesses can create

One of the most important questions to ask when creating video content for your small business is “What types of video does your audience want to see?”.  There are a ton of great types of videos available to you, but the types you should focus your efforts on really depends on the kind of content your audience wants

Thought leadership – Videos that showcase your expertise work for businesses like marketing agencies, consulting or business services, legal services, tech companies and others. The expertise of your team can help build connections with the target market and present your team as leaders in their field, lending credibility to your products or services.

Product demos – These work great for industries with a product that benefits from showing potential users how the product works. A great example would be the SaaS space. A demo walking potential users through the ins and outs of your software platform can eliminate the need for in-person demos and can show the value of your platform.

Explainer videos – These are excellent for breaking down complex subject matter in a simple, easy-to-understand overview. Animated explainer videos are much more engaging than basic text on a product page and can help you capture the viewer’s attention and imagination.

Testimonials – Testimonials work great for highlighting existing customers who love and benefit from your products or services. These types of videos help prospective customers visualize themselves using and benefiting from work with you. 

These are just a few of the types of videos small businesses can create to connect with your target on a deeper level. Another consideration when choosing the types of videos you use is the viewer’s stage in the funnel. This article provides insights into videos for all stages of the funnel

The value of using video in your marketing

The right video content can help your business stand out from the competition by telling your brand’s story visually. Adding video to the content on your website can help enhance your site by keeping visitors around longer and engaging them on a different level. 

Posting your content on YouTube gives your small business another opportunity to show up in search. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine – 2nd only to Google – and your, if optimized properly, can pop up in front of prospective customers looking for the expertise, services and products you offer.

Created by Mushroom Networks

Video can also help your team be efficient and help you conserve valuable resources. For example, if you’re an SaaS company, your sales team can save time by sending a pre-recorded demo video to prospects rather than scheduling a half-hour (or longer) online for an in-person demo. There’s obviously still a place for in-person conversations – relationships and engagement are super-critical to your success – but for small businesses with limited resources, pre-recorded video can save lots of time in the right situations. 

There are so many different ways that video can help you stand out, fill gaps of information that your competitors are missing and really make lasting connections with your audience. Get together with your team and start planning to determine what would work best for your small business. 

Video marketing is such a powerful tool. Don’t miss out on leveraging the power of video! 

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