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Isn’t it astonishing just how simple it is to purchase stuff without leaving your house? From groceries to clothes, jewelry and other household items, internet shopping (aka e-commerce) is becoming more of a norm than a novelty. To position your business to grab your share of the spoils produced by this trend, you’ll need to develop a useful web store, one with a terrific web design.

With the rise of online shopping, the UX Tasks involved in excellent web design require a focus on optimizing the consumer experience.

So, what creates a good user experience? In the web design world, there are two equally significant theories: UX (User Experience) and the UI (User Interface).

  • UI – The best way to separate both of these theories is to spot that UI is tangible. It is what the user communicates with as they are currently navigating your web store. It assesses how a user will use your website.
  • UX – UX is more encompassing. It’s everything on your website that produces the entire user experience. The UX is when they’re utilizing your UI, the elements that the user feels.

Clear as mud, right? Ultimately, enhanced UI and UX serve to attract customers and keep them returning to shop at your online store. If you want to know learn about how focusing on improving your site’s UX and UI can boost your business, read on to discover 9 top web design and UX trends that will grow your business fast.

  1. Video Landing Page

Adding video into your website design can very effective. 85% of US Internet users watch videos online. You can work videos into articles, landing pages and other strategic placements to create a better experience for site visitors.

  1. Compelling Content

Your branded content can set the tone for site visitors, so deciding on the best company logo and the tagline is remarkably essential, as well as the tone and language you use in the copy on your homepage and other places throughout your site.

Create short and sweet calls-to-action. Your aim should always be to hook the user into engaging with your store, so having too much copy when you are trying to drive action could dampen your conversion rate. Excite and delight, and get your visitors interacting with the right content on your site!

In addition to your branded content, you want to create engaging, though-provoking content as well, such as articles. One of the crucial facets of a website design is engaging and persuasive articles. Create articles with insights and advice relevant to your target market and also to help your store users to understand your brand — what they can get from your site and who you are, what you do.

  1. Parallax scrolling

While digital experiences have improved many aspects of our everyday lives, they have also led to the creation of laziness (in some of us anyway). Scrolling can be the answer to this problem as it allows visitors to perform one action instead of making multiple clicks. To enhance the scrolling effect, we recommend trying out Parallax scrolling.

The prevalence of parallax scrolling also has introduced more deep-scrolling along with single-page website designs. It leaves what information is “above the fold” a little less mandatory, since it is simpler to find what’s below, too. That makes prioritizing content more comfortable for you to deal with and increases your user’s chances of seeing everything without being asked to do too much. took its parallax scrolling to the next level, with  an expanded timeline that works both vertically and horizontally. It really is a thing of beauty.

example of parallax effect takes parallax scrolling to a new level
  1. Ready for Mobile Sales

Have you viewed your website on different screens? How does it look? Does it offer the same experience and e-commerce performance across mobile and desktop (and tablet) devices?

Whenever your website comes with a responsive design, it will perform well on any device. Mobile browsing continues to grow year after year, and Google has made it basically mandatory in assessing the quality of your site. Be sure to focus on creating a mobile-friendly design, otherwise you may lose business by dropping in search (and creating an awful user-experience for mobile visitors).

  1. Animated Calls-to-Action

Calls-to-action (CTAs) are important elements in website design if you want to really convert business. The fact remains that your consumers won’t understand what direction to go unless you tell them. And if they don’t know what you want them to do, they will often leave without converting to business.

You can take your CTAs to another level by animating them. This way, your CTAs will really pop off the screen.

  1. Don’t Over-emphasize Sales

Most shoppers don’t appreciate an overenthusiastic sell. It can appear untrustworthy and unprofessional if your site is littered with a variety of sales pitches. To ensure you are reviewing your site with an unbiased opinion, have a friend who fits within your target audience read your content and tell you if anything seems odd or leaves them feeling as though they are being overly sold to. Develop great web design by using feedback and taking that into account when you add in any info that focuses on the sales side of things. This allows you to sell more products without being too pushy.

  1. Custom Typography

Roman, Arial, or some other font styles are things of the past. Take your message to the next level with typography that is unique and adds to your brand.

Unique typography usually can take many shapes and be incorporated in different places within your site design. Some brands might decide to use this in their logo design. Other brands sprinkle custom font throughout the complete design to draw attention to essential content, such as a newsletter signup or other calls-to-action.

improve your website with custom fonts
Graphic designer Kate Bos uses creative fonts to boost the appeal of her website
  1. A Secure Feeling

To make sure that your shoppers feel safe on your website, put confidence badges and charge card logos prominently. It can help your new can boost conversion prices and seem reputable. Guarantee that the checkout procedure is smooth and provides payment choices which speed the checkout procedure. To help with this, discover a shopping cart software application that maintains your checkout simple and offers many different payment options.

  1. A Smooth Shopping Experience

On the web, visitors search for an efficient experience and won’t tolerate loading times or alternative site difficulties. They expect a site to load 2 seconds or less and also have a flawless procedure. As a site owner, you need to guarantee customer expectations met by page loading times. You can achieve it by utilizing fewer jQuery and images and animation elements. You could even lessen tools such as advertisements or widgets. Keep in mind that each second of lag can lead to a decrease in conversions.

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